How to check for car finance without affecting your credit score

When shopping around for car finance, are you concerned that the initial search
will leave a mark on your credit profile? At My Car Credit, we allow you to assess your options
without impacting on your credit profile by only carrying out a ‘Soft Search’
at the point of your online application. So, what is a soft search? A Soft Search is a type of credit check
which allows us to see your financial history, such as how you’ve managed your loans and finances, without exposing this information to lenders. If you were to ask for a copy of your credit report,
you will be able to see the soft search on there – but, within reason, you can have as many
soft searches as you like on your credit profile without affecting your credit score. Although a Soft Search is usually a very good indication
of where you stand in terms of being approved for credit, it is not a replacement for checking
your credit history before applying as you may wish to work on improving this
before applying. The soft search approach here at My Car Credit means that you have the freedom to shop around for
car finance before making your final decision. There is also no obligation or fee attached to the
soft search application process with us. If you’re not sure that the
quoted rate is right for you, or you simply decide that you
no longer need car finance, you are free to take the information away with you –
without a footprint being left on your credit profile. However, if you are happy to proceed with the
rate you have been quoted, you can simply complete your application with us –
it’s that easy. Why not start your car buying journey now
by applying online at

Paul Whisler

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