Electric Motorcycle vs Petrol Motorcycle | Revolt RV400 – हिंदी

Hi, I’m Raphae from PluginIndia Hi, I’m Atul from PluginIndia. And this is an electric motorcycle This is a petrol motorcycle. Today we will tell you differences between these two motorcycles. First Electric Motorcycles don’t have clutch And we cannot imagine a petrol motorcycle without Clutch! This is totally automatic. There are no gears. You have to use both your legs. One let for the gear one leg for the brake In electric, both legs are free. You can enjoy your time in signal! The weight of an electric motorcycle is low Its light because apart from motor, there are not many moving parts. As you can see in Petrol motorcycle Engine Clutch Gearbox This has a chain drive, electric has a belt drive So many moving parts here, so there is more maintainance This is heavy on maintenance and that vehicle is light and maintenance also is low Atul, I feel the electric motorcycle has awesome torque and pickup. Top Speed is only 80 kmph We could hardly cross 65, 70 kmph! As we usually run out of road or a vehicle comes in between! For Riding In the city The electric motorcycle is best As you don’t care about top speed Your race is from one signal to another signal where you need good torque, good acceleration which you get in an electric motorcycle. For highway riding, there is no comparison Because of 2 reasons 1) Less Top Speed of electric motorcycle 2) Less range of electric motorcycle Here you get around 100 km range and you start getting nervous when u reach 100 km! Here you need to go to petrol pump. That sit. If the company has made swapping stations like between Pune and Mumbai for example, then go to Lonavala Change the battery and get going! This is another difference! Atul has started the ICE motorcycle. Here you can listen to the engine sound you get full feedback Atul, how are you feeling about this? There is a macho feeling because of the sound and vibrations! The electric motorcycle does not give u that! Revolt Company has found a solution for that! Atul — this bike is on! No sound! We have artificial sounds! We prefer quietness! Atul – lets talk about the economics how much does it cost to operate the electric and petrol motorcycle This is a petrol motorcycle, a high powered TVS Apache Petrol is costing around 90 Rs per liter And this motorcycle gives you 30 km per liter So petrol costs comes to Rs 3 per km Then you have maintenance costs Stuff like the engine oil itself costs Rs 1000 every 5000 km So petrol motorcycle is expensive to maintain. Compared to that The electric motorcycle’s running cost is for Electricity We expect 100 km per charge. This consumes 3 units electricity. You can assume Rs 10 per unit and Rs 30 to go 100 km Rs 3 per km vs Rs 0.30 Battery has warranty for 8 years Motor has no issues, so I don’t think the maintenance of an electric motorcycle should be max Rs 1000, 2000 per year Where as the petrol motorcycle is way more expensive to maintain!

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  1. क्या आप लोग कोलकाता मे कब आयेंगे?

  2. Electric gadi ko red number plate q laga hua hai. Green hon chaiye na?
    Koi khas wajhe hai kya?

  3. I feel so bad I bought tvs space 200 same bike just 2 months ago I waited for revolt but they never opened in Chennai I'm so sorry for that could you please tell me some affordable ebike for my mum I could reduce the emissions there atleast

  4. I will buy a chetak electric rather than these Chinese bike as we have spare part guarantee of Bajaj and technology of Bosch

  5. India is dying to have 2 and 4 wheeler EV's but ICE companies are a big disappointment. The companies producing EV's are not spreading there reach. Please open showrooms and act fast India needs EV's.

  6. There is no fun riding a motorcycle without gears secondly I don't think that the rv400 will be much lighter compared to the petrol bike because I think the battery will be much heavier and make the bike considerably heavy, and engine sound is never awful, it's beautiful 😑😑😑

  7. sab baat sahi ye petrol bike leke petrol ka price nahi jante😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Sir ji sbse badi baat to yw hai ki no pollution byk hai ye apni ane wali pidiyo ke liye fresh air karne mai asi hi technology kaam ayegi

  9. Bro first EV should launch in all over india and road assistance service…. Than it's easy to buy……. Nahi to ap kahin lekar chale gye aur bech main koi problem hogyi to koi mechanic be nahi milta…. And we will suffer more problem…. That time……

  10. If High Performance petrol bike like Apache have digital console, led lights, electronics circuits and starter motor. If these parts have no issue on rain water, dust then, pure electric bike have no problem!! Great..

  11. We need standard battery pack with swapable battery arrangements.. Then it will be equivalent and same habbits as we are using petrol bikes.

  12. Agar electric bike maintainance nikalti hai to direct 10-20 Hazaar ruppees ke aage njkalegi, to ye kehna ki electric koi maintainance nahi nikalti ye galat ho ga
    Wo to 3-4 saal ke baad pata chalega

  13. Go electric go green, support country this is also a way to show your love for country by reducing burden of buying Petro products from other countries. This will also reduce burden on your pocket as E-byke expenses will be 100000 km x .30 = 30000 + 5000(at most), and petrol byke will be 100000 km x 3 = 300000 + 50000(maintenance cost).

  14. Nice comparison, check our RV 400 video with real state figures how much it will total cost you in 3 years (electricity bill)

  15. Waiting for your detailed review of F77..
    And yes also the detailed comparison F77 and Revolt.
    Thanks man. 👍

  16. I own Revolt RV400 (Red one)
    The only thing I don't like is the belt noise when I accelerate the bike otherwise everything is good, and I hope ki revolt future m kuch acche updates laaye regarding new sounds and speed

  17. First thing I would like to do is disconnecting the speaker wire. Is it a toy or what!

  18. It is like those interested can't have it and those who don't want it they are bugged(not forced) by constant irrelevant and fun comparison.

  19. China bike haaaa haaaa haaaa😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣🤣👎👎👎👎👎

  20. Only problem with the revolt is that, bike of that range gives you a feel, but the Revolt doesn't.
    Also, when u start moving from a complete stop, the experience isn't smooth,, it gives a jerk….

  21. Electric bikes break most of the times connected to engine or motor.

    If applyed break motor stopes and it will start again with jerk everytime.

  22. kaha se opt karu. I live in Anuppur Distt. of M.P. and there is neither Okinawa nor Revolt I only have Hero and Sahara Evols which donot provide any decent products (daily ride 52kms) what to do.

  23. What about in raini season Cane we Ride along with the Raine and water some time only need run

  24. rat main drive karte waqt kitni batory consume hoti hain please sir reply or ekada video bano

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