Hardship Examples Before Missing a Mortgage Payment

Hi Steve from Wilhelmy Homes Thanks for stopping by our site I really do
appreciate it This video is a continuation of a short sale
topic that we’ve been talking about hardships We were talking in general about hardships And what happens in a financial hardship when
you are unable to make your payments A lot of times folks in that situation end
up missing mortgage payments If you are really nervous about missing a
mortgage payment And you aren’t sure and you are wondering
if you can do a short sale without missing a mortgage payment The answer is maybe Everyone’s situation is extremely different Your house is different and your hardships
are different The best thing to do is pick up the phone
or drop us an email We’d love to have a conversation with you
about it I have had many of opportunities to work with
folks on short sales when they haven’t missed a payment yet Sometimes the investors will say yes And other times they will say that the only
way they will approve any short sale Is if the owner has missed payments Relocation is one reason the banks may approve
a short sale without missing a payment If your commute to work changes drastically
because of a job change It can be considered a hardship I had a situation where there was a death
involved And the estate didn’t have enough money to
cover the distance And the state ended up paying the mortgage
for a while and we were able to negotiate a short sale Another situation I worked with was a financial
hardship where the owner lost his job And had unemployment coming in so they were
able to make the payments at the time being But inevitably would not be able to continue
and the lenders approved a short sale Because he they were in a situation called
eminent default So, yes, there are ways to have a short sale without missing
a payment If you are wondering if your situation is
one of them Give us a call at 612-619-2638 Or shoot us an email at [email protected] Thanks for stopping by and have a great day

Paul Whisler

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