Kamala Harris Unveils Truly Horrible Student Loan Forgiveness Program

So over the weekend we got several different
Democratic candidates proposing some really, really bad policies. Uh, and I’m not going to spend any time talking
about Delaney. He’s a ridiculous plan for everyone to be
forced into the national service. And I’m not going to talk about that because
Delaney has no shot at winning the nomination, so it’s not even worth our time. Uh, another plan that came out, which is not
quite as bad as Delaney’s plan, but still equally horrible, is common-law. Harris came out with this wonderful tweet
and said, “Yesterday I announced that, as president,
I’ll establish a student loan debt forgiveness program for Pell Grant recipients who start
a business that operates for three years in disadvantaged communities.” I guess she ran out of space and couldn’t
add while also standing on your head and juggling a bunch of eggs and not breaking any of those
because this is the most ridiculous criteria I think I’ve ever seen. And in fact, this was one of those times when
I saw this tweet on Sunday looking at it, I decided, you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to look up statistics. And I’m going to do a bunch of math on my
Sunday because somebody needs to figure out how many people this would actually affect. So I spent some time researching it and then
I had to crunch the numbers myself and here they are folks. Right now we have about 16.8 million people
in college. Roughly 30% of those. The numbers actually I think 28% but I’m going
to give her an extra 2% 30% on Pell Grants. Well, there is a 51.4% graduate graduation
rate for Pell Grant recipients. 44% of students in college when they graduate,
start a business. 18% of businesses open and operate in disadvantaged
communities and 30% fail after two years, 50% fail after five years. So here’s how the math works. You have to take 16.8 million people in college. Then you take 30% of that. Those are the ones with Pell Grants. Then you have to take 51.4% of that 30% and
those are the numbers who even graduate. Then you have to take 44% of that, the number
who started a business. So 44% off of what’s left of those two. Then you take 18% of that because those are
the ones who actually opened businesses in disadvantaged communities, which is part of
Kamala’s, uh, requirements here. And then of course the failure rate. I did a failure rate of 40% cause that’s right
in between the 30 and 50. And what does that leave you with? Out of 16.8 million Americans currently enrolled
in college, the number of people who would qualify for Kamala Harris’s debt forgiveness
program would be 123,103 people, which is 0.7% of current people enrolled in college. 0.7% folks, we have one and a half trillion
dollars of student loan debt here in the United States right now being held by people some
up in their seventies and Kamala Harris understands that, wow, everybody else is out here talking
about forgiving student loan debt. I guess I need to get on it. Here’s my crazy plan to forgive $20,000 worth
of student loans for 0.7% of the college population. Oh, did I forget to mention that it’s only
going to forgive up to $20,000 because that’s also a very important part. It’s not even like they get all their loans
forgiven. They just get $20,000 forgiven when the average
student loan debt is well over 40 so you can take that 0.7% number and go ahead and drop
it to 0% because that’s the number of people who would have their student loan debt forgiven
under Kamala Harris’s plan. This is absolutely bonkers. This is a terrible plan. It is clearly pandering because she wants
to attract more African American voters over to her camp. That’s what this is. Meanwhile, we’ve got really good people out
there with really good plans that say we’re getting rid of all of it. You don’t have to jump through all these consecutive
hoops like Kamala Harris is doing. If you have student loan debt, we’re going
to get rid of it. Plain and simple, done. I think I’m going to go with those people
over. The person who says, you’ve got to jump through
18 different hoops. If you want a tiny percentage of your student
loan debt canceled.

Paul Whisler


  1. This woman is a complete and utter fraud and should quit while she still has a small amount of integrity left, but she wont because of power and that is the ultimate drug for most politicians with the exception of very few.

  2. Out of touch Kamala Harris. I think she is a phony and just tries to appease certain groups. She is clueless and also folks she takes Corporate and WallStreet money. Do not vote for her

  3. So people with financial issues that are un debt get rid of their debt by starting a business in a poor area. On average only 1/4 of new businesses last their first year and out of these another 1/4 last their 2nd year. 1/4 out of 1/4 means 1/16 and that's 6.25% of businesses. Basically only 6.25% of new businesses last 2 full years. I wonder if bankruptcy won't get you in even bigger debt.

  4. Well done, Farron. Good job. Sorry you had to work your weekend.

  5. You missed the entire point of The Proposal! The point was to help start businesses in disadvantaged areas not to Simply relieve student debt. A little incentive in a disadvantaged area can go a long way!

  6. I have no student loan debt.i believe all student loan debt should be forgiven our government can give billions of our tax dollars to countries that don't like us never to be pd back

  7. Yes she's horrible – do not trust – corporate to the core.

  8. Hillary 2.0 watch secular talks old videos about Hilary and her speeches

  9. Would it have killed you to calculate each of those percentages as whole numbers. No one can do that math in their head rapidly , and while you do give the final number, seeing the declining balance of students would have been more impressive than rattling off a percentage of a percentage of a percentage which can’t realistically be followed. Whole numbers are easier to understand and grasp than declining percentages .

  10. How can any thinking person believe a word she says ? My policy concerning Harris is as follows , if her lips are moving she is lying . The only exception is when she is talking about tax breaks for the wealthy .

  11. How can she represent Afro America when she’s married to the race that oppress my people?

  12. Student Loan Debt……..a euphemism for pay us! Uhh, this has been happening since the 80s! Give it up! No one forced you into debt! Not MY fault!

  13. YANG 2020 / FREEDOM DIVIDEND / M4A / Humanity First / Abundance Mindset / $1,000 per mo per adult / Solution to POVERTY = CASH in the hands of Parents and Teachers !!! YANG = YES !!!   TRICKLE UP ECONOMY     JULY 31 DEBATE

  14. Tulsi said she's not fit to be President.. Told you she was right…. I really hope they burn her on this on the debate stage! Bernie 2020!!!

  15. Kamala Harris is the personification of HOT AIR.
    Her attack on Biden was well rehearsed, her outrage was n8t genuine. Just what you'd expect from a corporatist Democrat.

  16. Harris has disappointed me by using the race card, she lost my vote. We need someone who is going to fight for everyone, not just black and brown people, by the way I'm a elderly black woman

  17. How about just let the students who have loans pay them off like everyone else has to.

  18. I close my eyes and she's a white Republican. dad's a

  19. Sorry Ms Harris. Your plan is far too restrictive, and too little help for the number of hoops that one needs to jump through to qualify. Back to the drawing board and calculator. And huge thanks to you Farron for taking the time to doing proper due diligence on this plan. When one has enough on their plate to get through the day in working, paying the bills have food on the table, and dealing with life's unexpected surprises, it is tough to make time to see these candidates plans make any sense and/or helpful to the majority of Americans.

  20. I'm from California. I know better than to vote for Kamala Harris. She's back peddling and straight up lying about her policy here in California because she sees that the voters don't want to go to jail because their kids miss school for whatever reason. She said no one has ever went to jail because of their child's truancy. Bullshit. And she's race baiting. Nope, I'll pass. I think she'd be just as bad as what he have in office now. Same bullshit issues, just reverse the races. We need someone who will bring us together, not further the division.

  21. There is no fucking way that 44% of college grads start a business out of college. The real number can't even be close to that. EVERYONE looks for a job; only a tiny minority start a new business out of college. Where the hell did you get that statistic?

  22. Cash grab ? More money from big pharm? She’s not at top but gives out bs . ? Might be the banks who gave her this plan 😂

  23. Thank you for being one of the FEW that commit to being honest AND impartial. Calling out democrats, and not just republicans, when they "get it wrong"; is so welcomed. Keep up the great work, ROF!

  24. I was not intending to vote for her anyway. So what she is planning on doing with the student loans does not concern me. I am a long ways from deciding on who I am going to vote for. Its not Harris, or Pete whats his face. Farron, I am glad to see I am not the only one who does their homework. Good Job!

  25. I was not intending to vote for her anyway. So what she is planning on doing with the student loans does not concern me. I am a long ways from deciding on who I am going to vote for. Its not Harris, or Pete whats his face. Farron, I am glad to see I am not the only one who does their homework. Good Job!

  26. Since new businesses create the most new jobs, this isn’t such a crazy idea.

  27. Is that all that she is proposing regarding student loan debt? I can't believe it, if that is the case.

  28. Just another typical politician who's black and think black folks are stupid.

  29. She’s dark in skin color, but has the mentality of most of these older white men , in position later of political power.

  30. "Delaney has no shot at winning the nomination…" Yeah…that's what they said about Trump.

  31. Her Health care plan is pretty bad too. It’s a overly watered down version of Canadian universal health care.

  32. We ain’t voting for this clown
    We ADOS
    AND Bernie’s plan DON’T HELP ADOS EITHER

  33. There are actually only two who have proposed blanket and total student loan forgiveness: Bernie Sanders and Wayne Messam. The latter isn't making the debate stage, so we know who that leaves. Was anyone surprised?

  34. "Not as bad but equally terrible"
    I'm gonna need the math on that, too.

  35. Students didn’t just pay for college with student loan money. Many of them were making car payments with their student loans. Are we going to pay off their cars too?

  36. This is why Donald Trump won! Too many weak Democratic runner ups…Unfortunately he’s going to win a second term

  37. We're "the riches COUNTRY in the world".
    But yet, we have to pay OUTRAGEST for collage fees!!
    Other counties, collages are free!
    It's best to go to collages in other countries than the USA!!!!
    Run to the BORDER, and get your Diploma!!!
    BETTER THAN living in a basement apartment till YOU DIE to pay it off!!!

  38. You forgot to subtract the percentage of new graduates who won't have the resources for startup business costs…about 90% I'd guess.

  39. I put together a guide on how student loan interest works, https://youtu.be/YkPd8kYvQNg and I feel like this is one of the biggest factors as to how people are just blindly walking into this buzz saw, the RIDICULOUS interest, and the fact that all you need is a friggen social security number, and a pulse to get approved for thousands of dollars of loans… check it out!

  40. Harris is trash, wouldn't be surprised if she is racing biden to the bottom. They are both trash.

  41. I know people who work and just won't pay their student loan. Why should they get a free pass.

  42. how will that fix the disadvantaged community? or change our economic system? harris is useless.

  43. Pell GRANTS are not student loans they are GRANTS nobody has to pay back a GRANT is she stupid or just bullshitting us?

  44. Bruh that shit was the worst plan I ever heard as well as anything she does will probably have a 30 years phase in too

  45. I love a lot of what Kamala has said. However, when it comes to student loans, and health care, she seems really clueless and that scares me enough to say she's not the right person to lead a country. Maybe a good running mate, but not a leader. When she's good, she's awesome, but when she misses the target she's not even in the ballpark. It's unfortunate because I do like her.

  46. Warren for president!

    Nothing is going to change about student loan debt. The only thing that'll probably happen is free community college and a chance to tie all your loan debt together to pay lower interest rate..

  47. I agree that student loan debt should be forgiven, for people that is smart enough to be in college. If you are one of those people that is failing classes, or a person a person who plan to be a professional student (somebody that taking classes just so they don't have to get a job). These people should be required to pay for any class they have to retake. They should also be required to carry at least a "C" average in all their classes.

  48. What do you expect from someone that listened to snoop and pac in the 80’s

  49. When I heard this criteria, I was like who fuck would benefit from this fucking nonsense.

  50. The idea of Student Loan Forgiveness for Pell Grant recipients isn't bad.

  51. Milktoast centrist democrats are useless. Trillions of dollars spent on endless wars by the establishment but any talk of helping kids with debt or healthcare for everyone and their minds explode.

  52. I think we underestimate the power of the people. We could absolutely get her to sign any student loan debt forgiveness plan that we pass through Congress. FDR, Harry Truman and Teddy Roosevelt all had conservative records before becoming President. Her plan is a subsidy for investment in poor communities. We can do that other ways than debt forgives. Come on, Harris.

  53. Are these the same disadvantaged communities where prosecutor Harris wanted to send the parents of truant children to jail?

  54. Let the taxpayers pay for it , they pay for everything else our government sticks us with . Like free healthcare for illegal aliens that we have to pay for next .what don't we pay for ?

  55. F out of here…. i didn't pay off my loans just to have other people's debt forgiven…. IFF student loans are forgiven then tax evasion should legalized for those who don't get their reimbursements… PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

  56. first off the Pell Grant doesn't need to be payed back. I have a student loan debt of $18k. I am a disabled American and unable to pay back my student loan. I took out the Stafford Loan and at the moment can't think of the other one. This was 30 years ago!. Consolidating my loan was a huge mistake and then interest on unpaid loan is compounded daily.. I have it in good standing only due to the fact that I have no taxable income. And it's on deferment. Would you forgiving my loan help me yes! But I don't ever see that happening. My children will end up not only paying off their student loan debt but mine as well when I die. That is a tragedy.

  57. Harris is getting exposed as more and more of her policies come out. Typical politician.

  58. how do you know when someone is a pure capitalist?. When they think a social plan should be merit based even within the targeted group.

    You got to earn your pain MF, now bend down and scratch the bottom of that poverty line.

  59. Sounds like Kamelto Harris wants to forgive repayment of pell grants. The student loan servicers probably love this plan the most.

  60. Kamala" look at me I'm doing something, while doing nothing" Harris.💩🔥💩🔥💩

  61. Ok, so I think she just showed a lack of everything that I thought she had going for her,,,

  62. So basically she has no student debt relief plan but wants credit for having one. I'm so sick of this woman's antics.

  63. This is GOLD. You have a new subscriber doing research like that.
    And now to comment on Kamala Harris’ student loan proposal I shall quote the great words of my ancestors… “all skin folk ain’t kin folk.”

  64. In which case are you better off….. not going to college …..and just saying fuck paying on the student loans……. or no college at all…… sure your credit will be fucked if you go to college…..but its a legitimate choice…….

    You cant just forgive the loans…..because there are too many who are scamming the system…… how about rewarding those who pay their loans off…..like forgiving the last 20 thousand????/

    Better yet loans only for stem program and other assorted selected programs….. like teaching in the inner cities….

  65. Gotta have gimmicks – bad candidates have all kinds of gimmicks – good candidates have clear simple ideas. MFA – eliminate college debt – plans that guarantee gainful employment, plans without carve-outs and exceptions to protect vested corporate interests. Plans that help real people. That limits the field to the progressives, the left libertarian, and the lady of the lake. The rest of them are running in 2012.

  66. A sampling of Contributors to the Democratic presidential candidates 2020; KAMALA HARRIS; Walt Disney Co ABC “TV” $87,622, AT&T CNN $74,432, Kaiser Permanente $43,712, Comcast Corp MSNBC $40,643 Apple Inc $27,829 Hueston Hennigan LLP Calif. Law offices $46,983.
    She also wants to keep Medicare Advantage health Insurance companies on her Healthy care for all program? just another corporate shill in progressive clothing.

  67. Mayor Pete also mentioned that it wouldn't be a bad idea for everyone to serve in the military https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/04/17/pete-buttigieg-national-service-program-civil-service-military-community-2020-mandatory-americorps/3495306002/

  68. Kamela Harris (if you don't have anything good to say about Kamela Harris, don't say anything)… Crickets chirping!

  69. That is not a plan. That is a con. She either doesn't understand what she is talking about. Or she knows, but does not give us commoners credit for being smart enough to figure this shit out on our own. Get back on the bus Kamala and leave the rest of us alone.

  70. I literally just pulled my support for her over weekend over this one issue (which is one of my top 5 concerns). I agree with several of the things she's proposed but this one was too ridiculous for me to let go. My single mom made just over the limit for me to receive a Pell grant and still we lived check to check. I know there are thousands more people in the same situation. Most new businesses fail in the first year. Most businesses don't even see a real profit until after that three year mark. All the while you're trying to fund a sole proprietorship, you're sitting in debt barely making ends meet under life crushing student loans hoping you get a tiny fraction of them taken away some day Should we all get more loans to start a business on top of what we already owe? I like her but she just lost my vote.

  71. I’m not sure how I feel about forgiving school loan debt or free college for anyone that wants it, paying for school loans are a good thing to keep them motivated.

  72. Anyone that has their student loans forgiven by political politicians, must reimburse all other students that paid for their loans period. Forgiveness for all. Deal or NO DEAL? Government agencies made deals or contracts with students. It would be VERY unfair to those that WORKED HARD and SACRIFICED MANY things.

  73. Occupation: Postdoctoral Fellow in Cancer Research
    Salary: $47,800 per year

    May 2016 Balance: $51,000
    October 2019 Balance: $9,720

    Earliest Zero Balance Date: July 1, 2020

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