A glimpse into the future of the real estate
industry, thanks to a new trade fair concept at the Expo Real – NOVA3. Everything revolves around innovation in one
hall. The idea behind it: an lively exchange between
Start up´s, Grown up´s and already established companies in order to encourage the digital
transformation in the industry. What you can expect in particular is a really
unusual mix of sources of innovation, if you like from Start up´s, which are highly innovative,
to large international family-run companies, that drive innovation forward in their development
and make it available to the market. And it’s really quite unique to have all these
different kinds of innovations in one place, allowing them to interact with each other
and ideally, this will contribute to further innovations. The topic of “digitization” plays a central
role here. This is the only way for companies to remain
competitive and open up new value creation potential. From our point of view, the real estate industry
is on the threshold of digitization. And I think it’s good for the industry to
digitize itself, because it gives the industry the opportunity, to enter the 21st century
and to create value for customers and all those involved. Finexity, a start-up from Hamburg, has already
arrived in the future. It introduces the first blockchain-based real
estate investment platform for private investors in Germany. Investors can start investing from 500 euro
up, in personally selected real estate. We take care of everything else. You profit from the rental income, the potential
increase in value as well as the mortgage repayment. NOVA3 combines diverse platforms. At the Real Estate Innovation Forum and at
Tech Alley, everything is dedicated to digital transformation. More than 60 technology startups present their
innovative solutions and products. One of them is Breeze. The start up develops tiny, AI-based air quality
sensors that measure all the major pollutants. We have a sensor that runs via the Internet
and sends us data and we see directly what the air looks like in one place. When we build a house, we should also consider
what we breathe, because we breathe 17,000 times a day, so it’s very important for us. It’s not only Start up´s that benefit from
the new hall concept. NOVA3 offers new ideas, creative inspiration
and groundbreaking solutions to all participants. It will merge ever more into one another. Increasingly, solutions from start up companies
will be taken up by the established industry. We in the academic field, have been saying
for a long time, that the great challenges we face as a society don’t stop at the borders
of individual industries, types of organizations or disciplines. In this respect, our solutions have to overcome
all these silos and I have seen and felt this here. That’s totally exciting and that’s something
I’m looking forward to next year at NOVA3.

Paul Whisler

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