How to set up and manage a YouTube family plan | YouTube Premium

Hi, I’m going to show you
how to set up a YouTube family plan. This will let you share your YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium membership with up to 5 other members in your household. Here are a few things
to keep in mind before you start. If you already have a family plan
with another YouTube or Google product like YouTube TV that’s the same family group
you’ll have for YouTube Premium. If not,
you’ll need to set up a family plan now which I’ll get to in just a sec. Whoever sets up the family plan will be the family manager. The family manager is the only person
who can purchase a family plan or make membership decisions for your family. That person needs to be 18 years or older. The 5 other members of your household must be 13 years or older and must live in the same residential address
as the family manager. Members can only change family groups
once every 12 months. I know that’s a lot of information and that’s why we’ve
included a link to a help center article in the description below. Now for the setup. Depending on whether or not
you have an existing Premium membership setting up a family plan
will be a little different. Let’s start with the steps for
those of you who are new to YouTube Premium. First, visit Click ‘Learn more’
under the membership you want. Click the family plan link here then click ‘Try it free.’ Now for the steps
if you already have a membership on your own and you want to
upgrade your membership to a family plan. To get started,
go to In your current membership click the menu icon
and then click ‘Upgrade to family.’ Now that you’ve set up a family plan you, as the family manager,
can perform a number of other tasks including adding and removing family members. Just visit the memberships page and click the menu icon. Then, choose ‘Family settings.’ For more information on what you can do
as a family manager, or a family member check out the help center article in the description below. If you need help at any time,
contact the membership support team. Again, the link’s in the description below. And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel
for more YouTube tips and tricks.

Paul Whisler


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  2. Hello YouTube
    I have met the conditions of monetization and the duration of six months and I wait for your reply but to no avail I want to inform you that I offer special content exclusively and work hard to provide better! !
    And now I want to know what is the cause of delay and is there a problem in my channel Thank you in advance wait your answer !!

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  5. how can i stop having to to connect youtube to my computer all the time. why cant i do it just once and it stays connected?

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  7. This is realy ridiculous! Only 5times for 24hours, realy great. why my videos still not is 4k resolution???? Still no one answer my question.

  8. what if you and your brother lives in different cities…if not then why Alphabet is not using its resources to know if they are family or not??

  9. hola tengo el siguiente problema tengo la suscripción familiar de youtube premium ya agregue al plan familiar a mi hermano y aceptó por su gmail pero aun no él no tiene la función el premium :/

  10. Hum this page is not available? I took a photo of it after making several attempts to set up the family plan?

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  13. Hi

    I need help I want to try for free but i’m scared its going to cut money

  14. How come everyone’s comments on this video make absolutely no sense lol.

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  17. Opera 60 – the three dots are virtually not visible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  22. So does each family member account able to stream on their own 3 devices. It the same with reg Youtube live Tv

  23. want to know how to add a family member. what a useless video. YouTube sucks at YouTubing.. another example of the Human Condition.

  24. Thank you video was clear. It was explained graphically that the only family members have to be in the same address, so different cities is out of that family. I would like it to be at least at some short distance, but it is not. I think that when we do not understood something, we can take the mouse place it in the red bar and make it go back or forward as needed. We can stop the video any time so we can take notes. If there a web site we can double click in show more and any of the webs written would open.

  25. Hi, I have premium monthly subscription on youtube and created a new channel but my subscription is not recognised here and I'm getting those annoying adds

  26. Can YouTube premium members see all the content that was removed for being "unsuitable" for the general public? That would be worth it – I have so many videos in my subscriptions that you guys have removed, why not put them behind a paywall instead? Let grown adults make their own decisions of what they want to see, that's what I would call premium.

  27. Estou tendo um problema enorme, mando convite para meus familiares, mas quando aceito diz que eu (adm da familia) estou em um país diferente, mesmo estando todos nós na mesma casa

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  29. I’m under a family plan and I can’t get out of because I don’t talk to that person. I want my own. I need more help.

  30. I am on premium trial right now and want to update to family membership. Following this tutorial I end up (where video is on 1:40min) I don't have upgrade to family option. I only have suspend or update billing options.

    I tried to find a way to contact support, but it has been made a little too hard to make it happen. So, only option I have to ask is here.

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  33. We have foster kids that can be with us for short periods of time. Will we be able to add/remove them from the family as they come and go?

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  35. I purchased a premium Individual membership, but I have 4 accounts and its only showing on one of them, what do I do?
    or is there no way to do that?

  36. If I want upgrade to family plan, my current free trial will end or not?

  37. i can't edit my family on my phone it's saying create a family which I did when i first signed up. My name and my members pops up but when i hit continue it says you can only belong to one family at a time. How do i fix this?????

  38. Can i give my account to someone ..i.e other person can login my id and password and use membership ..we both can use??

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  40. 🤔 I'm a university student so during term time I'm not at my home address, does this mean I can't have a familly plan with my family?


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