Elizabeth Warren looks to erase student loan debt

Paul Whisler


  1. I’m starting to get really worried about the track of our government and can’t help but wonder how democrats have become so delusional

  2. "There aren't enough wealthy people to pay for this."
    That sounds true enough but it would only take the top 1%

  3. We paid back my husbands student loans in the 1980’s, we would love that check please. Oh, and add the interest!

  4. I have 70 k in student loans and under 30000 a year. I don't favor her 650 billion plan. I favor a plan where you would lower all student loans to zero interest. So all of us can catch up on principal. And you would lower erase one or two of the bigger ones. Lowering mine too 50 k with no interest. Then I can start chopping at it. What is killing us is the interest. If your loan came active on 2010 and are just making minimum payments all you have done is paid since that day is pay about 15 k in interest.

  5. Elizabeth Warren's agenda: (1) White people are evil (2) FREE healthcare (3) white people are evil (4) FREE college education (5) white people are evil (6) impeaching a President just because the Hildebeast lost (7) white people are evil and (8) oh, yeah…did I mention that white people are evil?

  6. So… who wants a ditsy school teacher in the White House…? Elizabeth Warren wants tax payers to pay for the propaganda plantations that will subvert America for a socialist marxist end… Everybody will end up with a degree in Activism and Saul Alinsky methodology at tax payer's expense. Subversion on steroids…!

  7. GIMMIC Democrats,should they win the Presidency we won't have a Country to relieve your debt as Communism,Socialism will sell the US OUT to the highest bidder. WALKING ON EGGSHELLS. Remember what your Ancestors sacrificed so you could have a Country of FREEDOM. Don't give it away with a Democrat vote.

  8. Pocahontas Warren is a FRAUD and SUCKS INDEED! That is insane! My Mom don't give anything to my Father for free! There is NO such thing….FREE! You'll pay very dearly for that "free"! BIG, FAT LIE!

  9. Oh yeah great idea! Let’s make college such a low risk that it becomes an equivalent to a high school diploma and we are essentially working harder for less money because everyone has a degree.

  10. Pocahontas and the rest of the libtards are trying to charity their way to the WH with these lies. Please keep up the stupidity. President Trump will crush these jackwagons in 2020. KAG!!

  11. So democrats think the way to fix the student debt problem is to pay off debts for them? I know Elizabeth Warren is not that ignorant. She is straight up trying to gain popularity amongst the idiot masses by promising them free stuff. Sorry lady, that trick is already being used by Bernie.

  12. let's go all the way – pay off library late fees, parking tickets, credit card late payment fees, bank overdraft charges, excess data usage…

  13. Billionaires do not pay taxes under Trump. Maybe some could go toward some debt……but not to burden the government. I think she has an idea but I don't see how that would work.

  14. Here is another lie in skunky Witch. With an identity crisis looks liiiiike. The watchman.

  15. Free stuff, free stuff vote for me and get free stuff. Same old song and dance. Of course the rich will pay for all of it. Until, of course they simply leave the country—stupid dimwits!

  16. It’s very jarring to me how people don’t blink an eye when their tax money goes to billionaires, but throw a fit when it’s used to help better the nation through education. I’m a public servant with both a Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s degree, I’m almost 30, and I still live with my Baby Boomer parents due to a nearly $600 per month in student loan payment. I’m all for senator Warren’s proposal. Be wary, however, that the right wing propaganda machine works hard to demonize colleges as left-wing think tanks, indoctrination factories, and they will soon start (as if they haven’t already) ramping up attacks on people who took out student loans. Donald Trump has done nothing for my demographic. Let's hope millennials make the right choice at the poles!


  17. This woman is a moron. You borrow the $ you pay it back like the rest of us.Period.
    She is as credible as her Native American heritage.

  18. "How you gonna do this?" Liz: "Well, everyone who has a job will just have to pay for the elderly and the loser students" Pulls out wand, takes money from CEOs.

  19. The sad thing is, there are "so-called educated people" out there that think this could actually happen… so they support this delusional woman.

  20. So if you want people to have a car. As the govt you guarantee loans for your "car of choice". What will car dealerships do if they KNOW you will get govt backed approval? JACK the $20,000 car up to $35,000. If you know you should buy the $7,000 car but are approved for the $25,000 car (at age 18)..you buy it. NOW the govt is complaining car loan debt is out of hand???

    Just think about the millions of kids who go out of state to go to school KNOWING the price will be SOOO much higher. …now the same millions are complaining there is to much debt on them? Any system that is void of personal responsibility like this will fail.

  21. I cannot even stomach listening to this, especially after 2008 when the federal government literally gives away money as an "economic stimulus". Wasn't that paying us all off to continue to use the near-creditless and worthless United States currency? People will say anything to justify their own entitlement to money they earned that probably began with a completely paid-for education by their parents in the first place.

  22. Wait, let me get this staight. The democrats take over colleages and add thousands of unecessary administrative jobs to help their friends. They then raise tuition prices to pay for those jobs and also get government grants. They also don't have to meet a standard to get their money. My wife paid off her loan debt and now we have to pay off other peoples debt with our tax dollars? Nice. These schools have been run by lefties for decades and now the lefties want to use our money to pay for their student loan scam while they laugh all the way to the bank.

  23. So those of us who paid our student debt off are pretty much screwed. And to add insult to injury our taxes are used to pay the student Debt off for everyone else! Gee that seems fair. God I really can't stand the condescending way this woman talks. She sounds so fake and phony. Why would anybody vote for this BS?

  24. Socialist nonsense. Public education free for all.Close all private schools- but not until our elitist children are finished in them.

  25. I just graduated from college in December of 18 and I have no student loans. I worked, lived at home and saved my money. What do I get? Nothing. But the people who took out loans get to have free college? Insane.

  26. Where does all this free money come from? The tax payers. Nothing is free.

  27. I have never made over $60000 a year never borrowed to go to school to make over $100000 a year. I dont want to pay for their loan. the Sen. Elizabeth Warren sounds like a complete IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She just wants votes. what an donkey screw over the whole country for and bunch of over paid collage grads that make over $100000 a year. PAY BACK YOUR LOAN DO MAKE ME PAY FOR YOUR BENEFITS IN LIFE!!!!!! Eat what you catch don't expect to eat what I catch. I don't expect to eat what you catch.

  28. If there was actually enough mid-level jobs that paid well, then there wouldn't be a need for relief. There are virtually no jobs that require skills at the level of 200-300 level mathematics, physics, or computer programming. The lack of mid-level jobs, particularly in STEM,and the culture of absurdly rapid changes, on conceptually trivial grounds, makes for a job world where long-term skills become obsolete by the time you develop them. The problem is that the system wants to under-emphasize the role of experience, and rather stress ability as assessed by standardized, (glorified short-term memory) tests.

  29. Atleast delete student loans and lower tuition america! Its been an issue thats been talked about and nothing done yet! We just want an education! LOWER IT DOWN ASSHOLES

  30. What about all all the college students that did not graduate but have loan debt without a degree? They are really screwed because without the degree the can’t make the money they spent going to a few years of college. Does the plan pay for them and what exactly is the plan?

  31. If socialism is to be fair for more people the. How is it fail to pay off these debts? What about all the people that already paid off college debts do they get a reimbursement? What about me I finished tech school in 1984 do I get the money back?

  32. Nobody is talking about how these loans have been largely misused by many young people from vacations to down payments for cars…..

  33. It's insane that this drivel can be spewed on national television. More taxes on the wealthy, oh boo hoo. I'm not a Warren fan, but this is a brilliant plan. Higher education costs are astronomical and way beyond inflation rates. That fool on the left makes mortgage comparisons while he probably doesn't have a college degree or paid about $7,000 for it 40 years ago. It shows how broken the education system is when lower middle class citizens will cast votes for politicians who pick their pockets with tax money to line the 1% and lobbyists. Absolute madness.

  34. She almost has my vote with no student loan debt but I will definitely vote for her if she promises all Americans that all credit card bills will be canceled by the government. I can be bought but I don't come cheap.

  35. So a 23 year old programmer making 95K will get his loan paid off by the government? What if his parents are making 250k a year?

  36. I think she should pay for everyone’s college tuition, room and board, books, etc. because I’m not. That goes for Bernie too.

  37. I think the student loan plan should be retroactive. I want my money back for the student loans that I paid off.

  38. Students who worked hard and just cleared their debts will be very disappointed with Liz. But if she gets elected, she may not be able to keep her promise because like many Politicians, promise made, promises broken just like her native Indian heritage.

  39. one thing the left wing demotards leave it because they are to ignorant to know it or they know and don't want to tell.  these snowflake kids run up a debt and only 49-51% even graduate.  there should be no reward for failure.  college is not for everyone, the Loughlin's proved that, these type folks should be weeded out in the first place and told no. Lori's daughters were weeded out and did it anyway and look how that turned out.

  40. There are 2 things every liberal doesn't want to acknowledge about student loan debt…

    1. You can't pay liberal college professors out the nose salaries and have grandiose sports programs and keep college "cheap."

    2. It's the STUDENT'S responsibility to make whatever degree they follow (however obscure it is) pay off to cover THEIR bills (house, car, childcare and STUDENT LOANS). If they can't do that with their degree they studied the wrong thing. 🙁 A degee in underwater biochemical basket weaving does no good if there the are only a handful of jobs in the underwater biochemical basket weaving field.

  41. Darn, I came here looking for a fight with someone on the left over Warren's debt forgiveness thing. I had everything ready to come in blasting. Problem, I can't find anyone on this page who agrees with her on this. Any leftists want a fight on this,… here I am.

  42. I love the desperation on that millionaire baby boomer on the left😍😂😂😊

  43. Great, let's take more taxes from the people. Pay the bloated price of the universities, and then wait for those same universities to repeat this process so they can get even richer. Nothing is learned by these losers.

  44. the colleges create the debt and preach a liberal agenda If they lost government subsidized loans would they still give out useless degrees ? Also would the cost come down with out all this free money ? Few people who graduate will ever be able to pay the principle on the debt What is there true angle

  45. Wait a second – what about the retirement crisis Liz? I'm retired and I want my mortgage and car debt paid off by the government too!

  46. As a tax payer, I shouldn't have to fund poor money management choices of others…period. We cannot continue to create laws that protect stupid people. That's not what my taxes were intended to do. If you want people to start buying homes, lower the property taxes on them in addition to capping profits on these greedy corporate criminals…but you need to get out of bed with them first….

  47. School tuition spike up when the GOVERNMENT guarantee FEDERALLY
    Tax WEALTHY? what makes u think WEALTHY wont move out of this country to avoid paying ths b.s
    Wake up stop trying to tax WEALTHY they will move out of our country then who pays 4this we the TAX payers

  48. Forgiving student debt is basically letting the working class who didn't go to college, subsidize those who did. It is utterly unfair.

  49. I learned more through owning a business than my 2 VERY EXPENSIVE degrees. My two degrees cost $410,016. NYU cost $71,754 a year or $287,016 for 4 years. William and Mary Law School cost $41,000 a year (out of state) or $123,000 for a 3 year J.D. I now work in digital marketing where the most talented person I know doesn't have a degree. He only has drive.

  50. As someone who is close to paying off over $50K in student loans, this infuriates me. Why should people be rewarded for not taking responsibility for their loans?

  51. How about starting with capping salary and compensation of non-profit college presidents? Couple of million dollars should do. Anymore, and they're just taking advantage of their positions. I've seen them play politics to fill the board members with their friends to boost their salary to obscene amounts.

  52. Alleviating extensive college debts will give lower and middle class Americans money to actually spend in our economy, unlike the rich who hoard money like its for a high score. “Trickle down” economics is a failed social experiment meant to pacify the poor and working class while still just giving all the money to the rich, who just turn around and put it in their bank accounts, not actually invest it. In fact, many used it on technology that could replace workers they had to pay and give benefits to.

    Student debt is the only debt you can’t declare bankruptcy on.

  53. And who winds up paying the debt then?? Don’t take a loan if you can’t pay it back also get a degree ( not philosophy) that makes you real money.

  54. If they cancel the student loans. It should then be taxed as CODI. Cancellation Of Debt Income. Why? It happens in the business world. Depending on the company's business structure and tax structure. When a company cancels debt. The shareholders get hit with CODI.

  55. The only way any of these Democrats will get elected is if we have a recession anytime soon.

  56. So what college would tell students you don't owe me anything.
    They have things to pay for

  57. Went to community college with the use of Pell Grants. Kept the extra money from Pell Grants plus some of my earnings from working for when I get to university. So 100% of Pell Grant saving went for university because I respected the intended purpose of it. My earnings I decided to split into fractions for myself and school. Almost done with no debt. I am taking a long while to finish college but it is better than spending twenty years paying off student loans.

    Would have been easier if tuition price was lower. That is something I can get behind. However, I refuse to pay for someone's mistake. They made their choice.

  58. Fighting in 🇮🇶iraq doesn't mean he is a good person

  59. warren bs that all i want that vote who is going to pay the debt she crazy

  60. What she seems to have forgotten is that student loan debt really exploded when the government took over the loans.

  61. the interest rates on Student Debt is so low now that they are easier to pay back; I just paid my loan off and "feel great" about the low approxiamately 4 percent rate (or so)

  62. Obama said he would fix the housing crisis and keep people in their homes. Romney said he was just going to let the forest burn to the ground. Like a sucker. I voted for Obama thinking I would be able to stay in my modest condo that I way over paid for. He proved me wrong. Now this phony American Indian claims she's gonna wipe our student debt slates clean if we vote for her. Yeah right. I'm still wiping the egg off my face from the last democrat I voted for. If the dems think they can get our votes by creating problems they promise to solve they are wrong. Americans are catching on to their scam.

  63. Excuse my skepticism, but exactly how is this "erasing of debt" done exactly. I wish I had learned this years ago. I'm calling the bank and telling them I'm "erasing" my mortgage & car payment. Man, this is great. This afternoon, say goodbye to those pesky credit cards.

  64. How could anyone be stupid enuff to buy this trash? Trump couldn't get 5 billies from congress for an anti-taco wall and yall think this old skag is gonna erase 2 trillies in student loans? LOL GTFOH!!!

  65. If she cancels student loan debt will vote for her. We are paying billions on everyone else and their interest that arent citizens we can finally help citizens for once.

  66. It doesn't erase student debt for people who actually have debt that is too high to ever get out of with her 50k cap. Just remove the legislative restrictions placed on bankruptcy specifically targeted against student borrowers and the people who really need relief can get it. Bankruptcy exists for a reason and is used by banks, gamblers, investors, and corporations. Her 50k plan does nothing for the people who really are so far in the hole they have no other recourse.

  67. Warren will never be President why is a 6% even on the air who cares what she says

  68. This needs to be retro for the last 50 years also. The checks in the mail!!! Better yet why doesn’t everyone claim to be a American Indian. Warren is a total idiot!!!!

  69. Doesn’t loan forgiveness result in that amount becoming taxable income? If yes, then loan forgiveness will prompt a lump sum tax that most likely cannot pay. There is no such thing as loan forgiveness; you pay either way.

  70. Let's make it so nobody pays for anything and the government gives you everything you want. I am sure students who worked during school to avoid loans are thrilled they put all those extra hours in instead of going to parties. She lives in fantasy land.

  71. If YOU are not one of the 43 million victims of a 1.6 trillion-dollar treachery of the DOE against American people, then you have no idea what her words mean to us. She may never be president, but she is on our side. I hope she will continue what she can. She had the same humanitarian views in 2014, and she is willing to fight for us again. (I am a registered Republican btw). BUT, I am a financial prisoner of my government. I have already paid $55,000 on a $17,500 loan from 1997, and I am expected to pay another $23,000 for the next 15 years before the PHANTOM debt is forgiven. I will be 62 years old, paying over $80,000 on a 37 year old student loan! And I am a MINOR case among the 43 million!

  72. Doesn't Lizzie get, what, $400,000 a year from Harvard to teach a single class? Isn't it a bit disingenuous to ask the taxpayers to pay for your private school employment?

  73. They will never do that , the actual students debits is 1.3 trillions $ , compared to military contracts it’s nothing !!!! Crazy !!! It seems investing in weapons is more importants than in peoples in America , and they call it a country of freedom and values !!!!

  74. Not all kids should be going to college if they can't pay off their own loans. The loans shouldn't be placed on the American tax payer.

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