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Hi, I’m Hibba Nazish, and I’m the assistant
manager for Victoria Hall Wembley. The main role is to ensure that all students are safe
and secure and have the best time staying at Victoria Hall Wembley. So, the rooms are really lovely. Fully furnished,
great views outside the window, and just a really great place to live. The flat comes fully furnished. There’s an
iron, there’s an ironing board, there’s a microwave, there’s a fridge, there’s utensils,
plates, cups, everything. There’s a kettle, a toaster, it’s just really
good to have it all furnished. The type of accommodation I have is just a
studio flat, so I don’t have any flatmates. It’s nice to have my own space. The billing here? Yes, it’s all inclusive,
everything is just bundled into one payment, so I don’t have to worry about a separate
electric bill, or a separate water bill, it’s all one. As far as pricing goes, and quality goes,
I think I could probably get the same quality in a nice hotel, I think they’re very similar. Oh there are so many things I love about living
here. I love to shop, so it’s very easy to get into Central London. The grocery shopping around here is very easy,
you just cross the bridge and Asda is right there or you go the other way and Lidl is
also right there. So it’s very, very close. Because Wembley Park is a really safe area,
people don’t really worry about going out at night, or going to the supermarket at ten,
eleven o’clock at night. There’s really no worry for that. I feel incredibly safe here, and I know that
was a big concern for my parents, because, obviously any parent want their child to be
safe when they’re moving away from them. This is a really good place to be, because
you’re always looked after, with the 24 hour security, you really don’t have to worry about
it, and parents can be at peace, knowing that their kids are safe.

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