Insurtech – Blockchain technology for car insurance

Today, when you have an accident on the road, it takes a significant toll on all the parties involved. Frustrated car owners have to fill out paperwork and pay close attention to detail. Time goes by and when the accident report finally reaches the insurance, a whole new set of problems arise. It’s often illegible, inconsistent and incomplete. The insurance proceeds to open a claim and investigate who is at fault. But, there is another way! To make this process painless, we are working on a smart contract for auto insurances. When an accident occurs, car owners now simply open an app. The app identifies the owner and begins the reporting process. Both owners simply need to take photos and enter their information. When they’re finished, they lock in their report. Blockchain technology ensures the data is now securely saved and submitted to the insurance. Thanks to our technology, reporting accidents is fast, reliable, cost-efficient, secure and automatic. Make car insurance painless for your customers and for yourself! Join us as a project partner!

Paul Whisler

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