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I’m Sally, I’m the Assistant Manager at The
Hive, I’m here for the student security and happiness and well-being. The Hive is a modern student accommodation
based in the heart of bustling London. Our studios have everything you need for that
home from home environment. I’m Larissa, I’m from Hong Kong, and I’ve
been studying in the UK for 4 years. The first day, the team really helped me to
settle in and they were very friendly, and if I have any problems they make sure I know I
can always go to them for help. At The Hive our residents safety and security
is our number one priority. We have CCTV in operation both outside and
inside of the building and we have a fob access door which is a security door. It’s really very easy to make friends here,
and I’ve made a lot of great friends from this building. Just knock on their doors and “hey, do you
want dinner”, and then we can just hang out at The Hive, or maybe go out for a couple
of drinks. London is a city full of energy and it never
sleeps. It’s about twenty minutes, half an hour of tube into Oxford
Circus and Regent Street, and you can shop as your heart desires. It’s very historical as well, and if you want
a bit of greenery, there’s always parks and gardens around which you can take a breath. Being at The Hive, I’ve got a lot of study
space – I’ve got a really big desk. I’ve really got a good environment to study and keep my
life healthy at The Hive, so it’s a good choice!

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