Gill Street South – Accommodation Tour – Nottingham Trent University

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi I’m Cynthia. And I’m Mark. We live here at
Gill Street South. If you want to live in
the heart of City Campus, look no further because
this is the hall for you. Here at Gill Street, we’re
slap bang in the middle – [interpreted] Hi! Shhh! We’re slap bang in the
middle of the city, but we’re still on campus. It’s about a five minute
walk from lectures, shops, and everything the
city has to offer. So, come, let’s have a look. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’re really safe here
with our fob entry system. And we also have CCTV all
around and staff on site 24/7. There’s also handy bike
storage that’s safe and secure. Not only do we have
a great location, but the inside is
just as impressive. Should we go take a look? Each flat consists
of 5 to 11 rooms and is great for making friends. Let’s go show you the kitchen. What are you having for dinner? I think it’s
pasta bake, tonight. Oh, that’s delicious. Mm. Hi guys! Hello! Hi! I love this modern kitchen. It has everything I need. A microwave, a cooker, a hob,
and Mark trying to being Nigella . Very funny. We have this space
over here where we actually come enjoy and catch
up with flatmates. Uh– [CAMERA FLASH] –Georgina, are you
trying to take a selfie? Why don’t you show
them your room? Right, I’ll do that. Come have a look at my room. And this is my room, my haven. It comes with everything I need. A mirror, a cupboard, a
bed, loads of storage space, and, best thing
is, free internet. Also, I do get exclusively
my own bathroom. [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHS] Sorry. So, what are we going to
do tonight then, guys? Well, I thought that– Wait, before we do anything– Mark, you need to learn
how to do your own laundry. [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] I don’t want to. Come on now. Do I really have to? [LAUGHTER] Yes, you have to. Come on. [MUSIC PLAYING] So, this is the laundry room. It’s a really great
facility with loads of washers and dryers. All you need to do is use this
card and top it up online, and that’s simply it. Well, that’s the sort of thing
that your mum would do, yeah? OK? Wow, that’s actually
really simple. [LAUGHTER] Wow, that’s actually
really simple. [LAUGHTER] It’s OK! So, now you know just how
amazing Gill Street South is. You’d be mad not to choose us. See you next year! [MUSIC PLAYING]

Paul Whisler

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