How To Find Accommodation In Germany For International Students (The Ultimate Guide)

my name is Yana Immis. Welcome to my
channel dedicated to studies in Germany universities in Germany. But this video
will be for those who does not want to arrive in Germany to study while being
homeless. Nobody wants to do that the studies will be a pain for you
already. I mean the German universities…so spare yourself from the pain of searching for the apartments or flats or WG-Zimmer, which in German means ‘a room’. You don’t want that, so let me help you In my channel, I talk about education in
Germany and admission but this is not the case right now because we’re at the
end of August so it means the next two months majority the majority of you will
be arriving in Germany to study and I’m quite sure the majority of you also
doesn’t have a place to stay so to prevent that from happening I decided to
make a useful video first so this is my first video so don’t be too brutal. I’m a
foreigner as well so I have been through the hell that you will be going through, so trust me I’m an engineer. No I’m not 🙂 but still. I collected a bunch of useful
links that you will find in the description of the video. Make sure to
read my whole article because I really dedicated myself to helping you out I
know how horrible that is. The full article available on my website. If you already
found a place to stay please make sure to comment below in the comment area
your tips and advices so let’s help each other out mention anything that would be
useful for the future generation of international students. Sharing is caring 🙂
if you have comments questions concerns feel free to contact me via the links or in
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that button in here 😉 finding a flat in Germany is much more difficult than
finding a job believe it or not if you’re searching for a flat start now if
you’re already in Germany start now definitely if you have time start at
least three months before arrival it’s really good time
you can apply for visa 90 days before the semester start so that’s exactly
when you have to search for accommodation. Visa does not require you to
have accommodation so you can arrive in Germany homeless or live in a tent or in
a van I mean nobody wants that but you can. So there’s the first thing you have to
keep in mind, Germany is not your country if you’re an international student
things here work differently. In Russia, where I come from, we can be like I like
the flat, I want it, you got it then you move in and then you can be lik,e I don’t
like it, I’m out of here. So, it’s pretty easy, In Germany, it’s super difficult to
find a flat because it’s super difficult to kick out a person.
the thing is in Germany you do not choose the flat. The flat chooses you. The three most difficult cities to find accommodation in I’m so sorry if you’re
going there Hamburg Frankfurt and Munich but Berlin
is getting there too I’ve heard. In the article over my website you can see the
rental average breakdown for the majority of big cities so you know
according to the location where you’re going how much you’re more or less
expected to pay. Options you have in the market: flats, rooms, dorms, short-term lets and hostels with hotels. Flats come in two
different options furnished and unfurnished. So the majority will be
unfurnished and it’s different probably from your perception. Unfurnished means
there’s nothing there’s nothing just the walls there’s no kitchen there is
nothing so you can’t really live there so make sure to double-check the
description of what stays and what doesn’t because otherwise you have to
buy your own kitchen and carry it with you all the time. Actually the research
shows that if you consider living and staying in Germany it’s beneficial for
you to buy your own kitchen and carry it with you all the way. So make sure to
know if you want to stay. The majority of the offers on the market are unfurnished
so if you’re aiming long-term go for unfurnished – they’re cheaper, easier to
find, easier to negotiate – you can expect to pay from 500
1,000 euro per month if not more for a one-room apartment so if you’re on a
budget perhaps flats is not the best option… or
at least not the best option from the start. The dorms you can secure yourself
a room in a state dorm for 150 euro to 350 euro but you have to be fully aware
of the queues. Sometimes the waiting times are up to
half a year if you are sure you want to go to Germany and you have plenty of time
apply right away after you have secured your admission in
a German university because you have to be matriculated at the German state
accredited and approved school. Not every single student can stay in a state
dorm and you have to put yourself on the waiting list. This is the way it works. There’s also private dorms. Private dorms are available for everybody. In every big
city there’s at least 10 to 15 and the costs there are higher from 500 euro
onwards per month but it’s like a studio so you have your own area everything is
included in one space and you have common areas like rooftops and the
playground gym so make sure to check descriptions in the instruction of the
video you have the links to the dorms the state and as well the private so you can
make sure to find in your location the good area to search for dorm for if you
are arriving in Germany and you have not secured yourself place take two options
number one to postpone your arrival until you find a place to stay because
otherwise it’s much more expensive in Germany to stay in a hotel
rather than rebook your flight. Alternatively, book a short-term let so like
hostels with our 25 euro per night or less hotels around 90 euro per night on average or you can go for Airbnb or you can go for youth hostels or couch
surfing which actually can be also for free for you. There’s a few sacrifices
you have to do: first you have to learn to compromise there is no such thing as
great location and the size and the price so one of these things has to go
down otherwise it’s most probably a fraud if it looks too good in the post
online it’s fraud don’t go for it there is no such thing so you have to
choose either a location or the size or the price you have to compromise unless
you’re from a very rich family then you can go for all three aim for long term
and unfurnished first because these are the options where the landlords are
eager to talk to you if you’re planning to stay long term they’re all interested
in long-term tenants second priority would be short-term let’s and furnished
flats but I recommend all international students first semester stay in the dorm
because you don’t know the city you don’t know the country the bureaucracy
the infrastructure, the distances you don’t know the people and you need at
least six months to get used to all of that do you love it or do you hate it
and then to find out the area you want to live in or whom you want to live with
perhaps you know you rent a room in a shared apartment and then you hate your
tenants to avoid all that get a dorm get a private dorm stay there for a semester
and then you know what you want but the majority of contracts with the dorms or
six months but for the flats, they are long term normally without expiration dates
so it means that you have to cancel them in advance so keep that in mind consider
the options farther away from your University you don’t have to necessarily
walk I mean if you’re coming from where I come from one and a half hour commute
is okay in Germany infrastructure is so great that you can literally walk
everywhere cycle everywhere take the train, underground, tram so you can find
your way around aim for affordable option better farther away from your
place if you can the far away it is from the city center the cheaper obviously
the next advice would be learn vocabulary because the advertisements in
German forums or apartment lets have certain peculiarities where they put
down how many rooms and if heating costs are included or not so there is like 15
words that you have to definitely know otherwise suddenly your rental expense
becomes higher and nobody wants that so you can find those in my article make
sure to check it on my website just be alert be fast when replying to the ads
be fast calling writing emails but be considerate and polite put yourself in
the position of the landlord would you rent the flat to yourself if the
answer’s no that probably no. Landlords in Germany are mainly risk-averse and
they’re thinking long term so what you have to prove when you write to them
when you appear for the flat viewing is the you are serious
you have financial stability your documents are in order your visa is in
order and you plan to stay in Germany for long because this way they don’t
have to bother with the new people finding contracts bureaucracy permission
to stay and so on and so forth if you free them from pain they will give you
the flat when you visit the flat be considerate it dress up nice but make sure
to not be annoying if you’re annoying from the beginning I don’t want such
a tenant. If you’re not able to secure yourself accommodation in the flat
then go for a room in Germany it is common to live in rooms in a shared
apartment it’s called WG-Zimmer it’s not only typical or common for students
it’s also common for freelancers for professionals it’s normal to live in
Germany in shared apartments until forever WG-Zimmer option is
when everybody has their own room own bedroom but they share bathroom and they
share the kitchen area it’s like a dorm but in the flat and it’s the most
common practice here if you can’t find a flat you can’t find a room and you can’t
find a dorm I mean either something is wrong or theere are just no flats I mean
there’s 15,000 students coming only to Munich in September it happens
go for agent. Agent is expensive but it’s safe and they speak your language most probably if you can’t get a flat maybe you’re doing something wrong maybe you
are not presenting yourself well is that possible is it possible that you don’t
prove enough financial stability do you lack some documents with you there are
certain lists of documents that you need to bring for a flat viewing or do you
react late in Germany it happens that you post a flat available and then it’s
got in one hour somebody already took it so don’t be slow fix something. Everything is possible if something isn’t working
fix something and it will work it comes with practice but you will go through it
you will manage there is the thing I would like to stress out definitely for
foreigners and I already mentioned it before but be very careful if it looks too good
trust your gut feeling it’s not real there’s a lot of fraud going in the
market because there’s a lot of foreigners coming there are a lot of actually
German immigrants coming to other cities for work or for studies
and there is just not enough available accommodation for that reason the frauds are all over with
the market never pay anything until you have counter signed contract never pay
anything cash unless you have a receipt for it and always all job contracts give
to your friends who speak German give it to your relatives to read give your
university the contracts to read and they will help never trust anybody
really bureaucracy read the contracts thoroughly because long term it will
pay off trust me there’s a few things you have to pay attention to as an
example as a foreigner in Germany when you arrive you have 90 days visa
sometimes 180 days visa but you have to extend it to be able to do so you have
to submit confirmation you are enrolled in university this one you can only get
if you paid for studies and you need to bring confirmation you found a place to
live and that document is not only your contract you also have to have a
confirmation from your landlord that you’re allowed to live there and if you
don’t have it you won’t be able to extend your visa so if your landlord is
resistant to give it to you or he is not the landlord and he is subletting
without permission stay far away from that because your visa is at risk in
this case yes it could be a short-term solution maybe to survive but
never go always for secured accommodation with proper permission be
very cautious about that so when you arrive in Germany and you still haven’t
found a place to stay be alert for all the possible flat viewings schedule as
many appointments as possible dress up your best attire print out all the
documents stick them in the package make sure to make like 10 packages for ten
visits neat nice arrive present yourself well. l I let them understand that I am
serious I speak the languages I am here to study my program would be 3 to 4
years long I plan to get employment afterwards this is my financial security
yes I am a student I do not earn but this is
a confirmation of my bank statements of my parents the matriculation at the
university so there’s always an opportunity we are all people so it’s
never gonna be black and white no you’re not German you’re not getting the flat
never it will always be very subjective because if the landlord’s like you they
will give you the flat doesn’t matter where you come from you have to be
empathetic you have to show your interest and you actually have to love
the flat basically if I am the landlord and you tell me you love the flat
especially that you’ve paid attention in the pictures of how wonderful the small
balcony or that it looks so nice and neat with the gray parquette so you care
already this is what you’re looking for it’s perfect location for you prove it
to them it’s people don’t forget you talk to real people and they’re making
the decision there’s a few documents that I recommend you to print out to
take with you or send per e-mail as requested and don’t forget to always
follow up when you have visited the apartment thank the landlord who showed it
to you thank the agent write to them an email how much you like it what exactly
you liked and ask them a question whenever you ask a question in your
email or in your text they are kind of obliged to reply there’s a few documents
to print out to take with you passport copy or visa if you have them if not
your blocked account your parents financial statements of course it’s all
up to you what you prefer to take but the more you take the better there’s
also another thing in Germany called SCHUFA check you can take a look at
my website more details about that almost can prove that you’re a normal
human being which you have a history behind that you have reasons to be in
Germany that should here to study to work your contracts recommendation
letters and whatnot the more the better don’t get discouraged if
it doesn’t work out practice practice practice
when I arrived in Germany I was like man what do I do
like what is this what is this hell nobody’s helping me by the way
nobody will help you nobody so what do I do right so it comes with practice as
anything in life so you attend take a look at the way the others behave
observe the questions people ask put down notes attend the next flat go to the next flat take a look at the next room
and with every single appointment you will improve it’s just a matter of
practice last but not least never underestimate the power of your
nationality Russian speakers help Russian speakers Indians help Indians
Turkish help Turkish Arabs help Arabs find the forums on facebook on
InterNations on expat forums trust me they will help you to find a place to
stay and perhaps with you getting accustomed in Germany to begin it is always nice to have the friends from your country to prevent yourself from having a
huge cultural shock that’s all for now I hope my tips will help you and of course
feel free to contact me if I can be of any further help but I cannot find you a
flat you have to do it yourself

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