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Hi, my name’s Eleanor and today, I’m going
to be showing you around Courts Accommodation. I’m home for the Summer as I’ve just finished
my first year of University, but I thought it would be really interesting to show new
students, starting in September, what it’s like to live in Courts Accommodation. So this is just a basic look at what courts
rooms look like. So in every single room, you have
a bed, you have a desk, and you have a bathroom. So here we just have… We just have a toilet over here, and a sink and just a rack to put all the towels on. And then finally we have the shower. It isn’t like a normal bathroom. I would say, it’s more like a wet room. As you can see down here. And finally, you have a mirror, which comes with every bathroom. I’m really short, as you can see, so this mirror doesn’t do much for me. But yeah, it’s really standard, and it’s great. This is just a standard Courts kitchen that you get. Here are the sofas that you get and each court has at least two sofas. And here you have the table, which is like the dining area, where you can sit and socialise with your flatmates. And here’s just the kitchen/cooking area. So we have an oven here, where you have the grill at the top, and then just the oven at the bottom. And then we have cupboards up here that are just space and lots of storage. A microwave here. And finally, we have the sink here. And here we have the cleaning cupboard, which has everything you need to clean. So you have your Hoover down there, your ironing board, an iron, and a mop. So Hannah, what has your experience been like living in Courts? Well, I think that when I first moved in it was terrifying. I think that I was absolutely petrified. Moving in with 5 strangers you’ve never met before. We had a Facebook chat, but we could only find the girls that were living here. So the 3 guys were complete strangers. We had no idea who they were. So when we first moved in, we were all very scared. Did you find it easy to make friends with everyone in your flat? Yeah, I think because you’re kind of forced together, that you find common interests. Like, you kind of feel like you have to, and you bond over things, and obviously Freshers Week, nights out and stuff. Yeah. You bond a lot. Did you have any disagreements with them before, or have you like… Yeah! All the time when it comes to cleaning. Yes. I think you’re always gonna get that though, because I think certain people live in different ways, and then they don’t do certain things your way, and you’re like, “Oh, no!”. Yes, yes. That is like a big thing when it comes to cleaning. Like, Just wash your pots. That will avoid so many arguments. Just wash your pots! This is the Accommodation Office, basically where you can find Maintenance, and you pick up your post here as well. If you have any issues, then you should definitely come to the Accommodation Office, It is just basically next to Court 5, just literally opposite, so make sure you head down if you need to. I’m just gonna show you inside the Accommodation Office. If you go through there, that’s where you get all of your post, and all that. If you go through here, this is the Laundry Room. That was my tour of the Courts accommodation. I hope you found this video useful. For more information, please make sure you visit the University website. Thank you for watching. Bye!

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  1. I would like to see more accommodation rather than your face, get to the point!!!

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