Family Guy- Asian Woman Driver

[PETER GRIFFIN] From now on, I too will be abstinent. I’ll be as untouched as the turn signal in an Asian woman’s car. [ASIAN WOMAN] How much signal I need to cut across eight lane? NONE??? I turn now!! good luck (ruck) everybody else!

Paul Whisler


  1. I just finished watching a video compilation of accidents caused mainly in Russia and…that's all I have to say.

  2. Oddly, this is driving on I-95 in Miami, and we don't have any Asians. It's all people from the Caribbean and South America who do this.

  3. How mah signal I need to cuh acoss eit lein, nang? I tuhn nao, good luck efi badhi else

  4. Ha ha. This show is so funny. It makes me laugh when they do the cutaway. So R4nd0m haha XD XD XD XD XD XD

  5. Surprisingly accurate depiction of common sequence of events on the 405 or 5 hwy.

  6. Us Asians are very bad drivers in general. We don't even have any sort of driver's test here in my country. You just request for a license and that's it.

  7. "good luck everybody else"….i feel like thats really what they be thinking lol

  8. My GF (asian ofcourse) said the most terrified thing on the street is Shady middle age women driving motorbike. Yep, that thing is a common thing in Vietnam

  9. My mom just quoted this when she accidentally forgot to use her turn signal

  10. This perfectly describes my dads history with Asian drivers, he once said “its a stereotype that is true!”

  11. Go to Korea and you will see this.. still keeps me up at night

  12. I live I Cambodia and this is how everyone drives.

    I'm lucky to be alive

  13. as a half-asian, i kinda find this accurate for MIDDLE AGED asian women

  14. This does not offend me, since I know it is true.
    My mother is Japanese, and she is VERY bad at driving.
    Once I got my drivers license, I always drove instead of her, and that was a great relief.

  15. I just almost got hit by an Asian female driver, walking to Starbucks. So I figured I’d come here for laughs.

  16. This is probably what the lady that crashed into Tracy Morgan’s Bugatti was thinking 😂

  17. The sad thing is this looks like my mom and what she does😂😂😂

  18. I live in anahiem, its a fucking war zone out here, if i die just know its because a middle aged Korean dude in a shitty bmw runs a red light at The very last second and hits me, btw this almost happens to me all the time

  19. My buddy is Korean, and he told me this is more true than you think.


  21. This reminds me of John Pinette when he's talking about the all you can eat buffet at a Chinese restaurant – "You been here four hour! You go now!"

  22. This is how georgia people drive. Since i moved here i seen way too many accidents and the total deaths from car accidents they show on the highway was 711 this year. They stop without putting on their blinkers and then turn. How they passed to get their license is beyond me

  23. And I thought that in my country Puerto Rico we were bad drivers. XD

  24. Did anyone see the video today of a Chinese woman ramming into three cars and then backing into a wall, just after she had her license? Brought back memories of this video.

  25. One of the few stereotypes that are 100% true. Fact: very few Asian cities enforce their traffic laws, I assume due to the fact that police are too busy scamming money elsewhere.

  26. Asians are sexist af when it comes to driving. As a guy who grew up in China I can tell you that "women driver" is a road rage curse word commonly used by drivers. Now that I lived in Seattle for some time, the word I use when I curse bad drivers on the road had changed to "imbecile white moron".

  27. The racism towards Asians in the united states of americunts and how people find it acceptable is disgusting.

  28. Lol this is so true 😂😂😭😭 i got proof watch

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