Getting Started – Logging In, E-Forms, & Requesting Accommodations

Welcome to Getting Started with MyAccess. We will be reviewing logging in, E-Forms you
may be asked to sign, and the first step of requesting accommodations. 24 hours after your
initial intake appointment, you will be able to log into your new MyAccess student portal. To do this, navigate to the Access Center
home page, On the lower right side of the page, there
is a large red arrow image with the words ‘MyAccess Login’ below it. Click this. You will then be brought to the standard WSU
login screen. Enter your WSU username and password and click
‘Login’. The first thing you will see each semester
is your electronic agreement forms. These range from notices of office procedures
to copyright agreements. To review them, click the title of the topmost
form. All applicable forms will expand. Review the forms carefully and email your
Access Advisor if you have any questions or concerns. Once you’re done, type your name as you see
it in the signature box. Then, click ‘Submit Form.’ After you have signed your forms, your dashboard
will be available to you. You will see your important messages, your
to-do list, and your course schedule. Your to-do list will indicate which steps
you must still need to take in order to put your accommodations into place for that semester. Requesting accommodations and notifying faculty
will always be the first step for putting accommodations into place. To request accommodations, scroll down until
you see your courses listed. Please keep in mind that it may take 48 hours
for course changes to reflect in MyAccess. Check the boxes next to the courses that require
accommodations and click ‘Step 2.’ From there, you will be able to select the
specific accommodations you need for each class. Please request accurately, as each accommodation
type generates specific information to your faculty. Once you have selected the accommodations
you need, click ‘Submit Accommodation Requests’ at the bottom of the screen. Please remember if you add a class later,
you will need to repeat this process for each new class. Once you have submitted your requests, your
dashboard will reload and indicated which courses you have submitted accommodations
for. Scroll down further for the status of your
accommodation requests. If your request does not say ‘Approved’ with
a green circle and white check mark within one business day of your request, please check
your WSU email account or email your Access Advisor, as they may need additional information
from you. Once your request has been approved, an email
will go out to your faculty indicating who you are, the accommodations you’re requesting,
and information on how to proceed. Once this email has gone out, you are encouraged
to discuss the specifics of your accommodations with your instructors as soon as possible. All students are required to discuss their
accommodations with their faculty. Failure to do so may result in delays or an
inability to receive accommodations. Frequently asked questions. When do my faculty get notified about my accommodations? Within one business day of your accommodations
being approved, an email will go out to your faculty. You will receive a copy of this email as well. When can I begin requesting my accommodations? 24 after your first appointment with your
Access Advisor, for new students, and 2 weeks before the upcoming semester, for continuing
students. What if I add or drop a class? Dropped classes will automatically be cancelled
in MyAccess. If you add a class, you will need to request
accommodations for this course, even if it is a different section of the same course. What if I need to change my accommodations? Contact your Access Advisor as soon as possible
to discuss new or alternative accommodations. If you have any questions or concerns, please
contact the office you are working with. If you are a Spokane student, call 509-358-7534
or email [email protected] For Vancouver students, call 360-546-9238
or email [email protected] For Pullman, Global Campus, Everett, Bremerton,
and Prosser Students, call 509-335-3417 or email [email protected]

Paul Whisler

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