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Hello guys, good afternoon. My name is Diego Gonzalez. I’m from the Payne Insurance Group. Today is National Savings Day And I’m gonna go ahead and show you some tips and tricks on how to save money on your insurance Of course, I would call your insurance make sure they do have these discounts available So one of the first discounts is a multi-car having more than one car can save you up to 20%-25% on your insurance Depending on your insurance company the prior insurance discount. So having insurance With another company for six to five years can also get you a discount on in the home can get your discounts Also being affiliate with different groups and organizations like the major ones AARP can get you a discount being in the military or Previously in the military can get your discount and of course The most well-known discount just being a safe driver overall These next items aren’t discounts, but they can definitely help you save some money So being the age between 25 and 65 can save you some money also being married can save you some money and Having a less risk of a car it save you some money. So instead of having that fancy sports car I have a plain old sedan or small SUV can actually save you some money if you have any questions about these Discounts or want to get quoted with us over here with the Payne Insurance Group You can give us a call at (956)832-5600 again It’s (956) 832-5600. Thank you guys, and y’all drive safe out there

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