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official call here at m2c Academy and we’re excited right Rodney I got Rodney
my partner on here with us Ronnie say hi right now would only want the nimitta –
boom boom boom that’s alright we’re gonna be we’re
gonna be growing this so as we get going guys we’re just gonna be recording this
so if you’re not on this call you will be getting the recorded version it will
be in the the portal we’ll be uploading all the new videos that we do each week
this is actually going to be a series of different videos each week we’re gonna
be coming to you with Monday’s will be for beginners so we’re gonna keep it
very light very simple it will be an easy process of basically learning the
ins and outs of what you should be doing to get started here at MCC Academy and
have success as quickly and as possibly as fast as you can and obviously we all
know that guaranteed we do not guaranteed any results here but we can
tell you from our experience and from all the awesome posts that you see every
day in the mastermind that the results are there if you work at it so and we do
get one guaranteed or guarantee is this you at least get this you will get at
least the same results are better than what you have with any other method
acceptably done there you go there’s legal we have it we will equal it or
better it without so down all right good deal
come on I’m a harbor senator that well there you go so coming from the man
itself through the credit repair champion Rodney Peete so we’re gonna
keep this very casual guys we’re gonna keep this very just to the point but
casual we’re gonna be trying to answer questions that you submit before we do
the calls we’re gonna try to grab questions as we do these calls as we
keep moving forward but I think as today since this is the first call
we are going to be really focusing on just a few details I think that have
been swirling around the mastermind group a lot of questions on the RTG a
lot of questions on the difference between a challenge versus dispute and
why you should be doing a challenge instead of dispute possibly we’re also
going to talk about it there’s many different two men in a Mickey Mouse
that’s right that’s right so if you’re just coming on just hang tight and
listen in Christi I see you pop in there welcome to the call I just have you guys
meet yourself out as you can obviously because we don’t want to get a lot of
feedback well I’m you have questions you can raise your hands
so let’s why don’t we do this why don’t we go ahead and jump in this is the
first call and I want to be sure that we get off on the right track that we’re
talking about the right things that we need to talk about so for a beginner
call right I mean that’s what this is just to give you the what you should do
and what you possibly should not be doing and try to give it to you the best
way we can so Ronnie why don’t we jump into this if
you’re okay with that you ready to get going with this yeah I want to jump
because I am yeah all right good deal so why don’t we start out with why don’t we
talk about what the difference between and this is for brand new people again
guys we’re gonna keep it very basic and to the point and if you’re a little bit
more advanced I apologize this call is probably not the call to be hung on just
jump on the next one or just hang out for this call and you might pick up
something right I mean we’re gonna be talking about the RTG so that might help
you so why don’t we just talk about a difference between challenge and the
dispute Ronnie if you could give us a difference there let’s start with the
challenge and why you should be using that versus the dispute and the the sim
the difference and why you should be using it and not using it if you will
okay well again all this stuff is based on
the opinion of the Academy it not no blacks dictionary or wizard
dictionary or wiki pinky this is based on our experience and our opinions so
anything as that is just that it’s nothing illegal esau it’s what all
things are and what our thoughts again based on what we’ve known have learned
over the years okay to me when I was just doing disputes only which I used to
do Believe It or Not for a number of years we’ve lost our challenging always
had a bathroom because I knew that most time the client came to me that when
they gave me their credit when I look at their credit for looking at all these
derogatory and adverse information that they’re claiming is inaccurate
I knew good and darn well to myself that in all likelihood some if not a majority
of it was actually correct information true information and it was actually
there and it felt like I was almost helping them I want want said it were
fraud because it is a life for them that his few teens die at that point but I
felt like I was helping them escape responsibility and doing it unethically
I wouldn’t cool it at and what is the spirit you it kind of almost requires or
assumes that an item is inaccurate incomplete untrue untimely not yours or
not your responsibility or any other way not compliant um which is not always
true in fact I used to be a collector and I’m telling you right now even at a
clip way back in the early 2000 even back then we were almost 97% time fully
compliant unheard of almost a hard person compliant it was layered we were
not compliant um the problem was presenting
documentation and proof of that compliance but back in that part was not
a requirement it was only required and you’d be compliant but it was not
required for you to certificate you didn’t have to sign a
document saying that it’s certified now as a collector and as a creditor you do
have to sign a document saying that it’s not only true I could complete the
timely is of that person’s ownership and is that person’s our responsibility and
completely true on house reporting every way she
informed and how it was entered all this stuff but you have to certify it and the
Supreme Court is clarified what certified means certified me is a
statement that is testimonial in truth and to be a testimony on a truth that
means you have to testify to it if something does a court order statement
it’s true by a testimony there’s no there is irrefutable it’s undoubted it
is what it is a fact and obviously when you dispute information you’re you’re
suing the client is telling you the truth and let’s be honest your kids on
until you prove all the time so you know the dog will climb it both
time and I just had a really bad problem with dealing with that I mean I did it
because that was what my job was but I wouldn’t always challenge and we
our dispute everything because the client told me that you know someone by
looked at I could tell it clearly was theirs I refuse to dispute it unless I
actually found an inaccurate item and you really have to room dig deep to find
an inaccurate item as reported based on a true credit report not some modernist
site that’s why I am a big fan of actually looking back door but again
they may be to break it down to a layman’s terms a dispute is the argument
to the fact of truth to the fact of correctness or the fact of completeness
whereas a challenge is not none of those things
the challenge is saying hey it can be all that stuff we’re not saying it’s not
true when I say it’s not correct we’re not saying it’s not complete we’re not
saying it’s not yours we’re not saying it’s not your responsibility
we’re not in saying is not compliant what we always say in a that you
certified it he also says very clearly that you
officer is a web-based metro to automated or mr. compliant automated
system that they have to beat it and they have to certify and over hold on
their AUD the automatic Universal data forms it does say the very bottom of the
page it has no sign of sitting here where it says hey we have certified that
all information of this document is true complete correct and accurate all right
I guess I should i’ve already but process right in other words they had an
inner son waiting like for example a collector and a creditor cannot paste
and copy into a box you know if they could do that all you gotta do is paste
and copy from the last months reporting and put it back in there now why does
that matter here’s why you know if those I do is we
taking a piece of paper and you write a whole page of Doc and just one page
maybe it’s 500 words or whatever little you know five others or whatever and
then you take another page and try to copy it you can copy it correctly but
our doors somewhere along mine you’re going to
make a mistake you’re going to mess up one letter one one one bird somewhere
long lines you’re gonna make a mistake well in the same format if somebody has
to type in from one box to another box odds are what they are going to type it
wrong somewhere maybe not all the places but somewhere but all it takes is one
error and I know for a fact that there’s so many layers is almost physically
impossible and the calculation said is almost
impossible for human nature to get everything exactly correct all the time
that when I was the collector we can actually paste and copy now putting will
allow you to do it so there’s there’s almost no chance at all for them to be a
hundred percent accurate on the format itself somewhere there’s an error this
is a matter of finding that error but a good thing is when you see LSA came
about and actually quite important Roman Act of 2015
we’re in New York State Attorney General and and and most states in the main
America came together and they they win against bureaus you can read about as
you want to probably have articles in our group about it so long story short
the Abril is wanted to be able to use the ability to transfer information
information electronically and that calls a really big issue because that
would eliminate the need for a wet signature contract and that’s one reason
why these six oh nine is very ineffective now because most of them
actually ask for that but also the bureau’s had a problem with the fact
that people were using six or nine and other methods we’re just quoting a
common law and there’s so many aspects to just stick to nine but a we’re not
being specific to it they were just dancing tonight well six of nine covers
a whole bunch of thing and the rules like hey that’s not fair you know we’re
having to answer a bunch of questions that are not even related to this item
and it just ain’t right and it’s just not feasible in today’s world today’s
world is about technology well the judges in the courts agreed and end up
being a agreement I’m called a Claire important settlement agreement I’ve
heard him say call it important settlement act it’s not an ad but I
guess it’d be one of the same don’t worry matter cos a well the result
of this was before that time yasser was defined as an accurate and complete
system in the law they didn’t have the words metric to compliant in there at
all nowhere well as a march 9th of 2015
ratchets ers a guy you know got approved and agreed to in this net the CIA which
is a combination of a nervous TransUnion Experian and Equifax and kimoto entities
but they got all together and they got with the working group on the National
working group create something or whatever I have to type it out to you I
can wrote it exactly but Daisy call the Wilkin group and they’re
basically a organization that guide what is being done in incredible poor world
based on this act and they said look you know if you’re gonna is we’re gonna
require you know us to allow you to do electronic transformation you’ve got to
leave to let the people know you’re doing it so they change the definition
or the description of the Oscar and they included metro-2 compliant in the
wording now knowing is I know for a fact that any judge or any court you go to is
who will hold them to that definition because we didn’t make it up you didn’t
make it over the customer you need to say they had to be multiplied they
voluntarily said they were and since they said they were they’re gonna have
to you know be that I can’t be a CEO or a corporate organization and say hey you
know what I am a hell of a singer I could use deletions in five days
well because if I said that I better get you deletions in five days or else I’m
gonna be liable to whatever damages I created for the same thing with these
bills and the credit mafia Rock home but anyway if they are not message’
compliant they have to certify by the way on if they’re not then they have to
remove information because it’s not proven to be such and they have to be
according to your the way it’s written okay so in short again a dispute is
arguing to the fact of of accuracy and completion a challenge is saying a
certified and show us a certification that’s it
and the reason why it works and that’s the most important reason why it works
here is why the reason why it works is cause even though they are most often
compliant it still takes effort money time logistics and just a lot of
complication simply to just certify it and and present it it has to be
presented to you in a format that you can actually understand and it costs
money to do that it becomes costly info overwhelmingly burden this
that is almost not worth doing it is actively count close and as long as the
credit industry is a for-profit arm industry which I can imagine never not
being one as long as it is about for-profit then money’s gonna run to run
the run the world on in the credit world and if money runs it that means the
expenses gotta be lower and if you’re this challenge not dispute but if you’re
challenged or you’re a consumer complaint checking for compliance if
that causes more than the value of keeping the account
they’re not gonna resist them more because they makes no sense the reason
is let’s let’s talk about the the spew part of this because with the challenge
for what you’re saying from the challenge right if you’re challenging
them it’s actually more costly to them with the challenge to follow through and
actually prove it versus just not reporting it anywhere which actually and
and in turn is getting it delete correct right so look okay all right you why did
the dispute would be a less option or worse option in this situation because
of the verification okay well I don’t want to say that we’re something but I’m
gonna say it’s not let me tell you what I just a lot of time that is people come
back and here’s why not because it was removed for the wrong reasons but any
time an item of information is removed it can be put back on as long as is
compliant people saying that gives me call if something gets deleted it can’t
come back that is absolutely Harmison not true any
information whether it’s disputed or if it’s removed because the compliance is
used whatever it can come back and if it’s worthwhile it will come back now
here’s where our challenge and our dispute different than most this is the
biggest reason why it differences it is peer gives usually a deletion because
violation or an infraction or they had answered in time some other reason but
as soon as they updated mission and they can come compliant it comes right back
now that a nice and a always would really have a lot of time they won’t do
that but they can and they usually do now a compliant issue if they got added
item got removed or did not get an answer or they didn’t resist it because
of compliance it was normally because it was too busy work it was too financially
or hard it was to Congress humans or it was just too much suggested to it there
is a reason alternatively why they didn’t do it now that reason does not go
away because the item went away so the audio it was too too much for them to
retain it and you resist initially why would I think three or four or five
months or even a year down the road they don’t say oh boy now as we’re putting it
back on there it’s you know your body did go up right so you know there was to
cost at one point it probably to cost at no point to and if they got removed
because of regatta moves are not reported because it was too costly at X
time when y comes around it probably still is too costly and too much effort
okay here’s why it work you Raise your credit score fast, Raise your credit score in 21 days, fast acting credit repair, credit repair, Raise your credit score in 10 days, the true cost of credit repair, credit repair aggressive tips, bad credit repair system, credit repair red tape, credit repair buy new house, credit repair buy new car, nitty gritty credit repair strategy, credit repair business loan, free credit repair master class, help with fix my credit fast

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