How to book accommodation on the fly when traveling

Hey, hey! I’m Conor, the Language Tsar and
welcome back to my channel! Welcome to this video about how you should use
technology to help you travel better so let’s get into the video! So I’ve just come down to the seaport
here in Odessa and behind me you can see Hotel Odessa which is an iconic hotel here
on this on the port in Odessa just in front of the Potemkin steps that you can
probably see across on other side and that brings me to my first point about how
technology has been changing the way that we can travel and how much better
it’s gotten, how you need to ensure that you make the most of it so when I go to
book accommodation it’s so quick nowadays. I remember the times where
you’d have to call hotels maybe when the internet started and you could reserve
on things like or other hotel websites it became a lot easier
because then of course you could just book it beforehand electronically, you
didn’t have to go to a travel agent but now you can do all these things
on your smartphone and for example I normally stay in apartments so … it isnt
always with Airbnb but Airbnb is one of the kind of most popular services, it’s
also international so you know that you can in most countries you can find
decent apartments by using the apps and sometimes I’ve really been getting
on my accommodation had 2% battery and bam, reserved a great location and
accommodation in my next destination because it’s so seamless you can do it
you know by credit card straight away so you really need to look at using your
smartphone in order to book accommodation. Of course you can see
where the accommodation is located, the apartment or the hotel, the rooms
everything get all those details it’s all pretty much self-explanatory and
that’s one of the big things that you need to take advantage of.

Paul Whisler

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