Iowa 4-H Accommodations Resources

This week we want to highlight a few resources
that support our work in making 4-H an inclusive environment for ALL youth. This year’s annual leader training includes
a section on accommodations. We have the opportunity to provide positive
youth development programs and activities and its important that we create an environment
that accommodates all youth. In this years Annual Leader training two resources
are referred to and they can be found on the Volunteer Resources webpage along with the
other resources from this year’s training. These two resources are “The Law” which
covers information on the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as the Rehabilitation Act and
Individuals with Disabilities Act. Also included on the Volunteer Resources webpage
and in this year’s training is “Making Adaptations” this resource for volunteers includes definitions
as well as information on accommodations that can benefit youth with disabilities as well
as All 4-H’ers. Another resources staff should be aware of
and can share with volunteers is the ISUEO Reasonable Accommodation Request form, a good
location to find this form is on the ISUEO Diversity and Civil Rights webpage. And lastly, if you have not already viewed
the YouTube video from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach titled “Making County
Fair Experiences Possible for All 4-H Youth” please take the time to view the link shared
in this weeks weekly volunteer development video email. It’s a great video that reminds us of the
importance of making sure that ALL youth have the opportunity to participate in 4-H and
the role our caring adult volunteers as well as staff and fellow 4-H’ers play in the
success of the program and meeting the needs of all youth. Thanks for watching and have a great day!

Paul Whisler

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