Daughter asks Father about her Finances! Investment basics for first-time investors #Tanyatalks

Tanya, the market has just opened. jubilant is about to touch 1600, set a limit on it and sell it. Oh okay! Okay done! Hi guys, welcome to my channel I’m
Tanya and today on my channel for the very very first time I have my father
here with me. Hi, I’m Pramod. And today, we are going to be talking about personal
finance. You know for any of us who make any amount of money like if we earn a
salary or if we are doing some business finance is such an important topic and
none of us really prioritize it as much and not just finance, like an investment,
saving up and all these things are so critical in today’s date and age but I
feel like to be able to have an open dialogue we should be talking to as many
people as is possible and for me personally, I talked to my father all the
time because he’s like a finance wizard So, I felt like today is a good
opportunity to have this conversation on camera and actually ask all of my
burning questions for you guys and as well as for me because, why not.
Actually, we already keep having this discussion pretty much, very frequently
like almost every other day we’re discussing shares or the market or
something of the other. But, okay today we shall have the discussion with you.
So, to start off Papa, to set the tone of this video please tell them that you are proud of me? Yeah, you have done us proud, alright But, there’s always some scope
for improvement Yeah, parents can never really be satisfied with anything that
you do. But, I agree with that honestly so next Papa, of course, tell us something
about yourself, your background, your education. Yes I’m an Army veteran and I
was studying in Delhi School of Economics before I joined the army and
thereafter, I have done MBA in finance Yeah, so basically all finance and geeky
stuff, that is my father for you. So Papa, how did you invest when you had no
internet and no resources also were there any mishaps that you encountered?
like while you were in your early days of investment? Yeah that’s very interesting. frankly we were quite naive we were just not aware what’s happening
around yes and we were always interested to invest but we were not knowing what
to do how to go about it and especially there was no source of knowledge like
you guys have internet today yeah but those days we were dependent on brokers
and brokers were connected to the exchange and we were relying on them for
investment so as a result firstly the investment would take place at least 24
hours after placing the order and secondly we were hearing from everyone
word by mouth and whatever and everyone used to say and we used to pick up that
and invest there ooh and it has always or sometimes resulted in a lot of losses
also. And also, there was one, I, I distinctly remember one Ponzi scheme
where we invested very heavily and the returns were astronomical something like
33% per annum okay, which is just not possible. And since we were naive, we were not aware, we jumped on the bandwagon We invested there and we lost the entire
amount – Yeah – and I remember thereafter I was very quick to pick up all the Ponzi
schemes and I would advise everyone that okay this appears to be a Ponzi scheme
please don’t go for it – Yeah so cool! I honestly feel like you’re so lucky and blessed to
be in a time where we have so many resources and I think it’s a good time
to be investing our money and actually having this discussion. So over to the
next question In today’s time from where do you gather knowledge
and where all have you invested personally Okay knowledge-wise like I
just mentioned Internet is actually a goldmine of resource – yeah – Today any
information, be it on trading, be it on the stock market be it on
investment opportunities or various investment vehicles that are available
to you and also the real estate and also the blogs of everyone who have invested
and whether they have done well or not that’s available. In addition today you
got number of trading platforms where you get the live opportunity, live
investment opportunity which is a very good sign – yeah – okay, so I have a very
major question all of my money is actually in my savings account right now
do you think it’s a good idea to keep it in my savings account or if not then
what should I do about it absolutely not firstly I’ll recommend that
you should keep only that much of money in your savings account which you
require on day to day basis yeah or maybe for your immediate goals because
savings or even FD for that matter does not even cater for inflation yeah so
there is no point in keeping your entire amount in savings. Second, a piece of
advice, I’d like to give to you is or for that matter to all the youngsters is
that instead of saving what is left at the end of the month you should set
aside some amount for saving and then plan your expenditure yeah and the
another very important part is that there’s so many investment opportunities
that are available today you should invest wisely starting from your liquid
funds and right up to your real estate the canvas is very vast okay so I think
immediately if I want to put my money somewhere like a right away what should I do
about it? Depends on actually 3 factors firstly what is your risk appetite
second is how long you want to remain invested and third is your immediate
goals some time you set a goal to yourself. Like I know you have goals of
travelling so you set aside certain amount that ok I need this much money
for travelling to this place – okay So that much money you can either build it
for yourself or you can keep it aside so other that I think
you can, right now what I can think of is you can put it in your liquid funds and
thereafter you can take out some money and keep investing every month into
mutual funds or something yeah mutual funds or debt funds like I said
depending on your appetite and this will even out all the vagaries of the up and
down of senses that you want to see every month. So both of us are
currently using Upstox for all of our investments and Upstox is also one of
the best-rated apps on the App Store right now it offers free delivery trades
for a lifetime and also if you want to invest in mutual funds you can do that
through their platform as well so anything Papa that you want to say
about trading platforms because you are the expert here. Okay the only point I
want to highlight here is that the trading platform that you should use
should be of discount broker yeah actually a discount broker broker offers
tremendous amount of discount and it is as low as I I call it peanuts on the
like rupees 20 per trade yeah and if you go for some of the larger brokerage
house and you end up paying 0.75 percent of the entire trade volume exactly so
sometime the value can go really big and insane yeah especially more the money I
guess the more the money it is going to cost – yeah there’s no point in paying huge amount of brokerage
yeah cuz then the value of your investment goes down hmm makes sense
okay, so discount broker guys so Papa, you already know that I save up all of my
money because I want to be able to travel and may viewers
always seem to have this question that how are your parents so okay with you
traveling all the time so any thoughts on that see since we have also traveled
a lot and we know it is these days it is safer to travel yeah because of a couple
of reasons firstly the communication wherever you are we are in touch with
you yeah secondly most the countries or the places or the areas that you travel
to, are rated safe yeah and I would say that some places are even safer than
what we have here yeah and I would rather be afraid of you venturing in
some parts of Delhi then that in some places than some places you
travel to – that’s so true – I personally feel northeast is very safe yeah even some of
the tourist destinations in India are very safe yeah and more than the police or
the organization I think the people are very friendly and some of our specially
hilly areas they’re very helpful that’s true so that way we are not afraid because
this is also one of the jobs I must say that you have undertaken and yeah we are
okay with it yeah they are actually very supportive more than okay so that’s
great. Papa any last advice that you want to give to young viewers who are who are
thinking about investing okay the only advice I can give here is that start
investing yeah so even if it is as low as whatever you can think of or set
aside because that’s the only thing that grows over a period of time and after a
couple of years you realize that even small investment becomes very big yeah
in fact it’s actually very exciting once you start it
gradually becomes exciting initially it’s very scary that how do we even go
about it but if you start with even say five
thousand rupees, ten thousand rupees that is going to give you a lot of
excitement over time there’s something very interesting I’ll tell you huh like
those were the days when we joined our organization so everyone used to invest
in Provident Fund and the the amount was so minuscule
something like 400 rupees a month I realize that many many of my friends who
retired who never took out anything from Provident Fund they actually got a huge
amount which is it is possible most possible rather because they started
investing from the start from the very start
yeah and they started they were investing very small amount to begin
with and gradually their corpus started growing Wow I have created my Provident
Fund and pension account already don’t worry! Okay guys! So, that was all for
today’s video I honestly had a lot of fun doing this on camera and having a
little chat with my father. Papa, how did you like it? It was a lot of fun! Did you have fun? A lot of fun! :)))) And also for you guys we have an offer going on
So if you open an Upstox account it’s going to not cost you anything it’s going to be absolutely
free so you get to save rupees 577 on opening an account and also they’ll help
you navigate through the market without any losses or hopefully lesser losses
and also you will be able to get a 500 rupee flipkart cash back if you trade
within the first 7 days of opening your account so that’s going to be awesome
also you get free consultation from Upstox and benefits worth rupees 28,000
so this is a great offer go ahead begin investing get yourself an
Upstox account and we guys will see you next time in another video. We guys
hopefully! Happy investing Happy investing! bye bye!

Paul Whisler


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