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[MUSIC PLAYING] We know that making
a claim isn’t something you look forward to. But when the
unexpected happens, you can count on us to help you
get your life back on track. And if it comes time to file
a claim, you have options. Speed up the claims
process by filing it through My Account or
MyAmFam app straight from your mobile device, and
check its status any time. You can also report your
claim to your agent. Call our 24-hour claims
line at 1-800-MYAMFAM or submit a claim
online at If your claim is a result
of wind or hail damage, you can even text STORM to
AMFAM to file your claim. But before you start the
process to file a claim, it’s helpful to
have the following information available– your name, address
and phone number, insurance policy number,
date and time of your loss, description of what happened,
and insurance and contact information of others involved. Once your claim is filed, we’ll
have a claims representative contact you to go
over your claim and what to expect
for next steps. Then your personal
claims representative will work with you to
accurately evaluate your claim. From there, we’ll
assess your claim and complete it as
quickly as possible. An adjustor might
be sent for things like an appraisal of the
damage, estimating repairs, and connecting with
health care providers if you’ve been injured. At this point, you may be asked
to provide photos, invoices, receipts, or
warranties to determine the value of your loss. Your insurance company
may even work with you to arrange repairs,
get a rental car, and find contractors to help
you get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. The final step is
settling your claim, which is when your
insurance company pays you the amount outstanding
minus your deductible. We’re always here
and ready to help. Check the status of your
claim through My Account, or call us any time
at 1-800-MYAMFAM.

Paul Whisler

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