India’s Economic Crisis 2019: How to Survive? | Dhruv Rathee Interviews Gaurav Rastogi

Paul Whisler


  1. 1:08 What you should NOT do!
    3:06 Should Millennials buy more Cars?
    3:49 Should we increase our Consumption?
    4:23 What you should DO!
    5:49 Where to find Jobs?
    7:07 How to Increase your Salary?
    8:46 Is it a good idea to open a Startup?
    9:42 Why should you do Business?
    11:14 How can you Improve Indian Economy?
    12:40 Did GST simplify things for you?
    13:40 Does India fit in a Globalized World?
    16:04 Where should people Invest their hard earned Money?
    20:34 Beware of Cash Trap

    To know more about Mutual Funds, watch this video –

  2. Dhruv excellent Vedio yar ……right or left wing aside …no one can deny to the fact that the current gov is lacking actions to boost economy……the speaker Mr. Tyagi ji seems very clear & honest about the message he is about to deliver and not compromising long term vision for his company compromising on short terms profits …

    Worth watching and learning … are doing great …keep on going Dhruv.

  3. Dhruv u better make a video on RCEP and profits and loss for India to join FTA. I like your style of explaining but feels bad but when u accuse modi. Educate us on RCEP and whether to join it or not. Do it before govt decides so you shouldn't blame govt for its initiative. Jai hind

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  5. bhai tum bhi anna hazare ki tarah gayab mat ho jana…..You know what I want to convey


  7. ध्रुव आप शायद, महम के पास बलहम्बा गांव से हो, मैं गांव बास से हूं यानि आप-हम 20 किमी. के दायरे से है। हमारे इलाके में पाखंड व अंधविश्वास हद से ज्यादा है! बच्चों को पैदा होते ही अंधविश्वास का इंजेक्शन लगा दिया जाता है, जिसके कारण हमारी सारी ऊर्जा अंधविश्वास की पालना में जाया हो जाती है। हम अपने काम-धंधे की सफलता की प्लानिंग, अध्ययन, अनुसंधान की बजाए 33 करोड़ देवी-देवताओं,/ भगवानों की कृपा पर भरोसा करते हैं। अफ़लता की समीक्षा की बजाए दैवी-देवताओं का रुष्ट होना मान कर उनको प्रसन्न करने में जुट जाता है। जिससे दोहरी मार पड़ती है एक हमें आर्थिक हुक्सान होता है तथा दूसरा पाखंडी अथवा भगवान के दलालों को आर्थिक लाभ होता है। इसके साथ-साथ अंधविश्वास का प्रचार-प्रसार होता। आप जैसे नौजवान एक आशा की किरण हैं कुछ करें।

  8. is government job is important for development of country or for gdp growth ??

  9. Very Informative video about investments..specially terms of investments

  10. Make a video about the economics of what's happening wrt the auto sector right now in India please

  11. yaa right keep your money in banks which limit withdrawal to 1000 rs per 6 months, GREAT ADVISE

  12. Dhruv Ji… Please make some videos on PSU disinvestment by Indian Govt. (Merit and demerit). and role of Nitiayog.

  13. Dhruv bhai agar groww company closed ho jati hain fir mere rupees ka kya hoga

  14. Excellent excellent excellent……… video…….. keep going sir…….. always bring such a video for us 👍



  16. aarey Colony k uper please ek video bana dijiye logoko trees ka importance pata chale mumbai ka future dhoke mai hai ye bhi pata chale log aage aaye protest kare

  17. Very informative Gaurav Sir and nice collaboration Dhruv, looking forward for more such videos in the future.☺️

  18. Bhai 49 logo pr bhi please video bnao its important …hit like if you all want

  19. Hey… I have a new video idea. Can u make a vid on how to become a politician the honest (ie, the normal / theoretical) way by gaining people confidence and votes by sheer hard work, passion and inspiring sentiments without getting involved in currupt ways. If you want you can do it in a hypothetical situation where the Indian government is not at all currupt. In this case, how would that person ideally rise to contest elections and possibly become a PM. You can also do a step by step process of how to become a politician/PM just like you have made the video on how to start and own a business !
    Would be a good food for thaught!

  20. Yours is a one of a kind channel where you share credible information, which generally is hard to get hands on.
    Would you please create a video on what should a 12th pass-out do? What are the options apart from engineering or medicine?

  21. ऐसा खास क्या बताया इसने ये तो हमारे यहां के दूध वाले काका भी बताते हैं
    और तुम लोगों की सोच सिर्फ पैसे पे रुकी हुई है
    ये नहीं बता रहे है कि सामर्थ्य से हर तरह की आर्थिक स्थिति को मजबूत कर सकता फालतू के टॉपिक ले के आता है और जाहिल लोग वाह वाह करते है
    हसी की सामग्री लगते है मुझे आपके जैसे लोग

  22. Sir, if he is not from mass, he says keep corpus for 6 to 12 months ha ha ha. Ask him to meet me in person I shall let him know the correct situation or reality. Talking in words is different.

  23. Can you give me your email id please ? I have a video that is useful for you

  24. Is it really that bad? Malls are full. Hotels are full. Markets are alive and kicking.
    Traffic is in gridlocks.
    Where is Mandi?

  25. Kijerwal sir PM bano sabhi solve hoa jayez
    Yea modi ko vaada pova kia business jood do

  26. Hey Dhruv, you are doing so great 👍😎. May you please elaborate what Gaurav ji wants to say about CA & Tax Representative. He said that government create a parallel economy for CA's. I am unable to understand in what context he said that. Please elaborate it.

  27. Why are you showing selective video? If you are discussing with a knowledgeable person, let it be raw. Why editing the video according to ur interest?

  28. India main ya toh amir raho ya garib, agar aap baki hai toh chup chap GST bharo.

    Simple hai na.

  29. The guy (so called CEO) in this video is so out of touch that its not even funny. People get 10-15 percent hike every year in a country like India? Really?

    I dont know how he managed to become a CEO.

  30. I think this video is great. Please interview more such finance experts like Gaurav. Say economists, environmentalists, changemakers etc.

  31. kyun kuvera apne per par kuradhi maar raha hai most of the viewers of this channel are from minority community and the belief that getting interest is unethical

  32. Make a video on
    SBI cuts savings bank account interest rate, FD rates

  33. साला 135 करोड़ की आबादी! कोई मजाक है क्या?
    क्वालीटी नहीं बढ़ती लेकिन क्वांटिटी बढ़ती ही जा रही है,

    कभी कभी लगता है साला थेनोस सही था !

  34. Ek line ye bhi jod do sir,
    Ek company me 100 log hai aur saare excellence hai to koi msmdi ki maar sahe muskil hai

  35. 1.भाई जरा हाल हीं हुई मुर्शिदाबाद की घटना बताए या फिर किसी हिंदू की हत्या हुई हैं इसिलिए सारे secular चुप हैं
    2. बैंकॉक वाले भाई का क्या हुआ
    3. नीरव मोदी ने किसका नाम लिया

  36. Only man who has testicula fortitude to raise the truth about chai wala . Kudos to Dhruv 👏👏👏👏

  37. Happy Diwali Dhruv and to all your viewers.
    Here is what I just bought 10 sets of on Amazon as a gift item for this Diwali:

  38. Aam Aadmi, Dhruv Rathee ki tarah, ek agenda ke tahat kaam Kare, paise apne aap aaenge

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