Getting Academic Accommodations

Front Range Community College has great
resources through the Disability Support Services, but over 30% of people do not
disclose their disability or do not know they have a disability. Thus they’re
unable to take advantage of accommodations. Some of my
accommodations I have right now I have time and a half where I take tests in
the testing center and then I have three days extra to turn in assignments.
It just kind of helps with everyday life and it makes everything a lot easier, and
a lot less stressful. I think it’s important to seek accommodations and to let people
know your disability if you feel comfortable because it really makes
everything a lot easier and simpler in college because there’s already like
test deadlines and assignments that you have to get done and all these other
things and it just I feel like a lot of it in college kind of piles up on top of
each other because there’s so much independent responsibility and it’s all
just on you. So I think with accommodations it can make a person’s
life a lot easier to manage in general. Receiving
accommodations I’ve had a really really good experience. When I was in high
school I didn’t have accommodations and I didn’t realize I was allowed to have
them and so I was able to manage and get to high school but I feel like college
has been a much better experience because I’ve had accommodations. Because
I haven’t had to really worry about assignments as much or freak out over
tests or even with like test anxiety worrying about like sitting in a
classroom and watching everyone else finish while I’m still many problems
behind. I’ve had a really good experience. Everyone that works in the learning
opportunity center is really really nice and has been really helpful and really
kind. I want to study developmental psychology
and it look it’s on my therapy so I can work with children and kind of ties back
into everything else that I really just want to help people to have any sort of
disability. My name is Andre Claro I’ve been coming
to Front Range Community College for eight years. I plan to graduate in May 2019. Throughout
my college career here I’ve been using accommodations. It’s a very important
tool for any person to use and I found it very helpful. One accomodation I have is
the testing center. I use that because I go through bad anxiety with exams. I
know a majority of colleges or any class in
college at a college level, exams cause a majority of overall grades and it’s very
important to get a good grade on exams. It’s a very useful tool to have. If I do not
have accommodations I would think that I would not get as far in college as I
have right now. It’s been very helpful in many different ways and I am truly
thankful. Signing up for accommodations has been a huge help with my success here
at Front Range Community College. Starting next fall in 2019 I’ll be transferring into
college business at CSU which is super exciting! I’ll be getting a
bachelor’s degree in marketing, a minor in sports management and I plan to be
involved there any place I can. With my whole college experience earning
certificates, degrees and student awards I want to put all that on a resume to
accomplish my dream work with the Denver Nuggets. No I would have not succeeded. I would have maybe gotten by. I would not be pursuing a bachelor’s or
planning on pursuing a masters if I didn’t know there were accommodations
to help me do that. Your disability or needs that you have
are part of your art and it’s honestly not a bad thing. The whole team has been
helpful and just understanding as I have journeyed through school. And it’s
helpful to have that middleman to explain what’s going on with your
instructors and to help bridge any confusion. My plan is to work in a
Children’s Hospital as a social worker. I had social workers who helped me through
difficult circumstances and I want to give that to other people and give back.
One of the important things for me for accommodations was giving me a better
chance going through my education. Getting the tools I needed to be able to
succeed in education. I was always told I was just a slow learner. When I came here
I realized once I failed that first semester, that I needed help if I wanted to be able to continue. I found my help going through the
Disability Center. I never realized there was a disability center. And I had the problem of pride. I don’t think there was anyway I would have succeeded without these accommodations. I probably would have dropped out of school. It’s okay to ask for somebody’s help. That’s what they’re there for. I felt that once I reached out my life is so much
better in the education world here. I never dreamed that something as simple as asking for help could help me get an education. Right now I’m pursuing the networking technologies degree. The area I like the most is being able to work in the networking side because it’s just so interesting and fascinating to me. Go ask for help. Don’t be shy. I mean, if you see me down the hall, say hi. I will be more than happy to tell you my story, and take you down to the testing center and introduce you. Because it’s so worth it to be able to get the help. You feel like you’re fitting in when you excel. I am accommodations. I am accommodations. I. Am. Accommodations.

Paul Whisler

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