Debt Consolidation Advice: Top 3 Debt Settlement Companies For Poor Credit🎉

but hello are you overwhelmed with the
debt that you have no idea how you’re going to pay do you seem to have more
bills than money coming in in the month and it seems like it’s constantly
growing more and more do you need solutions fast and you don’t want to
entertain bankruptcy although I don’t have as Cavalier an attitude toward my
debt as the song suggests I’m actually up most nights with severe panic attacks
I’ve taken to throwing up in the yard so my wife won’t hear me well you’re in
luck because today we’re about to talk about the top three debt settlement
companies in 2019 and they are even great for people with poor credit I know exciting right but before we get
into that if you are new welcome my name is Timesha Holmon and I’m a financial
coach and the owner of the own the life of your dreams calm and my goal is to
liberate you from all the financial things that have you bound so if you’re
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let’s get on with it the companies that I’m about to share with you are great at
debt settlement or debt negotiation and so basically what that means is they do
not offer you alone but they have a specialized advisor that talks you
through your options and gives you some that can help narrow down your options
so it’s kind of like where you have which basically
is a one-stop shop for getting cars from different vendors and so basically these
companies will set you up with different vendors that will help you meet your
financial goals or they will negotiate your debt down so that you can meet your
financial goals and not have to deal with paying a whole lot of high monthly
bills and they consolidate it all in one for you now here is a disclaimer on debt
settlement or debt negotiation number one it is only for the desperate okay if
you can manage your money or you you are not in default with your money at all or
with your bills or paying your bills then this is not for you if you just
struggling a little bit then I have other videos for you that you can watch
later that will help you deal with that type of debt these are the for the
people who have mounting bills find me a way to get Rabbid that money it’s
impossible sir their credit is piss-poor sir and it could be to no fault of your
own it could be you lost your job and you just gotten so
so bogged down with debt that you can’t get out or you have mounting medical
bills and who doesn’t have medical bills right and you just feel like you are
trapped and there’s no way out and your credit is already jacked up you’re in
default or you’re not able to make all of your payments this is for you all
right because these companies will jack up your credit all right I repeat they
will jack up your credit but if you’re desperate
it doesn’t matter right because you just want to get your monthly payments down
and get some relief and so these companies will offer that for you so I
want to make sure that you do your homework why because a lot of the
reviews that I read about these companies yes some of them had to do
with customer service issues being on the phone too long and so on and so
forth but a lot of them had to do with the fact that they jacked up their
credit well that is what the company is going to do that is what they have
already proposed in their process that they are going to take the money tell
you to stop making payments on your debts and put your money into this fund
and then they will negotiate things down but in the process of doing that you
will go into collections and you will also get some lawsuits against you it’s
a part of the process so do your homework if that’s something that you
really don’t want to go down that path then stay away from these companies but
if you’re desperate then go forth they will help you in the long run okay so
let’s get to the list number three is accredited debt relief all right
and the pros accredited that relief is it’s best for debts that are above
$7,500 okay you do not have to submit a credit score to be qualified for this
actual program it is a plus a Better Business Bureau rated and it’s a FCC
highest ethical standard you want to have these companies have these
endorsements because that means that though it is not federally
recognized these private endorsements show that this company is about their
business they do exactly what they’re supposed to do and that they’re looking
out for the consumer which is definitely something that you want to have behind
you when you’re dealing with debt and your money you want people on your side
that have the credentials to do what they need to do to make it happen for
you all right so they are a FCC highest ethical standards rated okay they also
will combine all of your debts to one monthly low payment awesome right
they reduce your debt in 24 to 48 months so you’re looking at a two to four year
window and there is a money-back guarantee for accredited debt relief now
some cons the interest rate can be high okay so going into it you’re gonna be
paying a lot more on your debt than what you would have been paying before you
got involved with it that’s part of the process okay only available in 29 states
so if you’re interested in accredited debt relief then you need to make sure
that your stake is one of the ones they work with they have had some customer
service issues all right and they do have some transparency issues they do
not tell their consumers everything which is why it’s number three and
number one all right now the false promises that I read about like I said
before it just has to do with the fact that the customer did not get all the
information ahead of time and if there’s something that you’re wanting to know
then you need to make sure that you find out that ahead of time Oh awesome these
did these companies deal mainly with unsecured loans and what unsecured loans
means is basically it’s not backed by collateral so most of these companies
except for number one do not deal with auto loans they do not deal with house
payments they do not deal with student loans
all of those are backed by collateral so you want to make sure that
whatever company that you use if you want to bundle those loans in to your
actual monthly payment that you find a company that can do that and the number
one company does do some of that but you have to actually talk to them to make
sure which ones they actually bundle into that okay so number two is sure a
dead all right and some of the pros if your debt is it gives you debt
consolidation assistance but it’s not a one-stop shop it gives you a plethora of
different things that you can actually get involved with as far as debt relief
so it can handle your taxes that can handle a whole lot of different debt
issues so Tura debt is awesome for that they also offer a money back guarantee
they are I a PDA and a FCC accredited okay so that’s great as far as making
sure that they are going to handle you and take care of you all right now you
have to have a debt at least $10,000 to get involved with Kyra debt all right
and they also combine one low monthly payment for you
the cons the fees are high all right so you need to make sure that you can
handle that and realize that when you’re paying off your monthly payment that
your debt is going to get their money too and it’s probably going to come in
at the end so after you are paying off all of your monthly payments all of your
debts they’re going to hit you with a big fat bill at the end so they’ll be
shell-shocked just make sure that you know what you’re getting into when you
talk to them and it is an easy process to apply and get involved with it’s only
available in 32 states okay so make sure that your state is one of them that they
actually do service also understand that the site can be confusing there was a
review that said that they on the site and they just did not
understand how to navigate it in their work a lot of people as far as customer
service giving them time to help them navigate the site they couldn’t
understand what debt was being paid off and how much was being paid off and
sometimes when your debts are being paid off you want to know if you can go
faster or if your high interest rate debts are being cancelled or paid down
and they didn’t really offer that understanding to this actual customer so
please be aware of that and make sure that you know that ahead of time all
right all right the last one number one drumroll please national debt relief okay and so the
pros for national debt relief of course with all of them you get the one low
monthly payment they will they will reduce your debt in 24 to 48 months
there are no upfront fees this company will offer free assistance and could
possibly offer free assistance or no monthly payments while you’re in the
process okay so that is great great great especially if you’re already
struggling for money however that means that you probably will have to pay them
back at the end so make sure that you know that that and make sure that you
find out how much that is before you get involved with national debt relief all
right they do offer a money-back guarantee and they do have a minimum
debt of at least $7,500 so if your debts are $7,500 and above that you can
definitely get with national debt relief all right some of the cons the fees are
high okay so I believe is like 20 to 25 percent and that goes basically all of
them all right so know that you are gonna have to pay
out the wazoo to be involved with these companies it’s only available in 41
states however that’s better than the other ones all right so that means that
there’s nine that are not covered so make sure that
you check out that information before you start the process with them and
there are false promises but like I said before I think it’s more due to the
consumer not doing their homework ahead of time then national debt relief not
providing what they need to provide if this I hope this video was a value to
you if you’re interested in finding more information about finances and debt and
personal finances and actually setting yourself financially free I think you
will love this video that’s floating above me until next time make sure that
you do everything to live free by now

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