Grant Student Accommodations in the Ultra Course View

You can set accommodations to help students
progress in the course even though they may have difficulty with some requirements. Let’s take a look. To begin, select Roster on the Course Content
page. Next, open a student’s menu and select Accommodations. You can exempt students from assessment due
dates or time limits. Any accommodations you set here apply to all
assessments in the course. If you select Due date accommodation, students
will never have their work marked late. If you select Time limit accommodation, students
will have more time to finish their work during timed assessments. A student with the Unlimited time accommodation
never sees the time limit for the assessment. Students with accommodations appear with an
icon next to their names. The icon appears in the gradebook and roster. However, when you choose to grade with student
names hidden, no indication of students with accommodations is shown. And finally, accommodations are different
from exceptions on a specific test or assignment. An exception allows a specific student additional
attempts or extended access, for a specific assessment.

Paul Whisler

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