FREE Drone Certification Study Guide: FAA Part 107 sUAS Test

Hi I’m Tony Northrup and this is my study guide for the FAA part 107 UAS drone certification that will allow you to fly drones commercially within in the US in other words if you want to take Real-estate pictures or uh- mix drone photography into your wedding photography, this test is something you need to do to do that legally, read the description down below, I have included a Table of Contents, because this is a very long video. It’ll let you jump to the parts that you’re most interested in You probably will not absorb all this information the first pass, so you might want to revisit some of it. The table of contents also links to my free study guide that will give you more information in written form and links to things like practice tests that can also help you get through it. Why would you want this? As I mentioned you need it if you want to legally commercially fly a drone for say, photography purposes in the U.S. and that kind of includes Youtube because you can make money from Youtube so it’s kind of considered commercial although the F.A.A. hasn’t been prosecuting Youtubers like Casey Neistat. But at the same time for us it’s a good idea to do it if we use drones in our Youtube videos. How do you do it? Check the description down below. My study guide will have specific phone numbers you can call. Basically you’ll make a phone call, call up the testing agency, and you’ll give them your full name, and your date of birth and like, your county of birth, and like weird information like that. And then they will call a testing center in your area and schedule a time for you and you’ll go and take the test. Sometimes they’ll even schedule it for the same day So you don’t necessarily need to plan way out. I just planned one day out and that was fine. When you show up to the test, you bring your ID and basically nothing else. No phone or anything. You can bring in a 4 function calculator: addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, nothing more complex. But I didn’t need the calculator at all, and they did offer to loan me one while I was there. The test can take up to 2 hours, but I only needed like 45-50 minutes to actually take it. It’s 63 or 64 questions and you need to get 70%. Multiple choice test, they give you 3 multiple choice answers So 1 correct answer, 2 wrong answers which makes it pretty easy. And I found that there’s always 1 wrong answer, a “distractor” that’s super easy to eliminate. So even if you don’t know a question it’s pretty much a 50/50 chance that you’ll guess it right. I’ve taken in the ballpark of 40 different types of certification exams in my life. And I think this was the single easiest one I’ve ever taken. Nonetheless there is a lot of weird information to go over so I’m going to try to just give you all of that information. This is not how I’m going to teach you to fly drones safely. This is how I’m going to get you to pass the test. Check our channel, we have a whole bunch of videos that can help you properly fly drones and choose between different models of drones and get great photos with drones and that type thing. This is for the certification test. This is the question you’re going to be asking yourself frequently as we go through the material and as you take the test: Why the hell am I learning this bizarre information? Why do you want me to know the class B ceiling of a particular airport when I can’t fly over 400 feet and I definitely can’t fly near an airport. Why do I need to know how to read these bizarre 1950s weather reports when I can just open up a weather report on my phone and get more detail? I know. I’m not the one making the test, I’m not the one saying this is important for you. That’s the FAA. But, think of it this way: you get a glimpse into this long history that the FAA has of providing really safe air travel. It will give you an appreciation for what pilots go through and an appreciation of the greater airspace in the U.S. You will be a pilot. You will be an airman. Granted, it will be a remote pilot. But you will have a glimpse into that world and it’s fascinating and it’s historic. I found the whole process fun. So, if you often think that this isn’t that practical, nonetheless it’s cool. And if you want to do this professionally, it’s absolutely necessary. If you want to actually learn how to fly a specific drone, visit this link. We’re putting up tutorials on the mechanics of the drones and stuff. Again, this is different, and this link goes to our overall playlist with all of our drone videos. First, let’s go over various laws. I could’ve called this section numbers, because I’m just going to give you a bunch of numbers and then tell you the importance of it. This kind of makes it easier to remember. This is like flashcards. So, our first number is 0.55 pounds. That is the minimum weight that a drone would have to be before you need to register it in the U.S. All drones basically have to be registered with the FAA unless they’re under this weight. That’s really lightweight. Even this Mavic here is over .5 lbs. TO BE CONTINUED

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  1. Thank you Tony! This is extremely helpful!!!! Fantastically clear information ! Very well explained with reality. Thank you for sharing this with us!! I have subscribed! You are the man!!

  2. You said the test "can take up to 2 hours" but is there a time LIMIT on the test? I.e. can you take as long as you want to answer the questions?

  3. whats up with that blinking rectangle at the bottom center of the video? Whats that for?

  4. Tony lwould like to say thank you for taking the time to give us a better idea how we needed to prepare for the test .73% what l score on the test, without this video I couldn't past. ,I will recommend your video

  5. I passed today with an 80%. Could have been higher but i had a brainfart on 4 questions all about turbulence. Alot of chart questions! Watched this video 1.5 times and another 30 min one recommended by youtube. Thanks Tony! You are the man! Going to scour this channel for my new photography hobby.

  6. I'm here to add my name in the very long list of us who just watched this video and passed with no other study material.. thank you so much!!

  7. Be careful of this video because some inaccuracies have developed. Now there are no notes allowed in the exam, just the Airman Knowledge Supplement. More recent videos are saying the exam is no longer easy.

  8. I watched this video a few times, took detailed notes, studied them- passed this morning with a 92%! Thank you so much for this video because I honestly did not know where to start and you made the whole process so much easier! Everything in this video still pertains to the 2019 test! I would say to anyone trying to get their Part 107 watch this, take notes, go to the FAA study guide and review the ADM, CRM, and risk management and study weather (density, temp, thunderstorm etc), get solid on sectional charts and you will be just fine! Another good resource is the Remote Pilot App! Thanks again to Tony and Chelsea and good luck to those going to take the test!

  9. Passed the test today. Watched pretty much only this video and did some practice tests. My test had WAY more chart questions than I anticipated but still passed with a good grade thanks to this video!!!

  10. Well took the test today after only listening to this on a road trip to the testing center. PASSED!!!!! Thanks

  11. Have you taken the recurrent test? I'm just curious how it compairs to the first test. Does it focus more on certain topics?

  12. Thanks Tony. Between watching this video twice and reading your study guide several times I passed the 107 test with an 87%. Great service you are doing here.

  13. His minimum and maximum weights are not accurate. It's over .55lbs and under 55lbs. He states that it's .55lbs AND over (inclusive) and 55lbs AND under (inclusive). Pretty major error not to correct.

  14. 1:24:10 "this is why you cant just fly your drone straight up into space" Ok, i agree with that but how are these videos possible of small UAs/drones flying up literally into space where you can see the earth below, and black around. Usually the drone crashes but makes for a great YT video.

  15. Watch top gun..all you need to know! Lol..jk..thanks for the information! Registered my drone have been flying quads for over 6 years but recently got typhoon h and want to take the test.

  16. Conducted like a master flight instructor. Well spoken clear and nicely broken down.

  17. Such a great video! Thank you! and yes… please make sure to watch for us skydivers 🙂

  18. Tony, I appreciated not only your knowledge, but your personality and humor. It was more like having a friend go over everything than sitting through lectures. I took this magnificent video and broke it down into 14 parts, or chapters, so I could repeat a section or skip to another. Thank you for this, Tony!

  19. I passed using this video (watched twice) and reading over the free downloadable study guide from the FAA. Thanks for making this!

  20. When you bank while maintaining altitude the load on the aircraft increases making the aircraft "weigh more". That's what makes it dangerous to try to turn back to the airport if you loose power. An aircraft can stall at any airspeed if the critical angle of attack is reached. "Normal stall speed" is determined under very controlled conditions. Stalling an aircraft at a much higher than normal stall speed can cause problems like the wings separating from the airplane, not usually a good thing. I am an ATP ( Airline Transport Pilot) commercial Rotocraft pilot and a CFI, CFII, MEI and an Advanced and Instrument ground instructor. They insist I take the Part 107, go figure!

  21. Just passed my part 107 knowledge test with an 88 !!! Thanks Tony for a great video.

  22. I passed this morning😎. Watched this video twice and read through the actual FAA study guide once

  23. Thank you for this video! Watching this and studying the proper material helped me pass my part 107 today! I'm extremely excited to dive into the drone industry.

  24. Took my test Aug 2019 with this being my only source of information. I passed with a 73%. Everything he said was right on! Great video Great guy! I definitely recommend this video.

  25. I can't believe this is free…this class is awesome

  26. Today i took and passed the Part 107, thanks to you. I really appreciated you taking the time to make this video. I only used this video, Glenns video and some practice tests! I passed with a 92% (55 correct, 5 incorrect).

  27. After reviewing this and taking a practice exam, I scored a 90. I feel pretty confident to take the exam relatively soon. This video was awesome, thanks again!

  28. You sir (and your team 😉
    have earned my subscription. Thank you for the video!

  29. This is why our skies are so full of non compliant 107 pilots. They take a quick course to pass the test, then go out and ignore every single thing they learned to fly safe.

  30. 39:30 Oh you can see that, oh there is some little mountains there! Umm no! sorry that's the symbol for obstructions like towers, it's in that legend you've been waving around!

  31. Even though you have 1.5 million subscribers and make few hundred thousand a year I just want to say how much I appreciate what you put into your video, it’s been a tremendous help for me, I actually do better with audio video study and you are a natural so big Thank you 🙏
    Question: Do you have more audio video for study or know of any other then what you have so greatly made?
    Appreciate you👍🏼

  32. ⭐️TONY & CHELSEA ⭐️

  33. This content is so great. Saving so much time and energy by having it all in one place already. Thank you!

  34. There is a lot more to know this video is a 2 out of 10 trust me there is more important information!

  35. Just passed with an 87% thanks to watching this video twice and basic common sense. Thanks Tony!

  36. I watched Tony's video two weeks ago, then reviewed portions of it again prior to taking my test last week and passed. Not a great score, but the video was the life saver. I would recommend this video if you already know something about map reading, weather METAR reports, and some rules of the road with drone operation. I also reviewed a couple other "free" and "sample" YouTube videos and took the sample tests and passed with a much better score. Like Tony says, you have 3 answers provided for each question, and often easy to dismiss one of the answers. Bascially, you have a 50% chance of getting every question correct. Tony's video will get you past the 70% correct mark, which is all you need to get the certification. Thanks Tony. I'm going to buy a couple of your books now.

  37. Thank you again so much for this video resource. I passed my exam last year. Thanks guys!

  38. Just took my Part 107 exam today. With the help of Tony and 3DR, I was able to score 95% on my test. Study your sectionals, then your numbers, then concepts of what would make drone flying safe, and finally weather. Take every note from Tony, I wrote 5 pages on a note pad, then took a practice test on 3DR, then read over their study guides, then took another 120 question practice test and started scoring high. It really helps if you also buy a sectional for your area to help you understand how things work.

  39. Hi, Passed the exam today, There was some question that wasn't even in the guide handbook of FAA, Thanks for your video

  40. Tony! I YouTube'd Canon 70D 2 years ago when I got my first camera. Well, here I am like 10 cameras later, a switch to sony, and recently purchased a Mavic Pro 2. Anyway, I decided to get my 107 and looky who has a fantastic tutorial! This was amazing. You took all of the info and just dumped it in my lap. Also, I felt like I was learning from an old friend. Thank you so much!

  41. Curious if people out there just watched this video out there and passed the test with no other resources?

  42. Hey Tony… Thanks for doing this video. This was the first thing I did to start studying for my P 107 test. I watched this a couple times and learned a lot from it. Between this video and the Remote Pilot app I got a 92% on the test.

  43. Going to take the test today. Will update.

    Edit: Ok, so I passed with an 83% I recommend you read up at lot more about CRM or whatever it is. Crew resource management thingy. Make sure you know a lot about class E airspace.

  44. Meh ok video for covering basics but I can see how many people can fail the test if they just use this video as a study guide. It hardly covers anything about sectional charts without examples. He literally laughs and skips the subject. Would not recommend this video Gary Glenn does a better job

  45. Thanks Tony! After watching mostly just your study guide four times, I passed the exam with 87%, and one of the eight questions that I missed was just stupid (my fault). You da MAN!

  46. The main problem I see is that have to pay at least $150 every two years which is way too soon.

  47. Not 55 pounds, it's LESS than 55 POUNDS… I only say that because sometimes they throw in trick questions like that as distractors, etc.

  48. Class D always has a tower, but when the tower is closed, the class D no longer applies. Also, there are relatively few of them…just in the sense that you were saying it "overlies everything in some areas". You must have been thinking of Class E.

  49. Thanks for the very thorough video it really helped me and I am a new subscriber to the channel thanks again

  50. Just wanted to leave a quick thank you for this video. There is a wealth of information here for preparing for the exam. Thanks Tony!!

  51. Parts are left out and a few things are just wrong. Be careful. Look around for better training.

  52. Happy to report I also passed my Part 107 today. This was the main studying I did along with downloading the study guide linked in the description and the other links to helpful videos. I also read the study guide on the FAA's site. I didn't make it to their Pilot's Handbook, but I plan to read it eventually. One of the questions in this video was actually on my test. I could hear Tony's voice talking about the question LOL!

  53. at 51:07 when laking about longtitude/latitude, why is 70 degree sideways for longitude and 40 degrees lying straight for latitude???….very confusing????

  54. Wanna say thanks just passed with a 77% only watched your video twice. Will say I was a skydiver for many years, so that was helpful to have under my belt. Thanks for your fantastic study guide and thoughtful video.

  55. I passed! Thank you so much for this video. This made the test very manageable. The charts are still pretty tough so to those still about to take it, I'd recommend really making sure you understand the supplemental charts.

  56. GOOD NEWS: I saved myself a lot of cash by just watching this video twice, then going to take the Part 107 test and scoring an 80. BAD NEWS: There was a lot of content in there that I had never heard of. This video was amazingly helpful. And free. Big props to the Northrups for making this. Will go purchase a few products to pay back.

  57. I have been watching this video all week absorbing as much as I can. Taking my test tomorrow. Will post the results. Thanks so much Tony for all of this information I've learned quite a lot from it.

  58. Hi Tony,
    Tony I bought batteries from powerextra and the batteries are for phantom 3, this company makes batteries for all kinds of cameras drones etc. they come with a warranty card but my issue is once I sent the a claim because both batteries are not good (DOA) 1 won’t charge and 2nd charges and will discharge over night, the company will not return or answer me since I gave them the information requested, proof of purchase so I wanted to let you know maybe you could get word out to viewers that buying batteries and
    “ warranty “ you may not get what you think and buying from a different source may help you in long run n save you time n grief!
    Thank you

  59. Just passed the test (Sept 2019) mainly due to this video. Sectional charts are key but definitely review and be familiar with the FAA study guide as lots was from there.

    BIG thank you to Tony!

  60. 88%………9/26/19………. add some intel on icing and dew points, trainers/training flights, more than one PIC/ passing off.

  61. Is that the way they actually show the TAFs on the test? The actual TAF is formatted with the FMs and TEMPOs on new lines.

  62. Took the test today and got 85%. I watched Tony's video twice and used his study guide. (Thank you Tony!) I also watched a few other Youtube videos which went through the practice test and covered the sectional charts. The test had more questions involving the sectional charts than I expected, so definitely know how to determine classes of air space, elevations of towers, floors of different classes of air space and so on. Fewer questions on the METAR than I expected. Definitely lots of easy ones with dumb multiple choice alternatives. (Also no questions at all where I had to count degrees of latitude and longitude.)

  63. Thank you so much for this study guide! In 2019 it's still relevant. I watched this the night before my test combined with some chart videos and practice testing and got 88%! You've saved me tons of time and money and subscribing to help out is a complete no brainer.
    I will say some stuff in the test isn't covered here or on much of any other free material I've found, so things with class zones, charts, and some obscure details about drones should be expected. I never once ran into questions about a plane being midfield downwind or the air names (echo, foxtrot etc). Thanks again!

  64. Sierra. I know it's too late. But Damn, Tony, you Guys (Chelsea) Really do a Great Service for the Internet World. Take Care.

  65. Can we get an update on this?
    just reading the comments and it seems like there is a little info missing.

  66. Anyone use this video to take the Recurrent test as the only source of study guide material? I'm curious if there is a lot of updates from the last time I passed my test in 2017.

  67. ATIS: "Maybe it'll give you info on car rentals or whatever" I laughed SO hard at this. It's a recorded broadcast giving you info about a particular airspace/airport. Great laugh nonetheless!

  68. Thank you so much for making this! Helped me a ton to help me understand the material!

  69. I passed my test yesterday!

    Thank you so much for making this video. I watched it three times, beginning to end, in preparation for my test, along with doing pretty much every practice test I could find over and over again. Some of the questions are straight out of the practice tests (one or two were even used as examples in this video) so those were easy. There were a handful of questions that related to new regulations because I haven't seen them in any of the test prep that I did, but luckily I got most of them right. The vast majority of my questions were about sectional charts, airspaces, receiving clearance, and metar/taf so make sure to practice the hell out of those my friends.

    Most importantly, don't stress too much and just review this video and practice as much as possible and you will all do well.

  70. How can you not subscribe ! You are an excellent crash course teacher. You are understood well. Thank you so much

  71. 1:26:54 Your information on humidity is wrong, and misleading. Humid air is lighter, and decreases aircraft performance.

  72. Bought remote pilot 101's course. Passed the practice test provided, with an 88% multiple times. Went to take the test the other day and scored a 56%!! Not sure what happened some stuff on the test seemed different from what the course offered and what was on the provided practice test. Hopefully this video will help me pass the second time around..

  73. Came across the drone business world like 2 weeks ago, and I want to dive right in. Been looking at vids, didn’t know you need licenses to do it, looked around my state and it’s rare people are doing it. I want to take over the drone market in Michigan and be the best thanks for the vid

  74. I'm taking the test in a couple of weeks. I bought the remote pilot test app too. I hate taking tests though. Fingers crossed!

  75. Oh and just a question re: Letters (alpha – Zulu) Univorm? That's a typo for uniform right…

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