Easy Ways to Save Money Fast

– Are you looking for ways to save money? Well, why not start at home? (upbeat electronic music) So a big part of winning with money is actually having cash in the bank. Because, you guys, this
helps you avoid debt. Last episode we talked
about how terrible debt is, and if debt is not gonna
be part of our lives, saving is our only option. Because if you think about it, saving and debt are kind of opposites. ‘Cause with debt, you pay interest, with saving, you earn interest. With debt, you owe. With saving, you own. With debt, you’re taking on risk, savings lowers your risk. Debt steals your future,
savings secures it. So they’re opposites you guys. So, what our goal is, is to save for a thousand dollar emergency fund. This is kind of your
starter emergency fund. Then you’re gonna work to
get completely debt free. Everything but your house, using the debt snowball. And then after you’re debt free, then go and say three to
six months of expenses. So this is what we call your fully funded emergency fund. (breathes deeply) Can we just take a deep breath? I mean, really, could you
imagine having no payments, and three to six month of
expenses saved in the bank. Like if anything were to happen, you’re taken care of! You don’t owe anyone anything, and you have a ton of savings! Like this puts you in an incredible place, not just financially,
but emotionally as well. And why this is so important is because actually, a top
financial fear for most women, is the lack of security. So you wanna make sure
you have that safety net. And another way to have a great safety net is to make sure you have
term life insurance. So no matter what baby
step that you’re on, you need to make sure that you have it. And if you already have it, then go and reevaluate
your life insurance needs, because you can save a lot of money by ditching your whole life policy for a more cost effective
term life policy. Now I recommend getting 10 to
12 times your annual income, with a 15 to 20 year term policy. And if you’ve paid off a lot of debt you may not need as much coverage. And if things have
changed in your lifestyle, that can lower the cost as well. Winston and I personally use and love Zander Insurance. So make sure to go to Zander.com, or click the link below
to get a quote today, or to see if you can get a better rate. Now if you’re looking to save some money, lemme tell you the number one thing that you can do to start saving money is doing a budget. Mm hm, that’s right. You know I was gonna talk about a budget. I do every episode, I love a budget. But I didn’t love a budget
early on in my life. In fact, the first budget
Winston and I did together, as a married couple, almost
eight and a half years ago, was a disaster. (slow, old time piano music) So when Winston and I got married, I’ll never forget it. We had been married,
probably a few months, and I knew we should be budgeting, like, when you get married. Like that was grilled
into my mind, growing up. I mean, if I heard my
parents say this once, I heard ’em say it a thousand times. It’s like, when you get married you have to be on the same page, you have to budget together. I mean, I even remember
our pre-marital counselor sat down with us and one of our sessions, she was like, you all should
do a mock budget together. I was like, did my dad
pay you to tell us this? Like, everyone told us, and I knew it. Again, but just doing it, I was like, eh. I don’t really want to. And so Winston and I
had been married about, it was like four or five months, and we hadn’t done a budget. And I remember one day
he was like, Rachel. We’re in our condo in
Knoxville, Tennessee, and he was like, Rachel
we need to do a budget. Like, we’ve gotta figure out where all of our money’s going. And I was like, ugh, you’re
one of those, aren’t you? (laughs) I thought, okay. I know we need to, but I don’t want to, but let’s do it, let’s do it. So I remember we sat
down with the yellow pad, on this old dining room table, it was like a hand-me-down table, and we did our first budget. And I’ll tell you guys, it was a disaster. Like you would think I don’t know the cost of food or something, because I think I
budgeted like, 50 dollars for food that month. Which obviously is not a reality. And I was like, oh gosh. It was just bad, like, nothing worked. Like, all of our numbers
were off, it was terrible. And so the second month, we’re like, okay, we can do a little bit better. Now we kind of know, okay, let’s do it. The second month got a little better, there was still things we had to change. The third month, honestly, was working. There was like two or three
things to change then. And by the fourth month,
it was like clockwork. It started working. And so for you guys, trust me. Give yourself 90 days, for those of you that have
never budgeted before, or you’ve tried the budget, and then you quit ’cause it
didn’t work the first month? You need to stick with it. Give yourself 90 days,
and download everydollar. It’s our free budgeting
app, and it is amazing! It’s all right there, and it’s so easy. But I promise, this is the fastest way that you’re gonna have a
great financial turn around. In fact, people that do
zero based budgeting, which is what we teach, and that’s what everydollar is set up for. They pay off 53% more debt than people that don’t
do zero based budgeting. And they save 5% more. So make sure that you’re doing this, and being purposeful. It’s the quickest way you’re
gonna save money at home. I promise. All right, so let’s head into the kitchen to look at some great recipes that are going to save you money. Now another great way to save money by doing something at home, is to cook! You guys usually save a lot of money when you cook versus going out to eat. So I cannot wait to share three of my favorite recipes that are so easy, so inexpensive, and they’re fantastic. And this whole segment is brought to you by my friends at Home Chef. So, first up, we have a
white bean chicken chili. This is one of my favorites. Like, I have people eat this, and they text me, they’re like, Rachel, we want the recipe. So, I’m giving the lowdown
to you, the secret. Super easy. You need a crock pot. Get a crock pot liner, ’cause it makes it such easy cleanup. Okay, some of you kinda freak out with like, plastic and stuff. If that’s you, you don’t have to use it, but I love a crock pot liner. So you get this, then you
get two pieces of chicken. And the best thing about this recipe is that they can be frozen, ’cause I have so much frozen
chicken in my freezer. Put ’em in frozen! That’s all you gotta do. Then you’re gonna take three cans of white beans, and I like the
great northern white bean. That’s the best. So get three of those. Get two cans of Ro-Tel. And depending on, like, your spice level, this is a great place if you like spicy, get the hot Ro-Tel. Or just one can hot, one can mild, you know, mix it up. Two cups of cheddar cheese. And I saved just a little bit, because we’ll use it at the end. So just keep a little bit there. And then one onion, and I usually get like a, medium-ish onion. One onion. And if you don’t like onion, still do it, because the flavor of it, it is delicious. And then if you have cumin, that’s another great place, just do some… (mimics seasoning shaker) as Sharon Ramsey would say, open
up your spice cabinet! So, all you do, that’s it, you guys. That was it. And you mix it all together,
stir it all together. Put the lid on, and cook for six to eight hours, on low. And I’m telling you, it is the best, white bean, chicken
chili you will ever make. And everyone’s like, how’d you do it! It’s like, four or five ingredients, but you just tell ’em, oh, don’t worry, I just slaved over a hot stove all day, I’m so glad you like it. Really easy. Okay, and then the finished product, oh, it’s like, so warm and delicious. And I love to put, like
a thing of sour cream, like a little dollop of sour cream, Frito’s, I love hot sauce on it, I mean, all of it, it is so good. It’s so easy, and in fact, if you want this recipe again, make sure to click the link
in the description below, and you’ll get it all
written out, beautifully, so you can make it and
impress all of your friends. All right, there would not be a cooking segment with me without pizza. You guys know my love for pizza. It’s like, God, Winston,
my children, and pizza. I mean, it’s just, it’s one of my favorite things in the world. So, and it’s so easy to make your own, homemade pizza. So what’s fun about this is, you can like, get your
kids involved. It’s great. So if you go to your local grocery store, it could be anything, usually like, most places like, in their bread section, or their deli, like in
something like that, they are gonna have
homemade dough, pizza dough. So you can get it, roll it out, this what I make Winston do, you need some, some
muscles to roll it out, ’cause sometimes it’s kinda tough. So, just prepare yourself. You roll it out, and then, one of my secrets that we
do in the Cruze household is get like, olive oil, like
a light tasting olive oil, or a grapeseed oil. Because what you do is you put it on the base of the pizza, and go all the way to
the ends of the crust, because, when you bake your pizza, that’s what’s gonna make
it all crispy, the crust. Instead of more, like,
bready, it’s crispy, so make sure to give a good,
solid layer of some oil. Then, marinara sauce. I’m not picky about this. So if you wanna go organic, you wanna go super cheap,
you wanna go store brand, doesn’t matter, but you
spread some marinara sauce. And I actually like a
lot of marinara sauce. And go all like, I like
to go close to the edge. Not quite on the crust, ’cause you still need crust, but, just generous amount. Next you, mozzarella. So you just spread some
good amount of mozzarella. And then, next up I do a
little bit of white onions. And then banana peppers. Oh, I love, I love banana peppers. There, I like green peppers, and I like to chop them little like this, versus slicing ’em. So you just sprinkle some green pepper. And then the meat. Salami, good old trusty pepperoni, and the last but not least, bacon! You guys, look, the finished product! It is so beautiful and
colorful and wonderful! (sighs) It’s just so good you guys. And these are so inexpensive. Like you can do this, and again, everyone love white bean
chicken chili and pizza, they’re gonna be crowd favorites, whether it’s your kids
or friends coming over. So, some great, inexpensive meals to make. All right, last but not least is a crispy orange chicken. And this is from our friends at Home Chef, and if you haven’t used Home
Chef before, you need to. Because, they are amazing. You get a box delivered to your door with all the ingredients
already pre-portioned out, everything you need. And this is a great thing you can do, instead of going out to a
restaurant for a date night. Send the kids to grandmas, or put ’em to bed early, and you guys can cook
together, as a couple, don’t worry about the ingredients, it’s all right there, and it’s like you’re
going to a restaurant, ’cause this food is so good. So with this recipe you’re
gonna cook jasmine rice, you put the rice in a pot with a cup and a half of water, let it simmer for 18 to 20 minutes. You’re gonna get the broccoli, cut it up into bite sized pieces, put it on a pan with aluminum foil, put some salt and pepper, do a little bit of oil, which is so good. And you just stick that in the oven, it’s so easy, let it roast
for 14 to 16 minutes, or I like to say, 15 minutes. I love when recipes give
you like, two times. (claps) Always go in the
middle, that’s what I do. So you roast the broccoli, and then you do the chicken. So the chicken’s going to
come in chicken breasts, so you’re gonna cut it up into like, an inch pieces, just like this. And then you’re gonna get
the flour that it comes with, and the flour you’ll put
into a separate bowl, and you’re going to mix
water with the flour, take a fork, stir it up, and it’s gonna create this
like, paste type thing. And then you’re gonna
add the chicken to it, and then you just mix it all together, into the flour mixture. So you mix the chicken with that, and even before you do that, you can take the canola
oil and put it on a pan, on the stove, let it heat up, ’cause you want your pan to be hot. And then once this is all mixed, you just fry your chicken, it’s like a minute and a half
on each side, that’s done. And then while that’s cooking, you can do your spicy orange sauce, and it comes with it. I mean, hey Home Chef. How cute is this! I love all the little,
pre-portioned packets. And then you do your
sriracha sauce, in there. Get a fork, spoon, mix that all together, and then once the chicken is done, you mix it with the sauce,
and then you plate it. So put some jasmine rice, your
broccoli and chicken there. And it’s like you’ve
been out to a restaurant. And Winston’s favorite part of Home Chef, is that the clean up is so easy! Seriously, you just throw away the things you wanna throw away, recycle things you wanna recycle, and there’s not a lot of dishes. It’s marvelous. So to check out Home Chef, make sure to click the link below, or go to homechef.com/rachel, and get $30 off your first order. Ways to save money at
home, you guys, look. (speaks foreign language) You guys, I swear by those three recipes, they are so good, so good! All right, here are 11 different things that you can do at home to actually save you money. Number one, make snacks. So instead of buying the little individual packs of your kid’s snacks, buy the big thing at like, Costco, and then put it in little bags. This is what I do, it’s
kind of a pain, I know, but listen, you’re gonna save so much more money doing that, I promise. Number two, have everyone bring a dish. Yes, so if you are hosting a big party, have everyone bring something, so you’re not the only one cooking and spending all the money on food. Number three, learn to turn a wrench. Preaching to myself here, people. (laughs) This is good, I’ve learned
to do a couple of things, and it actually saves you money if you can fix things like, you know, your toilet, or if your air filters, you can change those out. Different things like that
can save you a lot of money, versus calling someone to do it. Number four, learn to sew. And I’m not talking about some elaborate, beautiful smock dress, even though I love those! I’m talking about just like, fixing a button, or something that’s torn, sewing it up so that you don’t
have to go buy new clothes. Number five, organize, organize, organize. Yes, when you start to organize things, you’ll find that you don’t need half the things you have,
you can throw it away, or even sell some stuff,
get some money that way. But also, in the end, you’re just gonna feel more refreshed, and more organized, versus going out and spending more money on stuff that you don’t need. In fact, I did this, I took
the minimalist challenge. If you don’t know what that is, check out the other episode
with the Minimalists, because it was amazing, and I threw out and sold
so much stuff, you guys, and it was incredible. Trust me, I, when I say to organize, (sighs) I love it so much. Number six, always negotiate. Winston is famous for this, calling Comcast like,
every quarter of the year, to see if we can get a
better rate on our cable. So, when you get prices like that, don’t just say, okay, we’ll take it. Ask if you can get a better deal. Number seven, hang dry your clothes. Now, you might be a little
bit iffy on this one, but trust me, when you actually
don’t dry your clothes, and you let them air dry, the quality of your clothes lasts longer, so you don’t have to pay
for new clothes as often. Number eight, share baby gear. Now, I’m not talking about like, you know, old bibs and that kind of thing. I’m talking about like,
swings, like the big stuff. My sister and I did this, the way our babies have lined up, we don’t need a swing. Like, I don’t need the swing,
so she takes the swing. And when she doesn’t need a swing, I take the swing, ’cause I
end up having a new baby. Like, it works perfectly. So, if you can find those big things, find a mom in your area, do that. That will save you a lot of money. Number nine, don’t pay
full price for kid clothes. Listen, they grow out of them so fast, especially if you have little babies, so, do some things like swapping with other moms in your area. Swap clothes, or even do consignment sale. (sighs) My spiritual gift. I always find the best
things at consignment sales, I love them so much. And you save a ton of money. And number 10, learn to
say no to fundraising. When there’s a knock at your door, or the doorbell rings, it’s always some sweet middle school kid, trying to sell you things. And some of you, it might be
your sweet middle school kid, so there’s a part of all
of us that wants to help, but when you’re dishing out 20, 30 bucks for every kid that knocks on your door, you’re spending a lot of money on stuff that you’re not gonna use. So, learn to say no to certain ones, and have some boundaries, it’s okay. All right, last but not least, save money on checking your insurance. This is huge, and I’m talking about like, your home insurance, your auto
insurance, all those things. Most people forget to do this, they just set up their insurance and they don’t look. But go and see if you
can get a better deal. Go check out endorsed, local providers. In fact, people that do this? They save on average, $731 a year! That’s a lot of money! So those are some quick, easy ways, 11 ways in fact, for
you to do things at home to save you money. All right, coming up next, are five, easy, kid’s Halloween costumes, that you can make at home. Halloween is less than a month away, and kid’s costumes are always on the forefront of
parent’s minds, always. So I decided to bring in Sarah, home editor of Woman’s Day, to help us here, create our own, make our own Halloween costumes. – And Rachel, these are all made out of cardboard boxes. So it’s easier.
– And that’s what love, yes! And they’re all around $20 dollars. Okay, I have to confess
something to Sarah. – Yes?
– I am not an arts and crafts, (Sarah laughs) okay, like, I’m not good at it, it’s not my spiritual gift. So it kinda makes me break out in hives. But, this is gonna be easy! – It’s incredibly easy, it’s simple, simple materials
from the craft store. Hot glue, some construction
paper, super simple. – I’m really excited about it though, ’cause look how colorful it all looks. It’s gonna be great, okay. So where are we gonna start?
– Really cute. Okay, we’re gonna start
down here with the Lego. So if you have a Lego lover at home, this one’s perfect for him. – So cute. – So, you’re just gonna
take a medium sized box, and you’re gonna cut out a head hole, a leg hole, and then holes on the side for his arms to come out of.
– Okay. – So you’re gonna paint it red, with acrylic paint, with a paint brush, maybe one or two coats. And then you’re gonna take these cute little cardboard cups. You can get these at the craft store, you can get a sleeve for, under five dollars.
– Yeah. – Or, you can save some
Ben & Jerry’s cups, if you have a sweet tooth.
– Oh, there you go! That’s great.
– So, these come in red, you don’t have to paint them.
– Yeah. – But, the bottom is a little bit waxy, so paint doesn’t stick to it as well. – Okay. – So the solution for that, is you’ve just gonna take the cup. – Okay. – And you’re gonna trace
it on a piece of paper. – Mm hm. – You’re gonna cut it out, and then you’re gonna paint it the same acrylic paint as, – The box.
– The box. – Okay.
– Exactly. So, what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna just glue it on, so I’m gonna give you a couple dots. – I know, this is great. – It’s simple hot glue. And then you–
– I do have a hot glue gun. – Okay, well, the step one–
– I’m crafty enough for that. – You’re close already. (Rachel laughs) And then once that’s attached, you’re gonna paint it all red. – Okay. – So it’s all seamless. – ‘Cause it’s still a little white around the edges, so paint it.
– And then you’re just gonna attach it. – So great.
– With some more hot glue. – Yeah. – And you’re gonna stick it on, like a cute little Lego. – Look at that, y’all, that’s so cute! – And you can–
– I mean, that’s adorable. – You can do this in any
of the primary colors, that legos come in. Yellow, green, blue, red.
– Or maybe it can be like a family affair? Like a family of Legos.
– Exactly! You can have lots of pieces. Exactly.
– So funny, okay. This might be my favorite, Sarah. – This is the yummiest one on the table, it’s a Taco. How cute.
– Y’all. – This will be the talk of the neighborhood,
– So. – Your trick or treater will be the talk. – Yes!
– So, what you start with, is, here’s an example. You take a cardboard box, – Okay.
– And you’re gonna cut off the top. And you’re gonna cut off the sides. – Okay. – And then you’re gonna cut the side, so this is the front, this is the back, and you’re gonna cut both
in a semicircle shape, like a taco shell. – Super easy, yeah. – So, that’s what you see here, both sides are cut out.
– And then you cut the, and then the bottom. – Exactly. – For their?
– For their legs. – Yes. – And then you’re just gonna attach some simple ribbon to
fit over those shoulders. But the fun part is all the taco toppings. – Okay. – So you can buy these pieces of felt, they’re under a dollar each. – Okay.
– And you can just roughly cut out the shapes of tomato, of lettuce, of cheese, of the ground beef.
– I’ll do cheese. – Yeah, the cheese is super easy. And then all you have to do, is just kind of scrunch
and layer on the inside. – Okay. – Of the taco. Again, with the hot glue gun. So you’re just gonna, give it a couple dabs.
– Cheese. – For this little tomato. And then, you just stick it. – So cute. And kids can like, I mean, I don’t know. Hot glue guns, obviously, are hot. – Yeah.
– But if you have older kids, – Do it–
– Like, do it with them! I mean, yes!
– Totally. Totally. – Super cute.
– And then again, you can keep the shapes rough, you don’t have to have a stencil, you just freehand it. – It’s so creative, I love it. Okay, this one. – Okay. – So good, too.
– Do you remember candy dots? – Yes!
– Okay. So, this one is again, incredibly easy. You wanna look for a box
that has a long side, and just cut that out. – Okay. – You can either paint it white, or you can stick on these felt squares, – Okay. – To give it that nice, flush background. And then for the dots, this is really fun. So you’re gonna paint whole ones, these little styrofoam balls. – Yes. – And then we’re gonna cut
them, and glue them on. But you’re gonna cut them
with a serrated knife, and the serrated knife is important, so you don’t smush it. You don’t wanna use a butter knife, or a–
– Okay, yup. – So this will give it a nice cut. – Yup.
– So, you just go right down the middle. And then once you break it off, you’re gonna take them, and stick them right to the board. – Just with a hot glue gun? – Just with a hot glue gun.
– Easy. – A couple dabs, you’re done. – And then put some string. – Yup, this is a 20 inch elastic, and it can go right around their neck. – So cute. – And what’s really fun about this one, is since they’re so easy to make, and they’re so easy to wear, this would be a cute mommy and me moment. – Oh!
– So you can just quickly throw it on if you’re at the school trick or treat event. – Adorable, adorable.
– It’s super easy. – Oh, I love it. Love it, love it.
– Yeah. – Okay, this one? – Okay, this one’s probably the most creative on the table. – But, super cute.
– But, cotton candy. How nostalgic, it’s like a, you’re at the baseball game!
– Oh my gosh. A little cotton candy vendor. – So, exactly, exactly. So this one, so you have an Amazon box, or something that came in the mail. – Yup, yup. – This one, you just, don’t even have to really cut it. So, what you’re first gonna do, is you’re gonna cut a couple of Xs with an X-acto knife. – Okay, okay.
– Six to be exact, across the top. Then you’re gonna wrap it with simple, red wrapping paper. – Okay. – And then you’re going to attach a cute little striped
ribbon all the way around. – Mm hm. – And then simply take
some scrapbook stickers, – Yup.
– And stick on the words, cotton candy. And then the box is complete. – Perfect.
– And we can move on to the cotton candy. – Okay, I know this is a lot, you guys, so we’re gonna have all these
directions to everything, so just sit tight, sit tight, it’s okay. If that was me I’d be like, wait, wait, wait, what’s
next, what’s next! No, that–
– Don’t worry! Don’t worry!
– I know it’s a lot of steps, but it all is super simple.
– It’s coming. – So the fun part is the cotton candy. So to make the little cones, we just took some really
colorful scrapbooking paper. – Okay. – And we cut ’em into a little cone, and just taped them. – Oh, easy, yup, yup.
– Yes. And then for the cotton candy. – And what’s this? – This is cotton batting, you can find it at any craft store, – Okay, okay.
– And get a bag of it. – We cut it into squares. – Okay. – And then in a mixture of two cups water, to three drops of red food coloring, something you probably
already have in the pantry. – So red food coloring, not pink?
– Red food, red food coloring,
– Because it– will give it this pink look.
– Okay. – And then you’re just gonna dip, yup.
– Okay. – And you’re gonna dip it and soak it, – Mm hm. – And you’re gonna wring it out. – Okay.
– And this will need to dry over night, you can’t just adhere it right away. – Okay. Oh look! – Cute!
– I did it! – You did it! It’s so simple!
– So easy. – So then once you’re all done, and they’ve dried, – Okay. – You’re gonna take the batting.
– I’m just gonna put it back in there. – Yup, that’s totally fine, and you take your cone, and then you just simply stick it in. – Cute. Cute!
– And then you’re gonna, and you can add a couple of layers to give it, nice and fluffy. – Yeah! – And then you just glue
it right into the box. – Oh, I love it! – Yes. – That is so creative. – Has me craving cotton candy now. – So, I know, seriously,
right, right? (both laugh) – A sweet tooth. – Okay, and last. Last Halloween costume.
– Yes. The butterfly wings. – Yes! – So, what’s important
about the box for this one, – Mm hm.
– Is you wanna maintain the edge of the box, so you get that natural flutter, – Okay. – For your trick or treater. – Okay. – So, you can flatten out a box, and then just rough hand, just sketch out a fairy
wing shape, and cut it. And then, the great thing about this one, is totally customizable. If your little one loves
pink and polka dots, – Cute.
– Then by all means, decorate it however they want it. So, we’re just gonna
outline it in acrylic paint. And you can really stick on anything. I particularly love
these colorful doilies, you can get a ton in a
pack for very little money. – Yes! – And you can just stick them right on, using double sided tape. And again, this is super easy for kids to jump in, they
can stick, they can paint, – Yeah!
– It doesn’t have to be perfect. And it’s just a fun way
to get them involved. – So cute, and then we have like a finished little.
– The finished, yeah. – Yes! I mean, so adorable. – And you can attach
any ribbon to the side, I mean really, you can do anything here. – Yes. – And, of course, it would be really cute to be finished off with
their favorite tutu, or they can wear colors
that will match the wings, and of course, glitter, I mean. – I love glitter. I love glitter.
– What’s a butterfly without a little bit of glitter.
– I know, I know! This is all so good, and so easy you guys! You can do this and it’s
all around just $20. So make sure to click the link below to get step by step instructions to each one of these costumes, and check out the October
issue of Woman’s Day, that is on sale now, on newsstands, because you’ll get more
budget saving tips. So, thanks Sarah, so much!
– Thank you! Thank you so much!
– This was so fun! So fun!
– This is fun, I know, it’s so exciting! – So great. You guys, how cute were those costumes? Oh, I can’t wait for
Halloween, it’s just so fun! All right, best part of the show. Getting to celebrate you guys, and how you’re saving money, and what you’re saving up for. So now it’s time for, She
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a day for celebration. “What a better way to
celebrate your birthday, “than crushing a goal together. “When Justin and I got married, “together we had $15,000
in credit card debt, “$44,000 in auto loan debt, “and $11,000 in loans, and
$5,000 in medical expenses. “That’s $75,000 in debt, y’all! “Plus our mortgage on top of that. “We didn’t wanna raise
kids in that lifestyle, “and decided we had to make a change, “for ourselves and for our family. “I am so proud and excited and emotional “about the fact that
today, we are debt free! “After only a year and a half! “And we have three months worth of bills “saved up for emergencies. “That’s baby steps one
through three knocked out!” Kayla, y’all killed it! I mean, seriously, that is so fun! Congratulations! Sadie say, “Today could
have been a really bad day. “But thanks to Dave
Ramsey and Rachel Cruze, “we paid $2,600 cash to fix our truck. “No drama, no stress.” #sheworkshardsavingmoney. Well thanks so much you guys, for watching this episode, and I hope you got some tactful tips to take away, to help
you save money at home. And thanks so much to Sarah from Woman’s Day for coming out. And remember, to all of you out there, to take control of your money, and create a life you love.

Paul Whisler


  1. Thanks to you’re dads classes my husband and I will be out of debit this coming August of 2019!!!!!! We paid cash for our home also.

  2. I do the snack thing and my family loves it I get any thing my guys like and add it to the bags

  3. Hey girl! I love your tips for saving money! I also just made a video about this and would love if you could check it out <3 xo

  4. What's Ro-Tel? Is that the brand name? Is there a generic name for what you're using? I'm in the UK and have never heard of it. Thanks in advance.

  5. Thanks Rachel! The only thing I would’ve done different was included more boy costumes. I have boys so most of those won’t work. My boy wants to be Bumblebee from Transformers so we got the cheaper of the two Transformers costumes at Walmart for $15

  6. I can’t even imagine not having a budget!! You are absolutely right, having a safety net gives you peace of mind❤️

  7. 26:46 hey there! Sadie (she) might have been the one that sent in the twitter message but she mentioned "we" not "she" and you said "she" instead of "we". hashtag #weworkhardsavingmoney.

  8. Budgeting is highly impractical to follow, its like new years resolutions, after the first month the or so we are back to living free.

  9. Cancel your Amazon prime. $124 why pay for 2 day shipping when they changed it to 5 or 7 days shipping.. then cancel your phone contract do a prepaid. I saved over $450 in 2 days.. yeah.

  10. She is repeating everything that here father said, But she looks so much better doing it.

  11. You are so funny! I love watching your videos! Totally make some more recipes videos!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Home Chef is a great way to WASTE money. You could easily make that same meal for far less by just purchasing ingredients at the grocery store.
    If your Racheal Cruz, multimillionaire, and like to enjoy your money with fancy cooking kits – by all means enjoy! She can afford it! But this is horrible advice for those trying to actually save money and get out of debt.

  13. I share my budget on my channel. Stop by and let me Know what you think.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4nAiCVjZwc8MCZHNrC_KsQ

  14. “I love these individual packets.” (Cooking segment)
    “Make your own snacks…you’re gonna save so much more $$$ doing that I promise.” I like you but this is hypocritical.

  15. आपको बड़ा दिन खाना पड़ेगा
    चलो एक साथ जाओ
    पंजीकरण के लिए लिंक

  16. Rachel, you are so helpful. You really inspired me. Upon your advice I called around for insurance home/auto/rv and saved $1116.00 a year!!! Thank you so much! Keep up the great work!

  17. Self-employed; my 6 months emergency fund would be is $44,000 (Cdn); that's a lot. We should double that for 12 months though.

  18. It feel great having no Bills and 6 months of cash reserve. It wasn't easy, I used an old fashioned method in that we started to pay ourselves 1st and down sized stuff we had in the house that were collecting dust. We took a very drastic approach and got rid creature comfort items, cars gone! Shopping in Malls gone! Eating out gone! I think you get the picture.

  19. Hey Rachel! Thank you for the great shows. Now, because I'm not in nor from the US, my context would be different and yet the tips are still helpful. I was wondering if just like the case of the percentages you give in budgetting, you'd have a percentage or something else (or isn't there anything else?) as far as baby steps and savings tips are concerned. While not having debts, I am wondering what would be the wisest way to handle money in my side of the world (Madagascar), in the light of your principles. Thanks! Keep it up!

  20. ohhh that is so helpful to know that ur budget didn't work the first time. my husband and i tried a month and it was a disaster and very discouraging so we never did it again. i didnt know it takes like a few months to get the numbers more accurate and calibrated. i think we'll try again then for a few months at least and see how it goes

  21. Off topic but note worthy. When paying down credit cards. Call them and request an APR deduction. You’re welcome. 🙂

  22. Great work Rachel! Love your videos. Just started reading love your life not theirs… I couldn't put it down last night before bed. Looking forward to more of your content. God bless!!

  23. How about those who cannot cook due to their beyond realistic job hours or jobs

  24. Thank you for the encouragement. I have tried on my own and could not budget. I have to say its only been about 4 weeks into the lessons, I have learned so much!! OMG I was throwing money away I was surprised how much money spent on useless needs.

  25. This is a very helpful video. So many people struggle with saving money for their future. I also share my own ways to save and make money on my channel.

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