Emirates cabin crew accommodation – Millennium Tower

hi guys my name is Marta if you would
like to see how did my apartment look like when I was a cabin crew for Emirates
please keep watching.around the week before you join Emirates you get an e-mail with information about your accommodation. So for me it was a hotel
because at that time they didn’t have any free apartments so for it for a
period of the whole aviation college two and a half months I was in the hotel and
then later they moved all of us into different apartments. apartments are for
two or three people and girls are living with girls and obviously guys are living
with guys. apartments are spread all over Dubai so you can either land in the
center of the city or it can be even in the desert. Where are you gonna get an
apartment is a complete lottery that company is choosing for you, however
later you have a chance to move in between your colleagues. So from the
hotel I was moved into Al Nahda It’s a district between Dubai and another
emirate Sharjah so basically when I was in my room I was
still in Dubai but when I got out of my building
I was already in Sharjah, so as you know there are different rules in both Emirates so you had to keep that in mind I wasn’t happy with the apartment all the
buildings are we’re very close together so many crew all together and basically
there was nothing around besides a shopping mall, and it’s a little bit
depressing place according to my own feeling but at least it was very close
to to the airport. later I got so lucky I moved into Millennium Tower which is in the
downtown very close to Burj Khalifa like ten minutes walk, so I got lucky
because two girls had an empty room so they signed me in
and how it works it’s not that you’ll find the room and you can just move in
you have to have an agreement from other flatmates so they have to sign the
papers for you so many people are really fighting hard for these rooms are and
it’s a really luxurious thing between the crews so it’s a big fight
for the best rooms So this is my apartment in millennium tower on 27th
floor the building has 65 floors and on the
upper floors are usually pilots This is a common area kitchen and living room At the very beginning every cabin crew gets a box with the stuff like laundry
baskets or cutlery, plates to have for a start. Windows millennium are not opening unfortunately so we had to use AC all the time however what is good
that AC is in every room separately so you can adjust the
temperature to you So this is the last day when I when I’m basically moved out
I just came to collect my last things this is room A, B and mine is
the last one sorry for the laundry, girls are doing
some laundry we have the room with some washing machine and some other stuff and
and this is my bathroom and in room you have a bed, table and the
chair and build-in wardrobes wardrobes are pretty spacious, the rest of
the furniture I bought myself to have my things organized better and this is my view since I moved into millennium tower my
life has completely changed I started loving Dubai so having everything on the
doorstep it was just amazing everyone is writing in the internet that
their accomodations for a cabin crew are for free I see it a little bit differently. I would say like this the accommodation by the company is provided so since the
first day till the last day of working for Emirates you will have provided
accomodation, however it doesn’t mean it’s for free they will not of course
take it from your pocket but your salary will be smaller. If you move out to your
own accommodation then your salary increases around five thousand dirhams
so it’s a lot money thanks for watching if you enjoyed my video please subscribe
I will do more videos about my job in Emirates and Have a great day ***

Paul Whisler


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  2. Wow! Beautiful! So the only way to get into Millennium Tower is know somebody already living there?

  3. Hello!I loved the accommodation you were pretty lucky haha!Anyways I wanted to ask you about a rumour that has been spread by the media when it comes to retirement…Is it true that by the age of 50 they no longer renew your contract ?

  4. I just want to ask about the “5000 dirhams” is that the allowance they give you if you move out of the accommodation? (Including the transportation allowance)

  5. I just want to ask about the “5000 dirhams” is that the allowance they give you if you move out of the accommodation? (Including the transportation allowance)

  6. Niegrzeczne dziewczynki ~ sporo alkoholu na komodzie w salonie 🙂

  7. Please I want to join
    That's my dream
    Please help me
    Any information my I'm number is 966540229850. Thanks

  8. Hello I'm interested in the cabin crew job I have all requirements that they were asking but in English I'm little weak is there any problem hope you will reply

  9. Hi how are you? I applied online through their emirates site. Where did you applied for this job? and How long do they reply? Thank you

  10. Zajebisty widok. Nagraj proszę film z samym widokiem.

  11. Hi. Thanks for the video, very informative. When you say your salary increases by 5000, when would that start? Is that only after the probation period? And is that enough to rent something of your own?

  12. Emirates Security who are in charge of the Cabin Crew accommodation treat the crew like they are in a prison camp and use their power to bully and intimidate on a daily basis. Every security officer has a copy of all the staff personal details including country of origin and I have personally witnessed the guards saying to the cabin crew girls ‘oh Miss Russia I like a bit of Russia’ or ‘Hey Miss Greece I want some of that Greece’. These men are the slimmest perverts, I’ve ever come across, especially in Maisan Towers!

  13. O w mordeczke. Te wszystkie flakony to twoje ? Niby kraj muzulmanski a mozna sie znieczulic pierwsza klasa.Masz fajna chalupke i posprzatana, nie to co u mnie.Pozdrawiam.

  14. Do you have to pay for the accommodation after those 6months probation period??

  15. Absolutely amazing! That's great! Love your videos. I hope to be a flight attendant for Emirates as well and work with you!

  16. Is it 5,000 dirhams on top of your salary as your rent and travel allowance or your salary increased to 5k

  17. I will choose private accommodation than sharing it with somebody , which I'm living already 😉 So sorry if I'm sounds strange, but privacy is priceless 😉

  18. Hello, I have a 2bhk fully IKEA furnished flat in Dubai Gate 1, JLT, Dubai. We are interested to let out for Emirates Airhostesses only. Kindly get in touch with mobile no. 050 8418329 after 3 June 2019 . Thanking you. Vks Mohan

  19. I have a doubt, can my boyfriend stay at my accommodation during a 30-day visit?

  20. After how many years do cabin crews get their own house to stay and what is the starting salary? Please reply.

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