Gayle Tzemach Lemmon: Women entrepreneurs, example not exception

Paul Whisler


  1. @shirehorse91 I do lots of things to improve myself. One of my hobbies is working out to build muscle, which builds strength, which helps my job, also known as "work." That's a great response to the obvious. Tell me to "grow up" because I obviously don't see the truth like you do. Who knows, maybe the women at my work will start lifting packages like superwoman. Meanwhile in reality…

  2. @shirehorse91 first strawman, now ad hominen attacks? I know this isn't representative on how all women debate so I'll be the "bigger man" and ignore it.

  3. If there's a TEDwomen there should be a TEDmen. They can discuss the science of fighting, the physics of bouncing boobies, and other vital topics for men. This was a good talk, btw.

  4. @NataliaaSanchez I agree standards of behaviour on YT leave alot to be desired… but I think many of the comments are in fact calling TED on their sexist behaviour.

    There is a degree of cognitive dissonance in complaining about sexism while defending the existence of xWomen.

    Hearing stories about succesful entrepreneurs is great – I enjoyed the talk for that reason. It would have made a good TED talk on that basis and didnt need special treatment, nor do the entrepreneurs.

  5. @TheaDragonSpirit
    "men have it just as bad as women"
    Bald assertion.
    "Women don't and expect the system to help them"
    Sexist bald assertion with a side order of fundamental attribution error.
    "We need a new way, not so limiting on ANYONE"
    How does tackling discrimination and inequality limit people?
    "RBE = free"
    You wanted me to look up "free"?

  6. @dookiecheez
    "You are being sexist when you say I am being sexist"
    I don't know your gender, nor did I indicate any, so that's logistically impossible.
    "I think this is all about women, what about men. That IS SEXIST!"
    I never said it was all about women.
    So when obstetricians only talk about female patients that's sexist?
    "You talk like men have more then you"
    I am a man.

  7. @dookiecheez
    Lol at your weird rant where you decided that I'm a woman. I assure you I am all man.
    All I said was there isn't complete gender equality, not as much as is possible. And pointed to the fact that we see an uneven distribution of the sexes in a number of fields that has been shown to be because of discrimination. Deal with it.

  8. @dookiecheez – Not a assertion stop being so sexist and self righteous. Where so hard done too… do you have freedom to vote… yes. Do you have freedom to have a job, yes… are you just seem as receptionist or are you respected for what your mind can bring yes… are wages up and down…possible but most people are paid on how well they work or how well they ask for wages. Your given time off for labour in the UK at least. You can sue if your fired for this. What more do you want? Blood?

  9. @dookiecheez – No where limited by money and the system, because of the crappy way it is run. Look up resources based economy (RBE). I am not saying do the one proposed by Venus Project. But some kind of RBE is what the world needs to have peace. And a lot less world suffering.

  10. @dookiecheez – maybe there is still sexism in other countries but this is out of our control. It's not our country but if a RBE was made then this would break this problem.

  11. @inmothlight In most countries, women still face many difficulties and are held to different and lower standards then men. That has to change. That's why TED x Women exists. TED x Women is a platform for people to speak about women's issues, and not just a platform for women to speak. Ignoring the disparity between the way women are treated and perceived and the way men are treated and perceived is not going to solve the disparity, as you suggest.

  12. I'm a male in the US with my own business, and no one has ever lent or invested anything in it. I had to bootstrap it on my own funds. I sure don't feel like someone with privileged access to capital. It's really hard to watch this video and not hear special pleading. At least she didn't suggest that I should be taxed to find her $500 billion.

  13. I wish she would have explained why micro-loans are a problem. For a small business where 1 or 2 people are making bedsheets, or selling "fragrances", a small investment seems like the right amount to get started.
    Also, how is this a gender issue? I'm sure that men who start small businesses in former warzones have trouble getting loans too.

  14. @G58 Wow, a question. How civilized. And yes, that is what I am saying; I screwed up my credit when I was younger and so I had to pay my way with cash. If you want to have an actual conversation, rather than just a name-calling contest, then I'll clarify my point: it bothers me that she talks about women rather than just people. I see no reason to view people as special interest groups (ironic, given her point about that), especially in business. To me, doing so betrays darker motives.

  15. @G58 "U mad bro" is internet-speak for "That outburst doesn't dignify a serious reply". Just thought I would clarify that before disengaging from your school-yard antics. Bye bye.

  16. @YtterbiJum Ssh.. you're not supposed to ask why it's a gender issue. You'll get called names by "G58".

  17. Thank you Tedx Women for dragging down the quality of this channel once again. Please move this crap to a different channel.

  18. @chicblossom So you subscribe to channels based on how other viewers comment? Or do you subscribe to channels based on how the operators of those channels censor the comments?

  19. "Why is there a TED for women?"
    -Globally and even in the developed nation of America women have an obvious disadvantage to overcome when it comes to business or human rights. So if we need a TED to even out the playing field then I'm all for it. Stop complaining and stop disliking JUST because it's a TEDxWomen video. But if it truly sucks then feel free to dislike (ie Jane Fonda Video).

  20. @chicblossom "I don't watch videos because I don't like the comments about those videos, so there's no longer a point in being subscribed." Sounds a lot like you basing your subscription on comments, as opposed to "No, not at all". Why don't you just watch the videos and ignore the comments (i.e. don't scroll down to their level)?

  21. I think the point behind, presumably males, raising an incredulous eyebrow whenever an equality-based enterprise has a "women"-dedicated subdivision is that it is highlighting women as inferior. It's not just that women are being given special attention & we're responding out of jealousy, but that it is patronizing women, not empowering them, by giving them a handicap when (not even competing) in the company of males.

  22. @TheaDragonSpirit
    As I already said, I am a man.
    You didn't list equal distribution in all fields. The answer to that one is NOPE.
    What more that is wanted includes but is not limited to no sexual discrimination, and no hostile work environments for either sex.

  23. @dookiecheez
    Money doesn't cause sexism, nor what a resource based economy somehow eliminate it. Your assertion that there isn't any inequality, which is one of many forms of denial, are part of the problem that needs to be addressed in order for sexism to be resolved.

  24. @dookiecheez
    "It's not our country but if a RBE was made then this would break this problem. "
    1. What's our country
    2. How would RBE solve sexism?

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  26. @dookiecheez – Your one of those guys. Your the worst kind of sexist. You piss me off you guys, you're like that guy on crash the film. You see things and assume someone is racist or sexist when in reality you're the sexist. You probable stick up for women thinking there weak and need looking after. You probable give guys who give women a bit of shit like there sexist. You're the worst kind of sexist! YOU LOOK DOWN ON WOMEN AND THINK THERE WEAK! THEY ARE NOT! GROW UP! THIS VIDEO DOES THE SAME!

  27. @dookiecheez – You're sexist! Please stop talking to me. If the world was even and people had no reason to look down on women, like people like you do, then everyone would be treat as equals. Sexism is treating women any different from anyone else… be it man or child. You treat people like they can be amazing and like they are strong enough not little princesses who need protecting. You probable go round think your noble protecting girls… and there not big girls and women! You disgust me!

  28. @dookiecheez – simple it would create equal grounding where people would have no more strength then any one else. Bad morals and lack of having enough creates racism and creates sexism. There would be nothing a women could not do that a guy could not do. Second sexism in people is just a bad mind set that can be worked out. And would be in general on any people overly sexist, everyone has tendencies due to environment. So over time this would be ironed out.

  29. Well presented, fantastically researched and hugely inspirational. Thank you so much.

  30. I don't under stand I think she has a problem with men and that women should be better. What happened to everybody being equal. She's really sexiest and I do feel sorry for her growing up.

  31. Okay 20% of chinas small business's are run by women that doesn't matter its a business being run. GOOD!!!! More small business's

  32. I've stated this before and I'll state it again:

    I shall willfully trade my democratic right to vote if future wartime conscription is solely of women, and not men.

    Do you accept, feminists?

  33. Wow ted, I have seen a few good talks from this xWomen thing, but really… I know there has been opression in the past for women, and even in a lot of countries presently. That being said, you don't end opression by oppressing the previous opressors! More power to you with helping empower women in opressed countries, but get rid of the needless over the top feminist.

  34. Anyone else noticed all these comments are written by men? I am a woman and yes, I see the unfairness in the fact that there is no "ted x men" etc. Except the whole part of this that really p*sses me off is that I can't call myself a feminist because if I do it means I stand for female superiority instead of mere equality.
    This woman has some inspiring stories. I would be more inspired to listen if she wasn't contradicting herself by wearing shoes that she probably can't run in.

  35. @NataliaaSanchez We both know that argument is nonsense. Similar arguments are made for other discriminatory groups and they are nonsense then too.

    You would have been much better to say that although some people are enlightened, not all are and that a little bias is necessary until then. I would have disagreed but not strongly because clearly there are people/places where this is true.

    Sexism is not in the interest of women, or men. I think you are making a mistake by supporting it.

  36. I think women should be free to take on traditionally masculine roles and men should be free to take on traditionally feminine roles if they so choose, without having their sexuality questioned. This is my idea of equality.

  37. Actually, the discussion below, caused by this video is more interesting than the video itself. Might worth a TED talk even. What Gayle says is not new really.. but look at the reaction of male and female community! kind of "look from inside" on the process of changing balance between masculine and feminine in the whole world! Peace to all! 🙂

  38. @TheaDragonSpirit
    "Your one of those guys. Your the worst kind of sexist"
    You are a very prejudicial person you know that? You take the smallest details about a person, and blow it up into a huge stereotype.
    "You see things and assume someone is racist or sexist when in reality you're the sexist"
    Irony thy name is TheaDragonSpirit.
    I never stated that I agreed with the video.

  39. @dookiecheez
    "simple it would create equal grounding where people would have no more strength then any one else"
    With respect to resources maybe, but it doesn't have any say on human rights or gender equality. For all intents and purposes people could just decide to relabel people as resources, in the same way people were once labeled as property, and slavery would abound again. The title "human resources manager" takes on a whole new meaning doesn't it?

  40. @dookiecheez – How am I prejudicial? I am basing what I said on what you said. That's not prejudicial. I have not taken one of your comments and judged you on it… I have taken what you said and judged you on it. Your a guy telling another guy who knows about feminism, that he is sexist, because I am not overly sensitive and patronising to women and actually believe in people and don't think they need patronising, what we all need is a change and you call me prejudicial? Ha. Ok then.

  41. @dookiecheez – I think your the real sexist… projecting your prejudicial nature on me… and don't know squat. I based what I said on what you said. You called me sexist because I believe women don't need help. We all need help, the system is fecked for guys and women. The only difference is I don't go round patronising women I treat them fairly. With respect, and expect them to hold there own. Not patronise and protect them. There not fecking morons, you arse. What's ironic about my name?

  42. @TheaDragonSpirit
    "How am I prejudicial"
    You made a series of assumptions without any basis merely because I'm a guy and I think inequality of the sexes still exists. You also massively changed your story about me when you realized I'm a guy.
    "I have taken what you said and judged you on it"
    What did I say then? What justification do you have for this assertion:

  43. @TheaDragonSpirit
    "I think your the real sexist"
    Then quote me saying something sexist.
    "complete equality is impossible. Life is hard… stop making excuses."
    Something like that maybe, dismissing real world discrimination, pretending inequality doesn't exist. And that was when you thought I was a woman, so you were saying that I was making excuses for women. When there's an institutionalization of discrimination, no excuses are needed, but you're sure giving plenty.

  44. @dookiecheez CONTINUED
    Plenty of excuses why it's the woman's fault that they're complaining, not the discrimination or anything like that. Oh no no no.
    "What's ironic about my name?"
    [blank] they name is [blank] is an english phrase. I was stating that your claim of me projecting onto you was ironic.

  45. @leconfidant I am a woman, and I agree with you that this should not be a matter of conflict. It does have to be considered, though, that in the not so distant past, women were not afforded appropriate opportunities for success, bases solely on their gender. I think, that in general, the world has spun that issue in the wrong direction, saying that women MUST be represented. To be honest, I don't think we'll move forward any further until achievement has nothing to do with gender or race.

  46. @leconfidant Having a younger brother with whom I can talk about any topic, I have always had a chance to see firsthand through the eyes of a man. We both agree, that achievements should be based on the training and talents of an "individual" rather than a gender. Let each person speak for themselves and allow them to achieve based on their skills rather than something they can't change and wouldn't change from birth. This way, the job is always done by whoever can do it best.

  47. I love this example of a woman, passionate about her work, well-educated and traveled who can speak with command and emotion. No matter what you feel about the topic, it's difficult not to be impressed by the delivery.

  48. she started out sounding like she was doing some kind of poetry presentation.

  49. Men and Women deserve equal rights.

    Men and Women are not the same.

    None of the two is better.

  50. I don't care about genres, but it's true that the world's economy has a disease. There's way too many massive leeches taking advantage of everyone.

    They have manipulated things to make them work the way they want to, and anything outside their parameters will threaten that hold they have over things.

    Women doing things normally like everyone as they obviously should instead obeying mindlessly as lower class is one of those things that threaten their hold, and so it should be enforced.

  51. What grinds my gears is that some people will look at the dislike count and imagine misogyny as a motivation rather than understanding that a lot of people just clicked the downward pointing thumb because they thought it was trite, stating the obvious and a little lacking in substance.

  52. Wow its always the same…its not fair we are not equal…blah blah….how about you get out there and WORK for what you want instead if bitching about what you do not have. Do you think successful men got to be so successful by complaining? How about you stop aiming higher and just shoot higher…That is what that young woman from Afghanistan did.

  53. @leconfidant Did you watch the same video as me?? I'm sure you've had some negative experiences with the opposite gender, but for God's sake, GROW A PAIR!! Women are not out to get you. Next time, listen to what the woman says instead of projecting your BS.

  54. @claing17 This video didn't sound very "complaining" to me… She sounded inspirational and hopeful to women,

  55. @Crusherix I agree with you, there shouldn't be a woman's ted. But you missed the point of this video. People still see women as an EXCEPTION even though THEY ARE NOT. That is the point. Women SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN SPECIAL STATUS. I am a woman and I believe this. So why are you swearing and shouting at me? Becuase you can't get the point of this video? Oh well. Not my problem. Have a nice day.

  56. Why is it just Tedxwomen? I really get annoyed whenever there is a talk about gender. It should be Tedxgender. So that there are equal opportunism, so that people will stop whining.

    Does anyone start to hate modern feminism?

    P.S I am a woman.

  57. That's very speculative and assuming. I know women have a lot against them when it comes to gender equality. However just like racism, if you want gender inequality to go away, you quit drawing lines of segregation, like having a 'TEDxWomen.'

  58. This is a great speech! And you, who are commenting bad things, need to shake your head and open your eyes because with that narrow view of life, you're getting nowhere.

  59. I agree, as an humanist. Universal equality for all is a lot more of an optimum goal than additional rights for some groups. Plus much less paperwork for all these additional rights.

  60. This is a very inspirational talk! Women are powerful, strong and resourceful. We need to continue to encourage these opportunities for women!

    For videos of inspiring women, check out our channel!

  61. Avoid the mistakes these women entrepreneurs made. See women entrepreneur stories on my channel.

  62. I think that anyone who is lifting women up, bringing awareness to business owners and their struggles whether in own back yard or across the world is a good thing.

  63. But they do have a TedxMen, it's called the last 6000 years of human civilization…

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  67. "Earning an income earned respect, and money was power for women." Just wow. Female business owners know that earning your own way is the road to dignity and independence, but that line just cemented it for me. All they need is a voice to keep these kinds of ideas heard.

  68. "How wonderful would it be to replace all of our lofty words with our wallets" — Preach. It's not easy being a woman with a start-up. Check out Toast Meets Jam, a channel featuring female entrepreneurs and founders, along with their stories and how they got started!

  69. Thank you Gayle. You are right it is time for women all over the world to be all what we can be.

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  71. great vid, keep it coming! 💣💣💥 gave me some ideas for my channel!

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