Kabbage Loan 2019 | E-Commerce Line of Credit 2019

Hi everyone I’m Adam Cumbie with
CreditLineNow.com. In this video I want to talk about funding for
e-commerce businesses and why the Kabbage line of credit is a great
resource. You see with today’s online presence more and more people want to
work from home and starting a small eCommerce business has become easy to do
from almost anywhere. There are online platforms like Amazon and eBay that
provide an accessible marketplace where almost anyone can sell a product. Combine that with social media presences
like Facebook YouTube Instagram and an eCommerce business has digital venue to
start advertising their products while gaining followers all without the cost
of traditional marketing. Although an eCommerce business is relatively easy
to startup chances are you’re going to need some extra working capital in order
to not miss an opportunity that will help grow your business. Whether you’re
looking for that working capital to stock up on inventory for your busy
season that’s right around the corner or pay that unforeseen equipment repair, maybe you just need to bridge the gap
during those periods of low cash flow. A Kabbage line of credit will help
ensure that your eCommerce business is set up for success. You see a lot of banks seeing eCommerce
business as a higher risk and typically it’s very difficult for those businesses
to get traditional funding. Because of this a business line of credit often
plays an essential role to an eCommerce business. And unlike a traditional term
loan with a Kabbage line of credit you can draw on the funds you need when you
need them. You only pay interest on the funds that you have borrowed and there
are no prepayment penalties meaning that you don’t get penalized for paying your
line of credit back early. Also Kabbage’s application process is
fast and easy. You simply provide your business information and online bank
information and Kabbage will decide within 10 minutes if your business meets
their requirements for approval. Now Kabbage offers two different term
lengths to choose from. There’s a 6 month or a 12 month plan and their
interest rates range from 1% to 10% The six month plan offers higher
rates for the first two months sometimes upwards of 10% then the rates drop
for the remaining four months to 1% to 1.5% The 12-month plan
offers the higher rate the first six months and drops to the lower rate for
the remaining six months Once you’re approved funds become
available within a couple business days allowing you access to your funds as
often as you need. There are no restrictions on how you use your line of
credit. Use the funds for whatever you need. Access your line of credit from
anywhere using Kabbage’s app from your mobile phone. Or use the Kabbage spending
card which is like having a Visa business credit card and is accepted
anywhere all major credit cards are accepted. With the Kabbage line of credit
you have access to fast cash wherever you are when you need it. So if the
Kabbage line of credit sounds right for you apply today. Go check it out at CreditLineNow.com/commerce

Paul Whisler


  1. Great Company to work with if your business needs capital

  2. This is such a great resource. Kabbage really helped me grow my business when lower cost production became an opportunity.

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