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  1. I really like M1 Finance myself! I’m thinking should I move everything over to them from Betterment and Wealthfront 🤔

  2. I think almost every investor should have their money in index funds. Then maybe some individual holdings. Thanks for the video.

  3. I do 5% vanguard total bonds in my work retirement account as well. Great minds, lol. FIRE is my goal, but I can always adjust that later.🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this personal information. Def helped me rethink my own situation

  5. Thank you for sharing! Currently debating whether I should open a roth IRA with Vanguard or M1 Finance. Thank you for sharing!

  6. What are your thoughts about a beginner dividend investor (in their 20s) investing in dividend stock exclusively in a Roth IRA (and doing drip)? Playing the long game but won't be able to touch the "fruit" of those investments till age 59 1/2 (unless you dip into the R-IRA for my first home mortgage downpayment). The advantage is that the dividends will be completely tax free BUT I know you'd only be paying 15% long term capital gains tax if you held the stocks in a traditional brokerage account and you could take advantage of capital losses if the market hit a big down turn, (up to $3000 capital loss deduction per year) if you itemized you deductions one day. What is your philosophy on this and what is your tax planning "strategy" and how would it differ if you were a single guy in his 20s.

    Thank you for the great content and keep up the great work!

  7. Great video. I think the more people share, the better, especially with these newer startups like MF1.

    Vanguard rocks too. I actually have my Roth at Vanguard.

  8. How many Roth ira accounts can I have? If I have 2 accounts then I can max both to 6000?

  9. I would love for you to do a review on bitcoin as well as learn about it future is upon us

  10. Thank you for your honesty and for showing me this. I was so lost at first and now it makes more sense.Also, have a question is the only Roth available Roth IRA? Are there Roth funds that don't have a limit?

  11. Invest In Partial Shares With M1 Finance For Free (where I invest my money)
    Get a FREE stock worth up to $200 when you open an account with Robinhood through this link:

  12. Question: I noticed that you had auto-invest on "off" mode. If I want to leave my money in there and watch it build, shouldn't it be "on"? A little confused. Thank so much for sharing your knowledge!

  13. Great video! I watch the market. With the potential new tariff, I'm looking to capitalize this week. I purchased two stocks at an okay price however I want more of a particular stock. Although, I want the lowest price I'm realistic, and I have a good idea of when to buy.

  14. If you put cash in a Roth IRA through M1Fiance and dont invest in a particular REIT, Stock, bond etc how does ur cash make money over time just sitting there or does there have to be an investment made?

  15. Jarrad, thanks for your ideas. I have researched a couple ETFs and decided to go with the ITOT and scrap my ONGAX. Morning Star gave ITOT a 4 star gold rating. Motley fool recommended a total market vs s&p 500 for long term investment. I'm subscribed to your channel, and liking all your videos I watch. Thanks for your help.

  16. Are we all going to be 65 and the government or stock market screw us over and we have nothing? Just like past retirement plans…

  17. Hey Jarrad, if i invest 6k in my roth ira, and it between M1 finance and vangaurd for 2019, for 2020 i can do the split of 6k for again for those two roth ira, but the combine 12k would be my roth ira profile even if it from two different source right? I am new to the investment game and just a little bit confuse and want to know if my way of thinking is correct?

  18. If I put the max $6000 in an M1 Roth IRA account all at once. And I turn the auto invest on, will the dividends that are reinvested cause me to go over the limit to the yearly contribution and therefore cause me to be penalized?

  19. Did I make a mistake with these    Dnp, schv, vgt vug, domestic growth, and ishares s&p 500 grouth

  20. Why is every one saying you can't beat the market just invest in voo or vti? The qqq has almost doubled voo's returns in the last 10 years. So why not go 100%

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