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I looked in my calendar, and there was no slot for death in my calendar. Mo and I, we always wanted to travel all over the world when we retired. Things changed four years ago. They diagnosed me with ALS. And that was like the most horrible feeling in the world, you know. Because they all retirement stopped at that point it was just “What do we do?” Low and behold, as time went on another four months elapsed, they thought “Oh, we misdiagnosed you. You have something called IMB, Inclusion-Body Myositis.” That was the happiest day of my life. when they said, “Hey, you’re going to lose your arms and legs.” Hey, it’s better than death. We just said as long as there are ways we can adjust, we can still do our plan, just a modified version of it. And so retirement changed because we knew we could do it together, but we were going to have to do things differently. Amy sort of connected with us the most easily. She listens to what you have to say, she looks you in the eye and she hears what you’re saying and she kind of feeds it back to you to say, “Did I actually hear you correctly?” I don’t think they have a shy bone in their body, they were easy to get to know. With this 7 Seas Kahani project, we’re going to take our skillset and we’re going to go help out the world. We thought if we could give some of that back, then we would feel better, it would be like our retirement is better because of that. They mentioned they needed a logo, and I’m an artist. For me I was almost jumping on it going “I’ll do it, I’ll do it for you!” So Amy, now is part of the family and I treat her like my sister. He also talks to me like his sister, so I’ve got to be able to give it back. I like it when people actually listen, rather than just hear. You don’t have to say a word and that’s ok. you have to be comfortable with the fact that they’re not asking for a response from you, they’re just looking for that listening ear. And that’s all that’s required.

Paul Whisler

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