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  1. This guy years ago named bill gates tried to scam me into buying into his business, I sure showed him 😀 i didn't invest a cent into his lies

  2. So, learn to stay away suspicious pyramid schemes. This literally explained what I saw last month when someone tried pulling this card on me.

  3. i invested in this kind of fruit company with an apple for a logo (if you dont know this is from forest gump you shouldnt watch films)

  4. Man I knew this other person far worse… his name was steve jobs… man that dude tried to say he was the first to make a lot of devices but others made it way before he did…

  5. Hi, may I ask your permission to use your video to warn people in being trap to investment scam? thanks. please reply.

  6. This is a great video with good advice. Too many people are fooled by these get rich quick schemes. Always do proper due diligence and don't get caught in the hype.

  7. the 4 one is not true, because there ara op that you can take like ipo of snap is not going to rep

  8. Scammers. I opened an account, they assigned a broker called Riman Silverman. The guy has a russian accent and he tried to convince me that he is british. Still after few trades he wanted me to invest 5k i told him i want first to withdraw, the guy stormed out and he traded on my behalf and emptied my account. I have phone conversations and skypelog to back up what I'm saying. Ill email them to anyone if needed.

  9. what platform that is not a scam anyone ever invested and actually makes money? with Binary Option?I was approached by Ashford Investment..i'm still skeptical though..can someone or professional advice on this matter?

  10. (514)-268-6203 Fahad Ghazi aka Kallol Ghazi, his current cell phone number and address is 8736 St Urbain, cross street Cremazie
    50936965701- ovy rahmans new location, he calls from his computer

    These are very intelligent Bank Frauders who have people working inside of Canadian Banks and Institutions doing huge fraudulent activities. Ovy Rahman, who is a Bengali- has made atleast 1 million dollars in illegal fraud money, from doing Bankruptcy files, to having peoples personal identification, stolen pin pads and credit cards, as well as having people inside of banks doing fast transactions, overriding systems. These guys run an illegal operation online called Forex, or Bulk Fx or Forex exchange, promising people high rewards in stock market percentages- but end up stealing peoples money. They do drug operations, as well as associated with the gang named UMR (United Minorities Records). They are into prostitution, drug dealing, rap. They make music videos with guns and money, exposing large drugs deals and rapping with famous thug rappers. Their whole circuit is rigged and they have many affiliates. The important thing to note is Ovy Rahman is an International bank frauder who works as an illegal accountant, and Anirban Qazi is associated with the Blood gang, and is a gangster + Bank frauder. These 2 individuals alone have accumulated 1 million dollars in fraud money.

    This is Anirban Qazi's old house number. He was born in Bangladesh but moved to this apartment for over ten years. He moved back to Bangladesh recently after filing illegal Canadian Bankruptcy in which he got fraud accountant Ovy Rahman to legitimize false businesses, and earnings to override the government system. They have people working inside the banks passing quick changes to accounts, increasing credit card limits, changing limits- opening illegal credit card lines. They also indugle in prostitution and drug dealing with the gang UMR (United Minorities Records). Music videos can be found on youtube with star rappeed Jalal Asaleh aka Feros, And also Haider Umr aka Spittin Cobra. They have existing criminal records, with Anirban Qazi stabbing someone and going to court and getting away with it, due to him wiping off his fingerprints. They have a history for crime. Other addresses include 8736 St Urbain, cross street Cremazie- which is the house of Fahad Ghazi aka Kallol Ghazi, which is first cousins with Anirban Qazi, and also has a crime history. Ovy Rahman, the international bank frauder for the group, bought a house in laval near 6th street, and used to reside in Montreal, Cartier for a long period of time with A man named Ronnie, A person who works in a Bank and does fraud hugely.

    Number of Suspects 2 Anirban Qazi + Ovy Rahman

    SUSPECT #1
    Anirban Qazi- Leader of a well organised Blood Gang in Montreal, Quebec of Canada Living a majority of his life in RDP. Montreal, Nord majority of his canadian life. He has a history of crimes and and is known to be affiliated in fast money making. He was born in Bangladesh near South Asia, and currently lives there- after filing illegal bankruptcy for himself, which he got a fake accountant to make it seem like to the "system" that his bankruptcy claim was legitimate. The accountant, Ovy Rahman…makes it seem like his friend Anirban Qazi is the owner of false businesses, as well as giving false job sources, as well as other necessary steps such as knowing bank tellers inside of banks and overriding the length of time it would take, for example if a credit limit is 1000 they can turn it into 4000 in a matter of seconds. Also, another example would be they have a friend working inside the bank, that at all times will make necessary changes and steps to peoples account to enhance the profile while claiming these bankruptcy claims. These changes affect the overall time and validity to the bankruptcy claims, but this person Ovy Rahman: Is an International bank frauder who does various of types of bank frauds- and has accumulated over 1 million dollars in fraud money. He is well known in the city, and in the streets by my people. Anirban Qazi- He is a Current frauder in various types, From drug dealing to fraudulent cards, files and account of other peoples profiles, Stealing and robbing from other peoples profiles, illegal bank information, credit information…They have their hands also in stolen pin pads, fake bank cards, others personal information to cheat banks, and he has future plans of murdering people. He was Born in the country Bangladesh but moved to Montreal Quebec over 10 years ago, at 11988 Monty..Somewhere in the building Apt 1, 2 or 3…I think 2, but not sure. His father co-owned the building, with partners of his- but i'm not sure if his name was on the papers. He Moved back to Bangladesh recently after filing Canadian Bankruptcy, which was done illegally. Has masterfully scammed many people in various ways before he left., including me and my sister for around 30,000 dollars- and is a very intelligent gang leader.

    Anirban Qazi- Started Working at GICMarkets
    May 24 — Accounts Manager
    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    GICM is the trading name for Global Integrated Capitech Markets which is a rapidly growing online Forex and CFD's brokerage services.
    (illegal company stealing money from others)

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  12. They usually have sleazy haircuts and wear cheap suits like the animated guy in the video too.

  13. Ashford Investments – Fraud Company | Ashford Investments – Fraud Company

    At AshfordInvestments, we show our traders how to turn their dreams into realities. As a ranking CFDs trading platform.

  14. Hi There. I believe I have a very good story for which you may be interested in for your youtube channel. I have been scammed trading on the Chinese stock market. I have just spent 30 days travelling in Jinan, Beijing and Shanghai protesting with 50 other victims ( we have over 1500 victims in our wechat group). I have lots of interesting protest footages on video (and photos). In fact, we have contacted Australian Financial Review and they have published our story on their newspaper. Please send an email to me at [email protected] . Thanks!

  15. Does anyone know if "Blue Trading: managed trading accounts" is a scam? It looks very legit, but the minimal investment amount is quite high. Please respond if you have personally opened an account there and let me know your experience.

  16. thats why i wont have a physical broker im sticking and waiting for my td ameritrade account

  17. Any insights on increased spam or phishing? Also any insight on some so called financial news sources. I think the onion could get peeled way back.

  18. Scam covers all through a broker and such type of brokers are built on to occupy traders not to issue service. So it is the most buzz word now a day. So selecting a scam free broker has become necessary to the traders. Trade12 is a regulated broker which is free of scam and ensures all regulated facilities to the traders including no small deposit bonus.

  19. Hi, I'm sure that most of you have heard of WISEBANC?


    me try something else. OptionsXO? WMOption? PrimeCFDs?Wisebanc? Do
    these ring any bells?

    course they do. You should at least know about the OptionsXO scam,
    that has been out in the public since last year. The last four years
    they have change names four times but same platforms!

    the way,it is said all over the internet that Birman Law or
    MyChargeBack companies is also a scam, working together with those
    fraud israeli/ american firms, so don't start dreaming that they
    would be any help if you've been scammed.

    let's talk more about our friend, Wisebanc (aka OptionsXO aka
    WMOptions aka PrimeCFDs).None of them have been regulated to work
    with financial products!!!???


    all started in 2014 – 03 – 28 in Israel, Herzliya, to be more
    precise. The name of the company was Toro Media, having as their
    owner and CEO Tomer Levi, operated by Omni Capital. Today was owned and operated by TLC Consulting Ltd.Company
    registration number is: 84689. Address: Trust Company
    Complex,Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, MH96960, Marshall
    Island. Registered: 2016 – 06 – 16.

    more and more israeli scams were discovered, authorities started to
    do their jobs, banning all binary options scammers from Israel, so
    they had to find somewhere else to operate from. Where did
    OptionsXO/WMOptions (at the time) move to? Romania, the land of
    opportunities when it comes to binary scams.

    are they located today?

    Registry for Internet Numbers ,Ltd.


    Level Domain: COM Comercial

    adress: United States, California, San Francisco,CA, US.
    CloudFlare Inc same IP
    adress as

    US ( United States ) Cheney, Kansas, USA.

    CLOUDFLARE Network.

    101 Townsend Street

    San Francisco/

    Prov: CA


    are also registered: Marshall Island. State/province Ajeltake Island.

    organisation: TLC Consulting Ltd.

    country: MH ( Marshal Island. )

    only had
    2 offices left, after their attempt to work under a Cysec regulated
    platform as well (Wise Trader in 2016,
    located in Bucharest at first, and later on in Cyprus). Sincei
    2016, they use
    an address
    in Bucharest, Romania (retention office: Calea Floreasca 169, 2nd
    floor, 'Toro Telemarketing', and conversion office also in Bucharest,
    under the same name),Payment
    agent is Orion Service EOOD, located at 39 Aleko Konstantinov st,
    Sofia Bulgaria. Company’s registration number is 204201554 but
    only a
    shell company to
    mislead people.
    main offices is located in USA/Marshal Island/Western
    both conversion and retention. Their bank accounts are obviously in
    the Marshall Islands /USA.
    in Durbanville a
    shell Company
    Verbizest which has an address
    in the Western Cape is apparently owned by one Aristeidou Nikos an
    Israeli citizen!
    Prime cfd
    was regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Service Commision but when the
    Vanuatu Island get a membership
    in Interpol. The
    Prime cfd escaped from Vanuatu Island and need to find a new place
    for money laundering.They change name from
    Prime cfd to
    WiseBanc 2017
    – 02 – 17 and
    find a place in Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, MH96960,
    Marshall Island. Marshall
    Island, Western Cape in
    South Africa. That
    is their
    for money laundering.

    ”account managers” have accounts also in


    money Laundering thru different shell companies later on in the chain
    the money will landing here:


    Name: ARROWE SOLUTION LLC or TLC Consulting Ltd.

    adress: 1134 AVENUE M, BROOKLYN, NY 11230 – 5206, USA


    adress: NEW YORK 4 NEW YORK PLAZA FLOOR 15, 10004, USA

    they operate:

    employees use fake 'stage' names as ”account managers”, ”Oscar
    White, Rob Daniels, Ethan Stark, Mark Spencer, Roger Banks, Liam
    Brown, Andrew Novak, Jay Smith, Adam Louis, Warren Roberts, Simon
    Green, James Alexsander, Allen Kais, Daniel Cox, Chris Wallace” and
    so on…probably same guys using only different names. Everyone of
    them has a fake background story. They hiding their faces never show
    their faces on social networks you will never see any profile photo
    of them on Skype, Facebook, Linkedin, WhatsApp or in media( if you
    are a honest person you don’t need to hide your face ) lie about
    the place they are located in (at first, they used to say the office
    was in the UK, in Liverpool, later on they started saying they were
    in Bulgaria, when, in fact, they were in USA.

    those so called ”account managers” at WiseBanc are VIP members in
    JP MORGAN CHASE BANK in USA. Why? Because they have large amounts of
    money on their accounts 10,20,30,40 million US dollars which they
    have earn thru scam/fraud/ money laundering people all around the
    world ”a grand scheme of money laundering” with money been
    funnelled offshore under the noses of our authorities!Many of them
    have 30 years experience of scam and fraud. This is the most
    comprehensive economic crime which has happend and they still
    operating in public on the market without license for financial

    are two main departments in the office:

    account managers:

    jobs is to call clients who just registered, lurking them into making
    a deposit; they are not allowed to talk to the employees from the
    other department about customers (they are working in separate
    offices as well), as they are not allowed to know much about the
    business, other than they have to convince clients to deposit and the
    so- called ”senior account manager” is going to take it over from
    there; Linked phone numbers they calling from: +442035144452 ( UK),
    +0548770812 (Argentina), +0406450032 (Bulgaria), +0313045629 (
    Netherlands) …and many more other numbers are located in different
    countries to hide/mislead people and authorities that they operating
    from US/ Marshall Islands/Western Cape.

    senior account managers: this is the real boiler room, where the real
    scammers do their jobs, calling clients who deposited and tricking
    them into depositing larger amounts of money, so they can profit
    faster, opening 'successful' trades for them, so it look real; the
    real magic is how they use TEAM VIEWER/ANYDESKTOP so they can see how
    much money a client has in his/her bank account, or how they steal
    money from their account without approval, passing all bank security
    layers. If a customer dares to say he doesn't want to put more money
    into the account, they push and push and eventually, they tell
    him/her you’re on your own then, starting trading the initial
    deposit without customers being aware of it (therefore, the customers
    lose even the initial deposit). If you questioning too much the
    account manager will dissaper and new one take over with the same
    purpose to lurking more money from you.They are very polished!

    was given access to a username/password and was able to "trade"
    in only simulated account and deposit/balance account with play money
    that was provided.

    accounts they provided for people looks real on their website but
    it's only simulated trading accounts. Similar to a Video Game.The
    real money you have invest it's already stolen from you and
    transferred between different shell companies to


    do they get customers?

    internet scam adds, such as The Bitcoin Code, The Bitcoin Revolution,
    The Crypto Code or by buying data from other companies.Facebook
    etc…All the awards claims and advertising they have on their
    wetsite is just FABLED and BOGUS!The 3 Happy Traders on their website
    is friends of them.They try to lurking people to them in different
    ways their website is very professional done looks
    serious/professional and credible but beware of them who be fooled
    into investing and trading with them!!!

    Wisebanc aka OptionsXO aka WMOptions aka PrimeCFDs?

    reason they change the platform's name so often is because:

    Too many bad reviews online, so it's hard to trick people;

    Being blacklisted by the banks, so transactions won't work (unless
    they are using China


    Good way of erasing customers from their database and stealing their

    IS A SCAM!

    you're in, you will never get out. Biggest SCAM/FRAUD/MONEY
    LAUNDERING merchant operating on the market, stealing customers
    money (not only money they invest, but also make transactions without
    customers approval, never allowing withdraws , very aggressive, using
    a fake platform (claiming it's regulated by Cysec), getting warnings
    and fines from different authorities). But year after year they still
    continue with their dirty business SCAM/FRAUD/MONEY LAUNDERING. What
    does regulator authorities and world community INTERPOL/EUROPOL want
    to do to stop this SCAMBROKER!!!???

    how long time it will take when they change a name again???

    UP ATHORITIES!!! Wisebanc is a corrupt money laundering scheme!!!

    like that no one can stop this criminals and put them in JAIL!!!???

    this world so CORRUPT!!!???

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  21. this all is about our Government , do not let forex Legal in Malaysia . end up many scam happend . Many Malaysian do not know what is forex and Broker company

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