How Anyone Can Invest And Become Rich

On July 26th, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg lost 15
billion dollars in a single day. And that’s mainly because facebooks stock
price dropped from 209 to 174 causing the company to lose 120 billion dollars overnight. Just to comprehend that number, That’s more
than what some of the biggest US companies worth such as Starbucks. In fact, that’s even more than the entire
GDP of the largest country in Europe, Ukraine. However, that wasn’t a big a deal for Mark,
since he didn’t even leave Forbes top 10 billionaires list. But you are not Mark and you can’t afford
to lose that much and never worry because you don’t have that kind of money. In fact, if you even lose a thousand bucks,
you probably will have a nightmare. So here are the 3 types of companies, that
you should never invest in because you are almost guaranteed to lose money. such as when startups decide that its time
to gain the fruits of their hard work so they go public and sell and a big chunk of their
company to the world. This is the moment you have been waiting since
the beginning, finally, you can fly private and enjoy the billionaire’s life. But that won’t happen unless you give this
video a thumbs up. sounds like an exaggeration
As an owner of the company, you understand that the bigger the hype around your company,
the bigger is going to be the demand for your stocks, therefore, the more money you are
going to raise. That’s why most companies stock price decline
after a day or two of going public since that hype vanishes and people get real about what
this company can accomplish. Circle with hands Facebook went public at 38 per share, however,
within the next 2 month, the stock price only kept declining to 20 dollars before it took
off again. Or take a recent example of LYFT who went
public at 78 dollars but then within the next 2 month it dropped to 51 dollars. That’s why Warren Buffet never invests in
IPOs. And neither should you if you don’t want to
lose money. Wait till the hype disappears and then make
up your mind. The stock market is as much as unpredictable
as it’s predictable. it sounds a bit controversial but if you take
a look at the market over a long period, you will realize that it follows certain patterns. For instance, a dramatic rise is almost always
is followed by an even more dramatic fall. Graph
It doesn’t only happen to individual stocks but to the markets in general. Because a high demand keeps driving the price
up to where the company gets overvalued but sooner or later, the bubble bursts and the
price gets back to what it truly worth if not below that because of a snowball effect. When Petro Chinas share was dramatically increasing. Warren Buffet, instantly sold off all his
shares and didn’t wait till it reaches its peak although he could have made much more
since he knows it’s going to crash at any moment, and it’s not going to be fun. And that’s exactly what happened. Just remember what happened to bitcoin. After reaching its peak, within a few weeks,
it lost half of its value. The lesson is, whenever the price is skyrocketing,
it’s a bad time to invest. In fact, when it happens to the market in
general, we get a financial crisis like in 2008 as it happened to home prices. you see I am a big fan of Tesla and Elon Musk
In general. I love the idea, I love the goal behind it,
the product just looks awesome. And I want to invest in it to be part of it,
but from a purely investing perspective, tesla hasn’t been the best investment out there. Because Musk is a genius when it comes to
generating hype around his companies and it gets me and many others excited about what
tesla could possibly accomplish. But in practice, things get delayed, deadlines
are postponed and unexpected problems start pomping out which is absolutely normal. Which is why the hype disappears and investors
lower their expectations so the price naturally falls back,
and if you have been one of those people invested in that hype. you have clearly lost a buck. So don’t let your emotions ruin your reason
because your main objective is to make money and everything else is secondary.

Paul Whisler


  1. Buy when the stocks are low and everyone runs away. Sell when the prices are high.

  2. Moral of the story: free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap

  3. But @Proactive Thinker… Did you get rich?

  4. You're asking for trouble if you invest your money in the stock market. Invest your money smartly. Dont loose your money and make Wall Street rich! Be smart people!!



  7. tesla dont want ur expectation tesla want go pakistan and dissappear from ur degrading horror opinion

  8. Ukraine is also the poorest country in Europe. Bit of a weird comparison.

  9. It's definitely one of the basics in the financial markets, and this made a good example of it.

    I think a good example of high highs and following fall is the stock of Yelp, on which I'm uploading a video this week. It basically peaked on 2014, two years after going public and after dropping, it's not be able to recover.

    Great video!

  10. Investing with a Roth IRA and a 401k will make you rich but at a old age

  11. Forget this bullshit of getting rich fast. In the end you guys are the same stupid Dutchmen speculating on tulips. Work hard, get a better job or be a entrepeneur. And save the bulk of your revenue.

  12. I disagree in one point even if the majority of the time when a stocks skyrocket it is a bad sign ,this is not always the case;:
    -If the profit or revenue increase as the same rates(p/e ratio)
    -if the demands for the product increase exponentially
    – regulators who lowers taxation or decrease regulations ( like in China in the exclusive economic zones)
    -the invention or development of a new disruptive technologies (like nuclear fusion or quantum computer)

  13. Make a video about
    Why there are fewer billionaires on Philippines than in USA.

  14. WAIT! pls correct me if i'm wrong.

    I thought publicly listed companies get their one-time "cash" after selling their shares through an IPO (Initial Public Offering)? Therefore, the rise and fall of their stock price doesn't necessarily mean they lost money or affects what they currently have. The ones who "lost money" are the Common Stock holders (those shareholders that have a voting power in a company). From what I know, the company's consequence for having a declining stock price is that their Common stock holders may be compelled to vote for a change in Management officials or team.

    i'm legit curious. Pls educate me. thank you!

  15. misleading and generic title…
    I watch all of your content. It would be nice to have more precise titles, though. Else it is impossible to find old videos.

  16. Made me laugh when you said this 1:22, haha! Thumbs up to you!

  17. I guess this video pretty much sums it all up. Or I don't know what I'm talking about? 🤔

  18. Becoming rich with investing means learning as much as you can with investing.

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  21. I want to invest in one stock and make hype around the stock with social media like the area 51 thing or flat earth etc

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    Keep up the good content. Thank you

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  24. This video DOES NOT tell you how to invest and get rich in 2019. Click Bait.

  25. Buy only stocks that will raise.
    If you'll do it, you'll never had problem.
    It's quite simple.

  26. Im so fucking wonder which is the program that you use to make this animation dude ? 🙁 plss answer

  27. Robinhood is a great way to start off 🙂
    You can get up to $500 of free stock just for inviting your friends

    Check it out!! 💡💸⏰

  28. Please sir I just wanna ask that as a young guy like me 22 years of age, what investment should I do in order for me not to suffer in my old age, or what asset should I purchase first in life,

  29. Yes just…Buy as many Ripple XRPs or even Bitcoin as you can afford

  30. Sometimes you make a rubbish videos, just like this one. Not corresponding with its title and description. Just a general information to gain traffic/visitors.

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  32. Mark also made all his facebook money from a minimal investment and is way more valuable than what he put into the concept in 2004.

  33. Cunstruction and Energy sources,banks, insurance, transport, medic. this type of companies invest

  34. These are literally the most of the things you should know to invest in stock. Very good creation.

  35. Great video, really inspiring!! trading stocks is what I invest in and this is how i made my first million. Thanks to Angela Rene Reynolds who handles my trades and I’m counting my second million this year.

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