How To Find Student Accommodation!

Once you have a place at college you’ll need to get accommodation sorted pretty quickly Here’s five tips to help you find it in record time Contact your college’s accommodation officer They can offer you options and advice so chat to them first Check out the local newspapers in areas you’re moving to or try an online property site like There’s always tons of houses and rooms to let It’s also handier to look in groups as landlords are always trying to fill houses and apartments Lodgings or digs are a good option if you’re nervous about leaving home You don’t have to worry too much about cooking or cleaning and all the bills are usually included in the price On-campus accommodation is hassle free and you’ll be close to your lecture halls Though you’ll need to get your name down early to guarantee your place If you’re looking for off-campus accommodation have your references ready from the
get-go as well as the money for a deposit Landlords love prepared tenants For loads more information and tips click here to check out USI’s Rent Book and Accommodation Guide Happy house hunting!

Paul Whisler

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