Homestay Host Charo in Malasaña, Madrid | 2 Bedrooms Accommodation

My name is Charo and I’m a photographer. We live in
a lovely building, built in 1888. It’s the second house in Madrid which was made with mixed materials
of iron and wood. It was a bit of a prototype. Normally, until 1904 they used architects.
But this building was created by a master builder and you’ll find here
and in other neighbourhoods apartments like this one. When guests arrive I give them
a map marked with some points of interest. It depends what they ask me about, the type
of person they are and I’ll point them in the right direction of what to do. In this weather, with the heat
we make lemonade, home-made soft drinks and I serve them whatever they want. I’ve had people
of all types and the result is that I’ve found some of the guests very interesting and others
I’ve become friends with and they return from time to time. Sign up as a Homestay host
and if you’re travelling to Madrid I’d love to host you in my home. You’ll really enjoy yourself,
as a host or a guest.

Paul Whisler

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