Finding Cheap Long Term Accommodation In Thailand

hi there in this video I want to look at
finding cheap long-term accommodation in Thailand so I’m in Phuket at the moment
and this is high season I’m still only paying 180 dollars a month for my
apartment it’s a one-room apartment really but two
sections it’s got a big king-size bed aircon a desk for working in and you’ve
got internet it’s only one year old and I’m only paying a hundred and eighty
dollars a month which I think it’s a real bargain now my first tip is don’t
book over the Internet I met a guy a little while back and he was paying
nearly $1,000 a month for an apartment yes it was in a better area than I am
but it wasn’t that much bigger or anything like that so there’s a lot of
difference if you’re in a tourist area and where I am is out of a tourist area
so the first thing don’t book through the internet and another reason why not
to book for the internet is you really do want to have a look at it first
because it might look great on the internet and then you get there and you
realized that it’s next to a disco or there’s some construction next to it so you
really do want to go there you want to check it in the daytime and you want to
check it at nighttime and just check for noise because there’s not really the
restrictions in England you wouldn’t be able to have noise at night but over
here two o’clock in the morning it’s still allowed so that’s a good reason
for doing it offline and another reason is you want to check the price of
electric because there’s a big difference it can range from about four baht
a unit to about nine baht a unit which is quite a low price but if you’ve got the
aircon all day if you’re working in the room and you’ve got the aircon all day
then it will make a big difference may be the difference between a thousand baht
which is thirty dollars and it could be up to ninety dollars so just
something to think about and another thing if you’re in a room that’s
near the roof then if it’s sunny all day you can if the if the roof is only thin
sometimes you can feel the heat on your head and I’ve been in
an apartment like that so these are some things you want to check so let’s first
of all kind of look at the bigger picture
what areas in the country and it also depends on tourism if you’re up in the
north in Chiang Mai Chiang Rai then it tends to be cheaper it’s a kind of
cheaper area of the country not so many tourists so the prices tends to be less
if you’re in Phuket or one of the islands like Koh Samui it is more
difficult to find cheap accommodation because most of it is a
tourist area most of Phuket is but and most of Koh Samui is but you still can
find areas but just look on the map find out where the main tourist areas are and
just get somewhere maybe five kilometers away something like that so if you look
at the whole country the north is cheaper than the beaches in the south
they’re more expensive and the islands are more expensive and then within each
area just get away from the tourist areas so the next tip here is not just
the tourist areas but get away from the main roads and it’s also good that it’ll
be quieter but the main roads have the big signs and people drive past and they
say oh look there’s accommodation let’s go and find out about it let’s go and
ring them up what you can do is go down these small alleys that called soi’s go
down those and look for some quite often you’ll have a small condominium or
something with a notice board on it and just you’ll have a telephone number just
making a note of the number ring them up and then go and have a look and that’s
what I’ve done and definitely even maybe two months ago when I got this one I was
looking in Rawai which is fairly touristy area I saw a sign I went in and
it was 24,000 baht for a month and that was on the main road I went down a
couple of small alleys which was less than maybe it was a kilometer away
something like that down these alleys and there was a place and it was
brand-new and that was eight thousand a month and the first one wasn’t even new
whereas the second one was brand new that was eight thousand a month so I
found those two but I’d also actually by that time seen this other one and this
other one is in Chalong which is not a tourist area there are a lot of
foreigners living there but mostly they stay there for a long time and it’s a
cheaper area because it’s not tourists and that was six thousand baht a month
so it was less and it just seemed nicer to me
so I like it and I also like it because it’s not in a tourist area but you’ve
got the beaches in every direction you can go south to these beaches Rawai and
Naiharn or west to Kata and Karon and you can go north to the shopping
centers so it’s a good location I think so so that’s the other thing the last
thing I really want to say is about the length of stay if you come here and
you’re looking for a great deal on one week they won’t be interested really if
you look round for apartment and you say I want apartment for one week they’ll
say sorry one month minimum and that’s really the thing if I stay somewhere for
less than a month I won’t bother looking around I’ll just book it online because
that will tend to be cheaper but if I’m looking for somewhere more than a month
like six weeks two months or longer than that then I will look around for it and
I’ll definitely find a better deal some people might want a three month minimum
and the last place that I stayed before this they wanted a three month minimum
but this guy he said one month minimum and I said okay six weeks then it can
line up with my visa and he was happy with that so I’ve done six weeks and
I’ll probably I’ve got to do a visa run I’ll come back and maybe get another two
months but also don’t book for a year don’t book for six months because what
if you change your plan or you want to go off somewhere then you’re kind of
stuck you’ve booked this thing so I’ll tend to book the minimum which
in this case was a month but I booked six weeks and then I’ll just book one more
month then one more month one more month and they might want kind of a month in
advance so that they can find somebody when
check out but you’ve just got to see what they expect so that’s really about finding
low-cost accommodation in Thailand I hope you found that useful if you did
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Paul Whisler

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