Global investment banks optimistic about S. Korean equities in 2020

big name international investment banks
are bullish on the South Korean stock market heading into 2020 their positive
outlook is fueled by an expected turn around the global cycle and a recovery
in the tech sector MgO explains further major global investment banks are
confident that the South Korean stock markets will rebound going into 2020
optimism continues to rain despite foreign investors selling a net
two point nine seven billion US dollars worth of South Korean stocks last month
marking the largest sell-off of the year according to the data compiled by the
Korean Exchange according to CNBC on Wednesday JP Morgan’s head of Asia X
Japan Equity Research Jane Sullivan said that the company is bullish on Asian
equities particularly those in South Korea and India he said South Korean
tech stocks could do well on the back of rising global demand and named Samsung
and Kakao as the company’s top picks in the first half of next year also Goldman
Sachs in its latest report upgraded South Korea to overweight from market
weight in the three-tiered rating system of stock attractiveness the company
cited an anticipated pickup in the global cycle and the recovery in
semiconductor earnings as the reasons for the upgrade Meharry securities Korea
said Cosby is expected to trend higher from next year as the economy is
expected to rebound after bottoming out there are three major drivers in micro
psycho psycho structure and unexpected external disk from this approach each
1319 was bad for every record driver it believes a structural deterioration
would continue in a fossil feature however from cyclical side we think a
full cute the nineteen would be the bottom and external disk like a year’s
China trade war and it is over Hong Kong has fairly
reflected in congregations hence while structure use of the limited topside the
Kospi is likely to go higher especially the representative director advised
investors to buy low and accumulate undervalued stocks ahead of the expected
cyclic lob turn on ji-yong Arirang news

Paul Whisler

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