Franklin vs Trevor (GTA 5 RAP BATTLE)

Welcome to a Grand Theft Auto 5…rap battle! Franklin…versus…Trevor! Begin! Yeah Straight out of Los Santos, Mr. Phillips need to pay attention. I’m presidential my mom’s name me Franklin Clinton, You’re just a unstable sociopath, You ain’t never met a G like me, I put a hole in your ass. Mommy never loved you? Got abandonment issues? Boohoo Trevor, someone hand him a tissue. Oh, you got a lot of problems? You don’t say! You say you’re bipolar? I say you’re in both ways. I’m on the porch chillin’ in my white tee. A pimped out buffalo. I know that you don’t like me. Think twice before you runnin’ up on my street Come here chop about a nice piece of white meat! I run the streets a diligent, Militia You hide in the tralier parks! Diddlin’ Patrica! (Oh!) Yo, you need to take some ritalin you idiot your best friend framed you! And you still couldn’t get the “Picture”! Let me display how crazy I get it will make you take a step back and pay attention Behave this instant! Or get your brains blown out like Abraham Lincoln! Put your pipe down. You’re the new recruit. Take some lessons. I’ve been in this business more than you I’m not the kind of guy that likes this genre! Either way in this battle your gonna get fucked up! I tell em’ how it is like I sodomized my hockey coach with a hockey stick, it was quite nice If Chop comes to attack, I’ll have a dog right next to me so he can get distracted Wait a night drinking all that nice liquor that, we bought with you’re money that You spent my strip club Yeah, I’ve had those feelings for Patricia, something that you’ll never feel when you’re out with those bitches That’s what you have to say? That’s how you retaliate? My boy Darryl find you drunk in the alleyway Wearing a dress with your whole ass hanging out all that puke better watch where you’re aiming, Pal. Come on my dude Ain’t got time to play with you, even you’re homie faked his death to get away from you Give me the shotty and nobody find them anymore better call Ron to take his body back to Sandy shores That’s what I had to say I won’t repeat stomp you in the toilet with both feet never laugh at me or I’ll start acting crazy I was about to at you’re front yard actually. ever witness Trevor Phillips on a rampage? I’ll be ripping it and killing it all damn day. No yelawolf but I will pop the trunk. And reconsider you for Devin Hop in, punk

Paul Whisler


  1. I be rippin it and Killin it all dam day,no yelawolf but I will pop the trunk and reconsider you for Devin,hop in punk

  2. 4 years already i watched this when it first game out its finna be 5 years ago man time litteraly flies

  3. Gimme the shooty and nobody find him anymore better call ron and take his body back to sandy shores

  4. "Even Your Homie Faked His Death To Get Away From You."
    Mah boy is savage
    Edit:100 like plz 😀

  5. lets be honest here… if trevor really wanted to.. he would kill franklin. just like trevor killed him in this battle

  6. Everybody says franklin just because they like the character i respect you if you like his raps and not just hate trevor or like franklin

  7. Блин я это 1000 раз пересматриваю

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