In Partnership with Guild Lettings – Private Sector Accommodation for You and Your Friends

So er what was it you were looking for exactly?
We are looking for a 5-bed house in the proximity of Selly Oak
Sort of 10-15 mins away? Yeah
Ok we’ve got a few of those… So er how did you guys found out about us?
We actually found out about you at the housing fair, we saw that you didn’t charge any
fees Yeah that’s right we are a completely free
service for students to use, the other thing is that we only allow landlords who are accredited
by MLAS to use us, it just means they’ve been on a course, they know how to be a good
landlord and they have some accountability to you
That’s really reassuring… Hiya I’m from Guild Lettings I’m just
showing these two around is it ok if I come in?
Yes If you want to follow me. A little bit of
background on this house… Erm it’s all fully furnished like all of
our houses and it’s all double glazed in this house and it’s too bathrooms as well.
If you’ve got any other questions while we go around just feel free to ask
So how do all your flat mates get along? Yeah we all get on really well we met most
of them through first year but then we had issues with one person and she dropped out
so we went on to Studentpad So what’s the condition of the house like?
The house is in really good condition it’s very modern and contemporary, we really like
the furniture we enjoy living here Great. What’s the landlord like?
Well it’s all managed through guild lettings so if we ever have any problems in terms of
maintenance or any other queries we just email and they get back really quickly and efficiently.
Just makes it really easy for us I’m really glad you guys liked that house,
so your next step is to pop into living in University centre, we’re based in there…

Paul Whisler

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