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Living at One Penrhyn Road is really great.
I’m really happy I live here. Previously I was living in another private student accommodation
but my room was a lot smaller. I only had a single bed. Here having the double bed is
great and there’s less people in the building as well so it’s quieter. The Manager Rachael is really helpful if you’ve
got any problems she’ll help you out. I’m Rachael and I’m the Hall Manager of One
Penrhyn Road and part of my job role is to make students feel welcome and happy and safe
in their new home. When the students join us we make them feel
welcome, so we do a little site tour so that they can see what facilities we have available,
we introduce them to all of the staff that are on site and any other students living
on the same corridor as them. The rent here includes all the bills so the gas, water,
electricity and Wi-Fi are included. It’s really easy to balance my money and keep
on track of it because you sort of just pay your rent and that’s it, you don’t have to
worry about your electricity, your water, your internet. The facilities that we have at One Penrhyn
Road are a communal area for the students, so this is one of our communal areas, and
we have a TV just over in the corner, and we have a little snug room behind me, we have
a pool table, we also have some outdoor space for the students and we have onsite laundry
facilities as well. Where the building is located, we’re right
in the centre of town, so two minutes and you’re at all the shops. Living as a student in Kingston you have everything
on your doorstep, so there’s lots of shopping available, then there’s a local Sainsbury’s
which is 4 minutes down the road, where you can get all of your groceries from, there’s
also lots of markets available in Kingston town centre. There’s also a lot of clothes
shopping, so there’s the Bentall’s Centre as well as all the other shops which are on
the high street. Entertainment-wise in Kingston we have a cinema,
there’s a bowling alley and a great theatre. Down by the river Thames, there is lots of
pubs and restaurants, there’s also lots of water sports happening on the Thames – students
love it here, young adults love it here, it’s a very cool place to be but within a twenty
minute commute you can be in Central London where there is endless, endless
things for the students to do. One Penrhyn Road is only a five-minute walk
to the Penrhyn Road campus. If you’re not at Penrhyn Road, you can just get the Uni
bus to all the campuses, which about a two-minute walk up the road. Yeah, my parents are still really happy about
the fact that I moved in here, they know I’m happy and it’s got everything I need and that
it’s really close to Uni. Here at One Penrhyn Road, we like to make
sure our residents feel safe, secure and have a fun time whilst they’re living here. If
anyone has any problems we’re always on hand twenty-four seven.

Paul Whisler

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