Dear Tesla Haters…

– Dear, Tesla haters. You’re angry about the wrong things. Anytime there is anything
remotely negative about Tesla, you guys get really just,
kind of, flustered over it, and you make it sound
like it’s the biggest deal in the world. But I’m here to tell you
that most, if not all, of those arguments, kind
of, are missing the point. Here is what really matters. Really when it comes down to it, if you think about what people care about when they go to buy a car,
there are kind of three things. There’s performance,
styling, and then the price. When it comes to performance,
it’s really no match. Tesla’s outperformed their
competitors hands down. I mean, SUV versions of Teslas beat Lamborghinis in drag races. That’s how insane this is. You’re talking about a seven-seater SUV, the safest one ever
tested, beating a super car in a quarter mile drag race. I mean, that doesn’t
even scratch the surface of what it means for Tesla to really win in the performance category. Think about efficiency. The US Department of Energy says that electric vehicles
convert about 59 to 62% of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels. Meaning, the energy it
takes to move you forward. Conventional gasoline
vehicles only convert about 17 to 21% of the
energy stored in gasoline to the power at the wheels. So even if the argument that electric cars still get their energy from
fossil fuel-based sources, which is true in some cases,
those motors in those cars are a lot better at
transferring that energy from what’s being stored in
the batteries into motion. Meaning, that it’s still a
better deal for the environment. So even if that argument is true, in some cases it’s more true than others, it still is not a good excuse
to not get an electric car. You’re still gonna be better off. And when it comes to power,
Teslas have instant peak torque, which means they have the most
power at zero miles per hour. This again, goes to how the
electric motor works compared to a gasoline engine, which has
to gain torque or gain power as the engine spins up,
as the RPMs increase, and then it trails off similarly. So this leads to a really
amazing driving experience in all electric cars,
with Tesla specifically. And something we’ve affectionately
dubbed the Tesla smile, seriously just go watch any
of the reaction videos online and see how people react when
they first feel the torque and the power that Teslas have. I mean, it’s unmatched, it really is. If you’ve not done it, I
encourage you to do so, because it will change
how you think about this. And the only other competitor to this that has a similar experience are cars that cost millions of dollars
and are extremely rare. So it’s not even a thing. It’s not even in the same
ballpark in terms of performance. And because these motors are made with just barely any moving parts, I believe the motor itself
has two moving parts, and the single-speed transmission with no gears has maybe
17 moving parts total, you’re talking about something that is really low-maintenance. It solves so many of the
problems that gas cars have. So when it comes to performance, it’s really a null argument. You can’t argue that Teslas
aren’t better performing than every other car in their category. It’s just not even a close comparison, but styling is something
that is subjective, and I’ll give you that. Maybe you don’t like the way
that these cars are styled. I mean, most electric
cars do look hideous. I’ll give you that. Even today, a lot of
electric cars coming out are not my favorite. And so, it’s one of those things, but have a look at some
of these photos here. I think it may change your mind. And if you’ve never seen a Tesla up close, which I imagine many of you haven’t, which is why you still hate on them, you should go check one out. There are meetups all around
the world in tons of cities. There are store rooms where you can go look at them in person, even take a test drive. The one thing that is
undeniable when it comes to the styling for a
Tesla is the interior. The interior is sleek, it’s high-tech. I think it’s beautiful. For a minimalist person,
the Model 3 is the dream car with just a center display,
no buttons, no gauges, no clusters, no kind of
wonky things floating around. Everything is packed into that one screen, beautifully displayed right
in the center of the car, and the Model S and X are very similar. They’re a little bit more
embellished with more screens, bigger screens, a couple
more buttons here and there. But similarly, when you get into a Tesla, you feel like you are in the future. Now if you like lots of
buttons and lots of knobs and shiny little things
that, I don’t know, give you some dopamine
rush, understandably so, you won’t find that in a Tesla. And if you want ostrich-skin seats, and all this, kind of, wild,
over-the-top luxury stuff that you get in your Bugatti, cool. I don’t blame you, right? If you’re driving a Bugatti right now, and you’re hating on a Tesla
saying the interior sucks, I get where you’re coming from. But for most of you, I’m guessing you’re not in that situation, and so I don’t really understand it. You may say that you don’t like it, and that’s, again, a
subjective thing, totally fair, but to bash on the interior
as garbage is really not fair. It’s really not the
right way to think of it. It’s just different, like when we went from BlackBerrys with their beautiful little keyboards to iPhones with the
keyboard on the screen. People didn’t understand it. I’m guessing you might
be one of those folks, but now it’s kind of standard, right? And so, I guess it’s time to get on board with this modern-tech way of thinking about the interior of your car. And when it comes to price, well yeah, Teslas are on
the higher end of that. I mean, you can price them
out to $150,000 US or more. But if you look at the cheaper variations, and they are cheaper now
than they ever have been, and you compare that to a
similarly priced gas car, I think the results may surprise you. Let’s take a Tesla Model
3 Standard Plus edition. This is the cheapest one
you can currently buy, and it starts out at $39,500. Then when you add in all the true cost of ownership categories,
depreciation, charging or fuel, maintenance repairs,
insurance, taxes and fees, and financing costs, you
see that across five years, this car that started out at $39,500 will cost you just under $48,500. So, a bit more than
you originally thought. But if you compare that to a BMW 3 Series, and the example I have here
is the 320i, the cheapest BMW, that starts out at $38,335, so a bit cheaper than our Tesla. And using the data from true cost
of ownership estimate, not something I created. This is their data, their numbers. You’re looking, after five years
with those same categories, of a true cost of ownership of $61,345. That’s about $13,000 more that you would pay for the BMW 320i compared to the Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus edition even though the BMW starts out at a little bit cheaper retail price. Because of things like fuel, and maintenance, and depreciation, and all these things that Teslas
just seem to do better at, you end up spending a lot less than you would on a
similar-priced gas car. None of this even takes
into account any tax credits that you may get or
local-state, kind of, incentives or if you used solar to
charge your car, which I do, and the last study I saw showed about 39% of Tesla owners do. Meaning that it’s even
cheaper on the fuel side, meaning that that savings is even greater. So, yeah, they’re a bit pricier to start, but if you look at a similar gas car, and you add up everything it costs, the true cost of ownership, and these, again, were
numbers from, not something I calculated
in my special way to make Teslas look better. When you look at that,
it comes out far ahead and is really a better deal if you’re already in that price category. Are you still with me? Well, we haven’t even got
to the good stuff yet. Let’s talk about all the added features, all the additional stuff that
you get by owning a Tesla compared to a regular gas car. Tesla’s planning on having their full self-driving
software feature complete by the end of 2019. This means it’s just a matter of time before the 400,000 or so Teslas that are on the road
equipped with this hardware are practically self-driving. And some of these features
are already available, such as Smart Summon. This is the one that I
like to call Batman mode, where if your car is in a parking lot, you can flip open your phone, say you’re standing in
front of a restaurant, maybe it’s raining, hit a button, and the car will pull
out of the parking spot. It will navigate through the parking lot and pick you up wherever you are standing. Like I said, Batman mode. Yeah, it’s real, and it’s here today. This isn’t some future off kind of thing. This is right now you can do this. And then there’s navigate on autopilot, which takes you from on-ramp to off-ramp on a highway entirely autonomously. It even overtakes slower
traffic, changes lanes, and performs freeway merges without any input from you the driver. For me, I have used this recently, and it was incredible. I went from just north of Los
Angeles down to San Diego. It was about a three
and a half hour drive, and other than keeping
my hand on the wheel to let it know I was paying attention, I didn’t have to do anything. I didn’t have to touch the pedals. I didn’t have to change lanes. I didn’t have to really
intervene or do anything. The car handled it all,
which in LA traffic that’s stop and go for
hours, is just a lifesaver. It truly makes the driving
experience delightful. One that when you think of LA, driving through it is not something that most people would
consider delightful. Now most people would consider
that full-self driving, because when you’re on the
freeway, it essentially is. Now, it’s not technically. That stuff is coming later, saying they’re already
testing some of these things, like detecting stoplights and stop signs. So a lot of this is
coming much, much quicker than most people anticipated,
including myself. The last thing I wanted to talk
about, over-the-air updates. This is something that really no one in the auto space has done, but you would kind of consider normal in your other tech products,
such as your laptop, or your phone, or any of the other things that we interact with regularly. This means that Tesla will
send you new features, new things that did not even
exist when the car was made that are now available to you simply through clicking a button on your phone to update
the software on your car. These cars really are technological feats. I mean, they are software driven as much as they are hardware driven. It is a true, kind of, harmony of the two, and that’s why so many people
that own them, like myself, are really enchanted with them. Here are some just basic examples over the past six months
or so, new features, new things that Tesla has given me and all the other hundreds of
thousands of owners out there via over-the-air updates. The first thing is a 5% boost in range. This means that my car previously, with 310 mile of range
that it could travel on a single charge, now can
travel 15 more miles, 325 miles. This also included a 5%
power boost for some owners. On top of that, we have
cabin overheat protection, which is great because in
the summer months maybe you have something in the car or
maybe you have a dog in the car or something like that. The cabin will never get above 105 degrees
Fahrenheit, which is great. But in addition, they added
something called dog mode, which allows you to keep
the climate control on when you’re exiting the car, and in this specific case, they
have a nice little animation on the screen saying
the owner will be back, and that the temperature inside is fine. They also added a dash-cam feature. You simply insert a USB stick
into one of the USB ports, and now your car instantly has a dash cam. And also related to that is another security
mode called Sentry Mode, which uses all eight camera and sensors in terms of touching the car
or pushing up against the car, or if someone breaks a window. It’ll start playing music. It’ll save the video
from all eight cameras into that USB drive that you put in there. All of this has already started to show a lot of people getting caught
trying to break into Teslas, and just making them safer and better. This doesn’t even include
some of the more fun stuff, such as the Atari games,
which are great if you’re on a road trip and you’re charging, playing one of these games right on the screen in the middle. Nor does it include things like Romance Mode or
Emissions Testing Mode, also known as fart mode. – It’s a romantic one. Let’s be romantic back there Lincoln. (loud farting) – Oh, Lincoln.
– That’s what it is. – What? – What was it? Did you toot? – [Dad] Lincoln. – Lincoln, that’s so inappropriate. Did you really, was that really? Ah, stop it. (loud farting) (laughing) – Stop it! – And, I think the last
thing really to talk about is just how Tesla’s captured
the imagination of kids. Every time I pull up some where with kids that are seven, eight years old, they lose their minds
when they see my car. They come out screaming
Tesla, Tesla, look! I wanna get in it, I wanna
play with it, I wanna see it. And it’s because the advanced
tech inside of a Tesla, the similarity between how it
operates versus your phone, versus your iPad, things that these kids
are growing up with. It’s exactly what they want. When I grew up, I would have kids my age, we would have Ferraris
or Lamborghini posters on our wall, not anymore. Kids don’t have that stuff. I mean, maybe there are
some out there, sure, but what kids want, what
the next generation wants is a car that is as advanced
in terms of the technology as is all of the rest of
the things in their lives. Think about it, your refrigerator
has a smart things on it with the screen, and it takes
pictures of the food inside, and will pre-order what’s coming up next. Think about the BMW with
all the bells and whistles, all the fancy buttons, all the interior stuff
that you guys loved. The next generation doesn’t care. They don’t want any of that garbage. So, I’m curious what you guys think. If you’re one of those
haters, how am I wrong? Leave me a comment, let me know. Enjoy your BlackBerry also, and don’t forget when you free the data, your mind will follow. I’ll see you guys back
here in the next one. (upbeat music) Thanks for watching the video. Do you like data, maybe wanna
make a career out of it? Check out my free course at and kickstart your data
professional career today.

Paul Whisler


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  59. When I was 10, my fingers were too big for my mother's blackberry. I can't wait to get a Tesla!

  60. the Tesla story shows us that even with the greatest things in the world, there will be someone that hates it without a logical reason! and it's just like someone still believes the earth is flat!! so, don't so worry if you're doing your things but there's someone who hates you, it's just a part of life!

  61. i love tesla as a brand and plan to hopefully get one in the future but for an all out techy car and techy company, the cars sure are missing some of the most "basic luxuries" mid to high end priced cars have….like 360 degree camera and ability to change camera views to see your wheel distance to the curb, ventilated seats, ANY type of interior trim design (only that wood panel and gloss black interior, reallllly gloss black? the worst), power liftgate for the model 3, and some others….not bashing cuz i still want the car, just hope they add features to future models like these, that my half price hyundai already has

  62. I really can't drive a car because I'm legally blind. I bought a Tesla hoping that one day it would drive me around. I hate Tesla because, We've already bought a model 3, but my wife loved it so much that now we put an order for model Y. We will be broke soon buying Teslas!

  63. You left out safety and total cost of ownership. Those two things are really big at least for me.

  64. Driving experience? With no sound and no manual? I really doubt that. It's not always about performance you know, it's about emotion.

  65. Um no not those three things first. First is what do I need this vehicle for? Then the other three things. In short the Tesla always fails the first test.
    So I do not even consider it as an option. For me a Tesla would only work as a second beater car. But it is too costly for that role. So it is not considered again.

  66. Another issue you forget in doing cost comparison. Nobody ever talks about the time to recharge as a cost. Time is money. Recharging delays vs a 10 minute refueling stop is valuable. Many people apparently do not value their time very much….Vehicles used for an 8 hour work day and being down for recharge for 1 hour or more of that time are not cost efficient.

  67. Huge petrol head, love ICE cars, the noise, the smell… but also so excited for EVs becoming mainstream. There is no logical reason to hate on electric, nobody has a solid argument. There's only propaganda, political ideologues, corporations that feel threatened, individuals that feel threatened, ignorance… It's going to make combustion obsolete whether we want to or not, so I say embrace the next evolutionary leap in vehicle technology or get used to walking and being bitter.

  68. Great vid. Factual and to the point. Required viewing for all those perpetuating the ice agenda.

  69. # 1) I don't hate Tesla. I would like to know the proper pronunciation of Tesla. you say Tezla. if that's correct I'll change up. #2) I'm a 64 year old car guy for about 61 years, a serious one,( racing , restoring etc.) I like new ideas, but me, my son, his son and all of their friends ARE into the " bells and whistles" of the i.c.e cars but more so into the act of driving oneself, shifting gears and hearing those combustion chambers come to life. Anecdotal ? Only as much as your assessment of kids these days. #3) As a "rich rebuilds" channel fan , It sure seems like Tesla makes it difficult to stir the blood of guys who like to fix their own cars. As he says, Tesla is a laptop with a car around it.

  70. I'm actually watching this video on a Blackberry which also is my key for my TM3. haha

  71. my brother really hates tesla because it doesnt have 'the sound of a car', oh yeah also because i like tesla

  72. "If you're one of those haters, how am i wrong?" That's a bold move Cotton, let's see if it pays off

  73. Perfectly explained, but there are many “blackberry” people on this planet. iPhone generation is growing up so the hope is there. 😉👍🏻

  74. The video was cool but don't patronize people about the objectively horrendous interior of the car.
    As a designer myself, it looks like a scale model or a toy. You need less screens and more buttons to focus on the road.

  75. Yeah nice video Ben, but what about my classmates who don’t care about the future or kids or being alive in 10 years… I would like to get them amazed about the future and stuff but they don’t care

  76. Actually, is Price, Reliability and then Performance unless you are buying a sports car.

  77. I love it —- 'enjoy your blackberry!'… I'm a lover – not a hater. My son just got a Tesla 3 and can NOT stop talking about it. It is truly the most amazing car to have ever been made available to the mass market. It is SO far ahead of the rest. It is amazing. I love my mustang, but am seriously thinking of getting a model 3 for myself – all because of my son AND YOU my friend!!! LOL!

  78. Still talking about 0-60 as sign of superiority? And EV is about efficiency or blowing supercars out of the water in 0-60?

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