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Hi It’s Brenton from here. You know, our business is all about Getting our clients simply great car loans And in one case we were able to save One client $25 per week over a 5 year loan The total saving that client made Was potentially $6,500 Which probably could have paid For all of the car servicing And tyres for the car over those 5 years,
plus more… I was happy to have saved that client That money because it just guts me When I see how some people get ripped off
by Car Dealer Finance. The ASIC website,, says: “While dealer finance might seem convenient, It can be cheaper to get a loan elsewhere’’ What do they say, “Buy in haste – lament
at leisure”. Now it would be wrong of me to promise That I’ll save EVERY client $25 per week That’s not real But I do know that more often than not My clients usually making SOME savings Even if I can save you $5 per week That’s $1,300 over a full 5 year loan I am sure that you would prefer to keep this
money in YOUR pocket. Just so you know that I actually walk my talk If I can’t beat the monthly finance repayment
rate From a Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer Then I’ll give you a FREE $50 Fuel Card. I want you to be sure that there is a completely
fair comparison And that apples are compared to apples And we compare the two offers properly This includes comparing our rates to the comparable
cash price of the vehicle As sometimes Car Salesmen have been know to
play games with their pricing. All you need to do is send us their offer
in writing And if I can’t beat it, then I will post
out A FREE $50 Fuel Card together with our sincere
thanks For letting us quote on your business. But if you’ve got a burning question on
any car finance mater Or if you would like me see how much you Can save on your next car loan right NOW Feel free to contact me on 1-300-24-1234. Within a short 5 minute telephone call I will
be able to Give you an on the spot assessment Of what you are likely to qualify for My aim is to get you qualified for a car loan At the lowest possible rate. Once qualified you are effectively a cash
buyer And you can negotiate hard on the cash price
of your new car So give us a call and let us get to work on
getting you The the best comparison offer on your next
car finance loan. Thanks for watching this video Whether you contact us through our website or on the telephone, I look forward to speaking
with you.

Paul Whisler

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