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(upbeat acoustic music) -They didn’t really explain
things to me very well, I guess because I…I’m a female. But when my husband’s there, they’ll like, they’ll
have a whole conversation. – I never really trusted
what they were saying ’cause they’d be like,
“Oh, you need this, this, and this done.” I would kind of drop my car off and then come back at the end of the day and I would be told a price and I didn’t really have
a whole lot of say in it because I didn’t really
know a whole lot about what was going on under the hood. (heavy rock music) – I love to solve problems,
I’m an engineer and I figured, I can solve this problem
that the automotive industry is having by not engaging
women, by women hating their experiences, and I can
do it by starting a business that’s gonna cater to women
when it comes to their cars, and also hire women to
work in this business. (heavy rock music) (upbeat electronic music) – I didn’t have a car. I grew up poor and on
welfare, and we had to take the bus a lot. I used to play softball and
basketball and I would have to walk home after practice,
so cars weren’t really a part of my life growing up. Until I turned 16, I worked
three jobs and then I went and bought my own car. (upbeat electronic music) So 2012, I go back to school
for automotive technologies with a bunch of 19-year-old,
20-year-old boys. I started doing workshops,
because as soon as I learned this information, I couldn’t
wait to share it with women. And the idea just started
getting big, people were so excited, they started
sharing it with their friends, and we opened our first repair center with a nail salon in 2017. (upbeat electronic music) – My love for cars began
initially when I was 13, so I went to Lincoln Tech,
and I was their first female, and it was me and 500 guys. (dramatic electronic music) After that I was then recruited by BMW for a factory training program. So I became their first
female master technician in North America. I remember my first service
manager telling me that I was taking a job away from a man. (dramatic electronic music) – In the automotive industry,
a lot of people don’t realize that women are the number one customer. Often, we are the ones
that handle these things, especially for stay-at-home moms. There’s no business like Girls
Auto Clinic that’s saying, “I’m here for women, how
can we make you feel good “about your car, feel good
about your experiences?” – Yeah, momma’s getting her car looked at. – [Patrice] Hello. – Good morning. – How’s it going, Peach? Hey Kevin, how you doin’? I like your little truck
here, you comin’ to work on some cars with us today? – Say, “Yeah.” – So, when a customer comes
in to Girls Auto Clinic, I want to make sure that
they feel comfortable, and they feel safe here, right? This is supposed to be a
safe place where women don’t have their guards up, they
don’t feel intimidated. They feel welcomed, and so that’s a first. We want every woman leaving
to know, “My car needs “this repair, and yes, I agree
that it costs this much.” We don’t upsell them. We are more about transparency,
and saying things to them like, “Here’s what’s most
important to do in order to keep your car safe.” – You see, like that. If you start to see that? – Okay. – Don’t freak. – [Maura] Don’t freak out? – Don’t freak out. It’s just the residual burning
off, which is totally fine. – Cool. – You can actually bring
the customer in the shop, explain it, show it. Find an analogy that makes sense. So there’s ways of making
them feel comfortable, and not feel insecure about not knowing. (females laughing) – It’s just really different from what all my friend’s moms do. It’s like, just special. – You get to learn stuff
every day about cars. – There is a lot of flexibility
at Girls Auto Clinic regarding my kids, more so
than I’d ever had at any job. Working for the manufacturer,
there really wasn’t much at all. I used every sick day
and vacation day for when the kids get sick. While here, because we’re all women, they get it. – We work very well together. When we’re not talking about
cars or what we’re doing in the shop, it’s nice to be able to vent about regular mom stuff. I was a stay-at-home mom
for ten years, and then I returned to work. It’s been tough in that they
have had a difficult time transitioning with me not
being there all the time. (relaxed music) I think it was very
important to go back to work. Not just for myself, but I
mean my kids need to see me making moves in my adult life. Having a career, you’re not
just doing it for your family, you’re doing it for yourself
and for your mental health. (upbeat music) – It’s very important to have
a working car, because I need to be able to pick my
kid up if I get a call from the daycare. I have to get to work every
day to provide for him, so making sure my car is in
tip-top condition is essential. – You have a child in the backseat. You have brakes, you have
tires, you have all these components that are so
easily maintainable, and to have the visibility and
the transparency to see that and know about it is crucial, I think. – So a sheCANic is what I
call my car-savvy ladies. A woman who’s not afraid to
work with her hands, right? Not afraid of her car, she’s
not afraid of her mechanic. In fact, she’s empowered,
she’s educated and she’s empowered to make the right choice. We also have a group
on Facebook called our sheCANic Facebook community. It’s a safe space just for
women, and you go in there, ask any question you have
about your car and you’ll get an answer from a female mechanic. – I love Girls Auto Clinic
because I get to be who I am, and this is my natural
environment, and I’m surrounded by a great team of women
who empower each other. – I have a nine-year-old
daughter, she’s gonna be ten. I think working with women
in non-traditional jobs helps her see that she can do
what she wants to do. And if she wants to
work on cars, go ahead. If she wants to be a ballerina,
go ahead, do what you wanna do, as long as the option’s there. – I want to be an example
for my daughter because I want her to understand that
she can just do what she wants and live how she wants,
and be who she wants to be. She doesn’t need to feel like she has to fit into stereotypes. (upbeat acoustic music) – For women who feel
intimidated about their cars, not everybody knows
everything about everything. But that’s what we’re here
for, to make women feel comfortable learning about the cars. – Advice I would give to
women who want to work on their cars but feel intimidated
is that you are capable, and yes, it’s gonna be
scary, but we have to have the confidence to put ourself out there. That’s the only way we’re gonna learn, and we’re gonna grow. Women, we’re so afraid to
not being good enough, and making a mistake that it stops us from making our contribution. We need you. Our contribution needs to be made. Our voice needs to be heard. It’s definitely a place
where you need to be. Where you deserve to be, we belong here. The future is female. I’m Patrice Banks, and I’m a Scary Mommy.

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  1. This is so so super cool congratulations on a great idea and something we really needed I have three daughters my mother and some very dear female friends I have seen them get taken advantage of where I have had to call the auto shop and tell the guys hey they don’t need that stop taking it vantage it could be fixed it doesn’t have to be replaced etc. etc. I have one friend every single time she went to get her oil changed she ended up walking out with somewhere around a $300 bill I finally got her to let me put a stop to that that’s just not right that’s why girls auto clinic is such a great idea bring one to San Jose California are women love to be pampered and they love to work with businesses that can be trusted

  2. It’s a gimmick. If she wants to be a mechanic, great! But don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining… that this is some great achievement. She isn’t the first woman who’s a mechanic. She won’t be the last.

  3. Just read about you in CAR AND DRIVE October 2019 edition… I love what you are doing. I wish you nothing but GREAT SUCCESS!

  4. I wish she was here in NY. I would definitely go to her for service if I still had my car. If she had occasional workshops for car maintenance, I'd sign up!

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