Gta 5 Special Cars In Garage- COOLEST CARS

how’s it going on guys today I wish a my
gta 5 special cars in garage story mode now these cars are my collectible as
well as you guys like these cars right now about to be showing you guys so
story we’re on top of our list actually knowledge but starting on top of our car
I’m be sure you guys dependency imma be sure you got all of these cars today
with the first club before you guys it’s called the pegasi rocker something I
don’t know it’s called cut the track Osito and this is the car as great spin
guns really great speed and drift guys so I hope you guys buy the cars like in
the thousands of dollars it’s all really fast all but it’s good we go fast might
be crashing like me or loved’ does he drive you still physically but this guy
is really good at making donuts such as i doing right now and um yeah I lost
like thousand dollars so people your missions and sauce to get the car guys
oh great the oh my gosh I just crashed it right now but I just got really great
free guys let’s go this way alright we got that slo-mo zoom and then
oh I just put that car over okay alright so guys for the next car be showing you
guys is a surprise for Finn to the pegasi buckle with nice red cars or
limit realize the next card so guys this is the next car and I’d like to be
showing you guys right now and guys I’m not to be showing you guys
the flash I part card of flash because it’s really fast on the gridding yellow
it has yellow smoke coming out so this is a lot less about the car guys it’s
really really fast and it looks like flash
so yeah the guys looking on the yellow school bus coming down as great free
guys a lot of great speed on the old smooth is really sick guys
earn it just like Julia proton might his name’s the flash because I’m it was like
the flash as the fire is on the grid and yellow peas coming out the right knee so
this why cause the flash drives really fast
I said that’s twice for okay look I just drive this around guys all right we’re
going down slow-mo see you know cars I can crash oh it’s not I’m going to glue
Street oh my gosh a lot of guns I heard like bad people are here I want to be
out in this video right now in this on three somebody go faster my oh look at
that dress then I was so dope Oh what did Christ me cry really
alright so let’s look back in our garage and guys next car I wish I just forgot
the name but this is in Internet and just cry right here Oh they’ve got the
name oh I don’t forget the name oh let’s call
so awesome in surprise where you guys I’ll put it on the video I forgot the
name look at the reason the fastest I just left our fast but is more junk that
the mana roll I think that’s what the mana roll you guys are set on trying
carol of joy pass the colors will be on dope I’ve got a yellow because I like
yellow it max me as a son I thought having the yellow card and a fun it will
result because it like just shine on the car oh my god damn man
let me get shot out right now I’m I get shot at these Oh nuts
good money shot flowers girls nut oh oh no no Oh snot I didn’t thought magical
of a nice carnie just wondering my car for some reason can easily nutty-buddy
on a stop to my car and kill me and I’m not gonna be having a nice car or one
back end oh god this is last let me show you guys today
it’s really old slide into my first special car I got in my garage
with his game um my first special car I had a green car but I crashed it and I
died so it was really sad because I kind of get that car no more guys so I was
like really really bad guys all right so the car oh it’s really cool and I got it
orange I was going to get it on red the max like fire but on launch moment Wanda
not eating oranges I date it is really good so when’s my car to be orange
because orange is that really really good guys so on a yarn you can I music
I’m a kid so why’d you say that I don’t know what cars really really good I
please oh please Ruby by not telling me please don’t kill
me all right mint donut right now that’s what events don’t know let’s just take
it back to our garage that’s relay literally as I’m a drive
this will speed limit oh look at that grip I don’t know how to
catch people trying to eat the doughnuts and stuff I want a classic donut oh my
gosh alright this is my first car my first
bunch of cars really fun I get all my cars from the legendary Motorsports so
guys if you guys won’t cause like my go-to legendary Motorsports it’s an
internet on your phone say well you has a phone on this game so just go get
those cars and guys this is it for today’s video
hope you guys enjoyed my special class at the garage and while you talk about
the cars that much like how hard how far do you go I talk about the speed and
stuff and how I like the colors but um guys I’ll be getting more cars in the
future on explaining because I don’t really look into this car but those cars
a lot so um I mean a bunch of miserable these are the gta 5 special cars in garage

Paul Whisler

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