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hey what’s going on guys it’s Sam Kwak
one of the Kwak Brothers and chances are you guys may have seen our video how
to pay off your mortgage in five to seven years in regards to our keylock
strategy aka the accelerated debt reduction strategy now I’ve been getting
a lot of emails and messages on social media about the Excel calculator and
where to get it and quite honestly guys we didn’t have our own version we in
half our calculator we didn’t have one so Daniel and I went to work and we
created a calculator with knew which ready for it we’re giving away four for
eight now I’m gonna go ahead and include the download link in the link
description below but before I do before you jump on it I want to show you guys
what it looks like and I want to also highlight another bonus they’re gonna
throw in there which is a a book an e-book that we wrote about the strategy
how to strategy works I know a lot of you guys are skeptical about like why
would you ever use a line of credit which is a higher interest rate to pay
off a mortgage which typically has a lower interest rate and a line of credit
so we’re gonna answer those questions for those skeptics out there and for
those who have questions about this the strategy we have written an e-book for
us to explain how the strategy works and it comes with a calculator so it’s gonna
really help you guys sound on a path to really understand how the strategy works
and get on us and get on a track where you can start implementing the strategy
so let me go and share my screen with you guys so I can show you not only the
e-book but also the calculator as well okay so what you guys are looking at is
the debt free secrets a book that we just wrote and released and this is also
going to be part of the download as well so again if you guys want to get the
download link it’s gonna be me link description box below and what I’ll do
is I’ll go ahead and include it in the comment section so that you guys won’t
miss it now before you download I would appreciate you guys to beat the
SUBSCRIBE button give us a thumbs up to this video and also make sure you hit
the bell icon the notification icon to get any future videos regarding to the
HELOC strategy cuz you don’t want to miss it so here’s the e-book here’s our
book it’s about 25 pages long we thought about running a hundred eighty hundred
sixty pages worth of content but honestly guys
all busy adults we we’re all working and also I want to spare you guys from all
the boring stories and anecdotal things I went straight to the point to the
facts and I tried not to waste your time right with reading a long dreaded book
so with this quick ebook you guys are gonna get to see why the strategy works
how it works and some of the questions that you guys
might have objections to the strategy and it will really get you guys be in a
position where you’ll have some groundwork understanding of how the
strategy works okay and I have some other resources that I throw in there
including our special training webinar that you guys can take take a look at
which is about an hour and a half hour and a half long yeah about an hour and
an hour hour and a half long you guys will get access to that as well now
let’s get to the exciting part the calculator right so you guys been
waiting for this and as soon as you guys download it you guys open the excel
sheet and you guys are gonna meet on Microsoft Excel or whatever you can open
a an excel file so make sure you guys have that as soon as you open up you
guys will read our disclaimer and disclosures you guys can meet that if
you guys want to pause before he downloaded you guys can read it down
below is where the fun part begins so here right here you’re gonna go and
punch in your loan information whether you’re working with a mortgage you’re
working with a car loan you’re working with student loans this calculator will
work for those types of situations as well so you’re gonna go and punch your
balance let’s say average twenty fifty thousand dollar house and you have one
hundred and seventy five thousand dollar balance left and your mortgage let’s say
is three point seven five percent okay thirty-year mortgage and what’s really
cool is that the payment amount will automatically calculate for you so that
you have to figure it out now you may you might be saying well that’s not my
payment amount this payment amount guys is your P&I so pay your principal and
interest are part of the payment amount okay if you need to include your taxes
can you assurance you’re gonna include that in your living expenses as well
okay so you’re gonna go ahead put your monthly income you know put
your living expenses excluding your monthly must be payment for your loan
but do add back your property taxes and your home insurance because they are
considered an expense okay make sure you add that back and go ahead and put in
your line of credit information so that’s your he lock your P log and
personal on a credit business line of credit whatever line of credit you’re
using you guys are gonna use you gotta go and put the amount that you want now
I know some of you guys will prefer to replace your entire mortgage with the
HELOC so that that could work that will work the same way or you can do a second
position HELOC strategy which involves and getting a smaller amount for the
HELOC and then taking the tailee HELOC limit that you have and applying a
principal payment against c mortgage that’s another way to do it so in this
example we’re doing the the second option which we’re taking a smaller
amount okay keylock at 7% interest rate and what’s really cool is that
conveniently you guys will get the results right here
according to this scenario to the calculator with this number you guys are
gonna get to pay off your mortgage in 4.9 years your original interest was
sixty two thousand and two hundred thirty dollars your your new interest
using this strategy is going to be seventeen thousand five hundred
sixty-seven dollars okay the total interest saved is forty
four thousand six hundred sixty three dollars so that’s basically taking the
original interest subtracting the new interest and that’s how much you’re
gonna save guys forty four thousand dollars in this scenario it’s pretty
cool what if we amp this up to like five hundred thousand dollars okay and let’s
say you have a three or fifty thousand dollar balance and let’s say your must
income has to go up because obviously to qualify for that type of amount your
debt to income ratio has to has to be there right so let’s say you are making
this example ninety five hundred you’re living Spence’s is six thousand okay
that’s again – the monthly payment that you’re making
here you got 4.5 years okay $124,000 was the original interest $30,000 new
interest ninety four thousand two hundred sixty two dollars for interests
eight okay so it gives you a really cool ballpark estimate as far as now I do not
think they give you a disclosure and I know you guys probably read the
disclaimer already but no calculator out there is gonna be super duper accurate
for this strategy because everyone has a different situation and they have a
unique scenario so this calculator is is meant to be more of a ballpark estimate
it’s not meant to be like higher percent accurate like on the dot type of thing
this is more so hey this is the possible outcome of what what could be your new
reality okay so guys go and download this it’s gonna be get it’s gonna be in
the link description down below just click on it you guys are gonna be asked
to fill in your first name and email so that we know where to send the
calculator to you guys and yeah guys I’m super duper excited for you guys to take
this information and implement it take it to heart and if you guys have any
questions go ahead put them down below the YouTube channel YouTube video I’m
gonna go and check and answer some questions for you guys
other than that you guys are gonna get access to my email when you when you
download the calculator so you guys will have access to that as well guys thank
you so much I hope you guys enjoy this gift and I will see you guys in the next
video take care hey what’s going on everybody if you like what you saw in
the video or you want to check out more content regarding real estate investing
finances or entrepreneurship feel free to click on that little button that says
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faster because remember and business speed is important so enjoy today guys
during night much love to you see you guys later

Paul Whisler


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