LiMu Emu & Doug: Keys (Short) – Liberty Mutual Insurance Commercial

Let’s go tell people they’ll only pay for what they need with Liberty Mutual. [Keys Jingle] Fine I’ll drive.

Paul Whisler


  1. Oh my god they throw keys at the emu! Animal abuse! They kind of brushed against its chest but still OMG OMG OMG!

    (Just kidding. I guess I better make sure.)

  2. This makes me laugh so hard when i watch it and i don't know why because its so dumb.

  3. love it! especially when they run up to the couple and find out they already have liberty mutual

  4. Worst commercial I ve ever seen. If I had the insurance from them I would cancel it. Gets on my nerves.

  5. R/therewasanattempt

    Edit: He threw the keys and pretended emu did it😂

  6. Limu & Doug are the BEST! This is the greatest ad campaign EVER! I hope to see many more commercials with this dynamic duo.

  7. Holy crap, i cant imagine anyone liking this mindless stupid commercial. Everytime this comes on tv, i mute it! Seriously, no thought into this bit of commercial garbage!

  8. Please please please make this a buddy cop comedy!!! With the 70’s music and all!!! And pay the guy who came up with this a billion dollars!!! Want to see the adventures of limu emu and Doug!!!! Please!!! Please!!

  9. “Let’s go annoy the fuck out of people telling them something they don’t give a fuck about”

  10. This ad has been popping up on literally all of my videos. Its honestly really annoying

  11. I paid Liberty Mutual $383 a month and still didn't get what I needed – – –
    would have been nice

  12. The people that like this trash are the same people that buy Hamburger Helper and think it's fantastic.

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