I Spent $5,300… Is A Rolex A Bad Investment?

Paul Whisler


  1. I don't really like wearing jewelry D; If it's less than 15% of your annual income and you're not in debt and it makes you happy then go for it! YOLO

  2. Sorry but speculating on Rolex (or any watch) is a hobby, not to be confused with an actual investment.

  3. Lmao I mean…. if it’s a stainless steel sports Rolex it’ll go up in price. Not sure about this one though 😂 especially with inflation 😛

  4. Good investment boosting your Ego if you don’t have personality to talk to a woman so you show the wrist and watch she jump on you assuming you make good money 💰

  5. Good investment especially when these types of watches don't depreciate and gain value with time. Nitwits always commenting without any research on what's being blabbed out their bobo mouths. Do you bro! That's a pretty vintage Rolex. Love Rolex

  6. Nice video. It's not necessary to justify the purchase, if you love it then buy it. You worked for your money

  7. Only steel sport rolex watches are good investment rest are usually bad especially date just

  8. I am happy for you!!! You make great videos with a lot of value. I do not care if this a an investment (But I think it is)… – You deserve this watch!

  9. You buy a Casio to make sure you're on time, you buy a Rolex to remind yourself that you don't have to be.

  10. Not only is a not a good investment, there are so many watches, at this point, that are far less expensive and every bit as good, if not better. I've been collecting watches for 20 years or so, and I only have a few rare ones that I could even get my money back for, and those were watches that range from 1000 to about 5000 dollars, are Swiss Made, and are basically impossible to find at this point. Watches are like cars…they are over-priced and lose "value" the minute you hand over the money for them.

  11. I wear a fake Rolex and nobody can tell the difference for $50. I wore it at a fine dining restaurant last Saturday and got the VIP treatment.

  12. $5300 for a 16013 datejust,!? This watch sells for 3-3.5k on eBay. Sounds like a bad purchase to me, that is only possible when you don’t know enough about the watch. Personally feel like you didn’t do enough research

  13. At least you didn’t buy an Apple Watch, which will only lose value and break as it age.

  14. Well it depends.. for example if that watch is going to help get you a better job or land more deals. Believe it or not, some cultures or industries actually have bias toward/against individuals on their appearance.

  15. Can you do “the real cost of an iPhone”?
    I think Apple isn’t that expensive compared to Android.

  16. My question is who cares? If you have the money, and you like it, why shouldn't you get it for yourself? You should save as much as possible, but you will never enjoy life if you don't spend the money you save. Enjoy your watch Ryan

  17. FINANCIAL and LIFE investments are two different things.

    Is this a good financial investment? Probably not that great.

    Is it a good life investment? Well, if you have the resources to buy and maintain it, and it makes you happy… Sure, it might be in that case.

  18. Dude , really ? Waste of money in my opinion. What you should be asking your self is . Do I really need this ? And or is it going to make me happy ? After taking 2 days to think about it. Your self conscious will tell you no. Happiness comes within . Don't give in to the Matrix . Wearing other people's dreams.

  19. Why wasn't the cost of monthly insurance for the watch figured into the cost of ownership equation?

  20. Depends on the Rolex… unfortunately yours isn’t one of the desirable ones… so might have been an expensive spend which wasn’t a great investment.

    But as long as you like it, who cares.

  21. Buying a Rolex is not an investment. It’s good marketing by Rolex. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t have bought it!

  22. I watched a video on a navy seal on why he wears a Rolex. He said because if you are ever in a pinch they always hold their value. Example say you are traveling and you lose everything and all the money you had. You could trade that Rolex for a car, pawn for money, trade for food etc

  23. It's your money which you have worked hard for. You have bought something you want and like. It is also increasing in value. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.
    Looks to me like you've done your homework and you actually own something good that you want👍

  24. err this makes me cringe you bought a shit watch and plan on making no money on it after inflation I've just gota ask why? Rolex's are for people who have way too much money and know nothing about watches

  25. I don't regret buying my Submariner in 2014 just before I turned 23. This was right after I had just gotten my dream job and received my sign-on bonus. I justified the purchase as I had just spent the last two years in a library trying to finish an engineering degree in 4 years, and on the path to get a killer job. I succeeded. I also thought to myself, how many other 22/23 year olds can buy themselves a brand new rolex submariner.

    I still want for more watches, but owning my Rolex has curbed my appetite. 🙂 Kind of.

  26. I'm learning investments are subjective. If you think it's an investment, then it is. To others, it's a consumer expense. You'll know how good of a purchase it was when it goes to sell, but this is something you pass onto heirs. It'll end up bringing a lot of smiles to someone like it did for you, so you did good.

  27. Man I love Rolex’s. Always wanted one I just could never bring myself to spend the money! Enjoy it man

  28. ROI is gonna depend on what you expect to get out of the people who are impressed by such things (including yourself)… justifying it as an investment is about as smart as those of the buyers of "investment" grade diamonds 15 years ago. Your assumptions are similar to theirs…

  29. A Navy SEAL said he uses a Rolex as his every day carry (including a .380 Sig Sauer) in case he's in another country and needs to trade it for a Toyota Corolla, say, for instance if he's on the run, running from bad people.

  30. However in the USA you are required to pay capital gains taxes on commodities bought and sold

  31. I would probably decide for a Breitling, I guess they go up in value as well… I probably wouldn't insure it… that gives me more gains… 😀

  32. I bought my one and only Rolex 20yrs ago for $700.00 a 1964 stainless oysterdate wind up. I love it and is worth apprx $2800 today. One of the best investments I have made to date not considering my TGT which I wish I bought more of…

  33. Keep in mind there has to be a buyer for you to make money on it and less and less people are buying watches now days. Also keep in mind inflation is typically around 3-4% and if a recession happens inflation will happen even more which outdoes any gains you made from the watch. Also a Rolex watch service can actually be in the thousands of dollar range. Stocks or gold/silver would actually be a much better investment. With a good stock for that amount you could make 200-300 dollars a year in dividends and the stock will also likely go up in value by itself.

  34. Just Bought a new submariner on a corporate discount…it’s worth 4-5k more off the jump. But now I don’t want to wear it because of that

  35. you could throw it against the wall a couple of times and to some buyer somewhere, it will always be a rolex watch and it was made with certain materials

  36. If you have it, treat yourself . You shouldn’t have to explain how & why you spend what you spend. It’s YOUR money. Enjoy life and it’s accomplishments 🥂

  37. We all buy things that bring us joy. Nothing wrong with that since you have your finances in order. But on the other hand there is people out there buying items like this on their credit cards and showing it off like they can afford it.

  38. Should have bought a Rolex Presidential, all gold for breaking even. Who did your appraisal ? The seller ?l

  39. Awesome video Ryan! Way to get really analytical with this. Definitely would consider getting one in the next few years.

    Keep up the sick content 🙂🤙🏼

  40. All I know is it’s a flex regardless of being a good or bad investment 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

  41. Sees pillows in background. Mind ponders. Concludes the next video to be pulled out of the youtubers hat. Is investing into "My Pillow". A worthy investment?😐🤔

  42. Great watch man! Go for it, you only live once and you can’t take your money with you!

  43. Sometimes investing in yourself is the best investment and a rolex does just. You'll always be confident and feel like a million bucks

  44. I believe everybody should enjoy life and spin their money on what they want, you have proven again and again how to make money, what wrong with u enjoying life. Am not Intrested in watches but that me.

  45. Man 1, "Where are you going?"
    Man 2 , "I am on my way to buy me a Rolex. So I'm in a hurry."
    Man 1 " Wait, what's your hurry? You can afford to be late."

  46. Having owned over 100 Rolex’s and made money on every singe one, this one was a bit overpriced. You should have went with a 16610 or 16613 Submariner. It’s hard to give away a Datejust these days. Probably should have consulted someone in the business before pulling the trigger. Many guys make six figure incomes strictly buying and selling Rolex.

  47. It is a good investment to give yourself something that you really like because you had worked hard for years. I am happy for you.

  48. Yes, but not because they’re overpriced by thousands of dollars, but because they’re hideous.

  49. Excellent explanation here–the Rolex will for sure hold its value. Plus, if it's something you've always wanted, you might as well get it!

  50. I bought a 1987 Datejust for $500 in 2013. Sent it to a RSC and paid an additional $1,350 to bring it back to life. It appraised at $4,500, so I'm glad I picked it up.

  51. You should've make a video of your bank account, so the people judging you know $5000 is nothing for you 🤣

  52. As much as I dislike Rolex, I cannot deny that they hold their value extremely well. If you're purchasing it as an investment, don't wear it; if you're purchasing it to wear it, good for you.

  53. is it a depreciating asset or not? for me silly buy but you bought it. Makes you 5300 dollars happy then worth it.

  54. So, first off, that's a beautiful watch, so kudos to you for that. I'm currently in the very early stages of pulling myself up by my bootstraps, so that watch is not attainable for me, yet. I do have a Seiko watch that was gifted to me around a decade ago which I love. I absolutely enjoy your content and it's been motivation for me to start small steps towards financial success, so thank you for that. Here's hoping one day I will be able to own a watch like that!

  55. Shit people, he works hard and wanted to treat himself.

    Sometimes you just want something without worrying or thinking of something as an investment.

  56. It would have been a great investment if you purchase a presidential with the bells and whistles..it's a solid gold watch..it will only get more expensive with time as gold rises 😉

  57. I wouldn't try to justify WHY you bought a 5,000.00 dollar watch.
    I own a 67 mustang fastback. I bought it in 2000 for 2,700.00
    I bought it a few months before the gone in 60 seconds movie came out LOL.

    I'll never sell the car. I currently have it insured for 35k. Costing 500 per year. 🙂

  58. I'm normally pretty on board with the concepts you share. In this case, I think you may have painted the Rolex market with a bit of a broad brush. Most of the pieces that are holding value or appreciating are stainless steel models. That applies to the Datejust and sports models but mostly the sports models. It also doesn't extend to diamond dials in most cases because they appeal to a smaller market. Long story short, buy what you love and what speaks to you. If you do that and buy right, a little appreciation or depreciation won't matter.

  59. certainly will get myself one when i have 5k liquid 🙌🏼 thanks for making us aware of servicing costs

  60. Hmm. I Think i would buy something beautiful like that. Don't know about wearing it. Sounds flashy! I would put somewhere in my house so i can see it often!

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