HHS OIG: A Good Investment

What keeps you up at night? For us, it’s our fight
against federal healthcare fraud, waste and abuse. Because this fraudulent
activity hurts everyone, with increased costs for
vital health and human services and potential
harm to beneficiaries. At the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General,
or HHS OIG, our 1600+ employees oversee
more than 1 trillion dollars spent for the health and
well-being of Americans, including children, the
disabled and seniors. And we’re
delivering results. In 2018, our investigative
work resulted in criminal charges against
hundreds of individuals, and we expect the return of nearly 3 billion misspent dollars. Our lawyers have taken civil
action against more than 800 individuals or entities. To help curb the
opioid epidemic, we released a toolkit to
assist our partners in identifying patients
at risk of opioid misuse or overdose. And through our audits, we
expect to recover more than 520 million dollars. In fact, for every one
dollar we spend fighting healthcare fraud, we
return four dollars to the federal government. That’s why our watchdog
agency is an excellent investment for
you, the taxpayer. Yet our work is never done. For the Office of
Inspector General, protecting HHS programs and
beneficiaries may keep us up at night, but you
can rest easy. For more information,
visit us at oig.hhs.gov.

Paul Whisler

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