How to Save Money on Car Insurance during the Winter Months #QuickTipTuesday

Quick tip Tuesday! Do you want to save money on your auto insurance during the winter months? Well, that’s what we’re talking about today! First tip I have is to take collision off a vehicle that you DO NOT use during the winter months, keep comprehensive on but you can take collision off if you will NOT be using this vehicle at all during the winter months. Another tip to help save you money during the winter months is to increase your deductibles on a vehicle that you do not use. You can increase your deductibles. This is going to help save you some money on your premium. Remember, this is for a vehicle that you will not be using during the winter months. Last tip, do not cancel your insurance! This can cause a lapse in your policy and may affect a multi-car discount that you may be receiving. Well everyone, Those are your quick tips for Tuesday. Stay tuned for some bloopers!

Paul Whisler

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